Amika oBLiPHiCa Oil Treatment for all Hair Types

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Amika Obliphica Oil Treatment for all Hair Types is the ultimate nourishing and styling product that can be used on any hair type to feed and strengthen hair.


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Mary M.
Austin, Tx
May 13, 2013
5 Star Rating
It Works. Look No Further.
After my healthy hair was left really damaged (fried) after my last color service, I was faced with cutting my hair shorter if I couldn't restore it. My hair was like rope - I kid you not. I learned (from the pro's) that using treatments with protein will continue to dry the hair shaft so I began looking into some of the oils. I tried the Jose Moran Argan oil and really liked the way my hair looked, but it was a temporary fix. Hair reverted back to dried rope prior to heat styling. I received the Amika sample in an old order and had not used it until now. I applied it to my damaged hair one night with the intention of shampooing in the morning. When I awoke, my hair was so soft and healthy looking. This oil is super light and just absorbs into my hair without leaving any oily appearance. I washed/conditioned with Joico products and then reapplied the Amika oil to my towel dried hair. Again, the hair absorbed the Amika leaving it silky and to date, it has not reverted back to the dry processed "rope." My hair is transformed. Even my husband can't believe the difference in my hair. No frizz and super soft with body and shine. I have been using it for 2 months now and my hair looks and IS so healthy once again. I didn't think it was possible. A close second to this product is the Shu Uemura Essence Absolue oil-in-crème (camellia oil.)
Miss Ophelia Rose
Chapel Hill, NC
Feb 11, 2013
5 Star Rating
I LOVE this stuff! I received a free sample of this when I received my Theorie curling iron set (be sure to read my review on that too!). Sending that sample was a smart move on Folica's part, because after using that little sample for about a month now, I am actually ordering the full size. A little goes a looooong way, so make sure to not pour this stuff into your hands. If you have really dry hair like me, and mine is very long, you will end up using no more than about 3-4 drops. This adds such shine to my hair, and oh does it have a lovely scent! It doesn't have that feeling that a lot of oils have where they just way your hair down and do nothing to improve it. This is a thick consistency, and when you distribute it through your hair, your hair is not weighed down, but is shiny and smooth. Unbelievable!!!! I highly recommend this product, and hope that Folica will send me more samples of products to try.

Hey Folica, why not do a sample program where your loyal customers get to try new things? ;)
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Amja J.
Bay Area, CA
Jan 5, 2013
4 Star Rating
Perfect Sealant!
I bought One N Only Argan oil because of all the hype. I figured all the people who raved about it couldn't be wrong. They were. It's a great heat protectant, but thats it. I got a sample of the Amika with my flatiron and I forgot about it. I didn't expect much when I finally tried it. The smell is really strong and perfumey but it goes away when you put it on your hair. I used it to seal my hair after putting my moisturizer on and then wrapped my hair. My hair felt soft when I took my wrap down and not super dry like with the OneNOnly. I had been slacking on sealing my hair because I didn't want to weigh it down with oil. This is exactly what I've been looking for.
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Midwest, USA
Oct 4, 2012
4 Star Rating
Love The Smell!
I received a small bottle of this product as a free sample in a past Folica purchase and have used it several (10 or more) times so far. The scent to me is its best selling point. It does seem to soften my hair a little, slightly more than the argan oil I was trying out before that. Yes, I realize this product's #1 ingredient is dimethicone, plus it contains argan oil, which is why I think it softens more than the argan oil alone. Maybe certain silicones are worth it. All I know is I like this product so far and intend to continue using it (will probably return to my pure argan oil after this, just to use up the bottle, $34 for Amika looking a bit steep to me). If I could get another trial size bottle, that would be cool, but I doubt I'd pay that much for this, even though it does smell so nice.
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Helen G.
Louisville, KY
Aug 23, 2012
5 Star Rating
Amika Obliphica Oil Treatment
I am in love with this product. I started using this product in February and just ran out a few weeks ago. This is a very very good heat protector. You can't go wrong with Amika. I have the flat iron, the shampoo/conditioner & the hydration creme. Amika is a product line I use when I straighten my natural 4a hair with the flat iron. Amika products leave my strands protected, moisturized and shiny.
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Montgomery, AL
Jun 3, 2012
5 Star Rating
After A Year, Still Loving It!
If I still love this after a year of using it, that says a lot, right? I got a sample when I bought my Solia flat iron (also love! so much better than my CHI that broke because of its stupid cord design, and CHI has gone downhill since then anyway, but that's a story for another review). After a year's liberal use every time I shampoo my hair, I've still got half a bottle, so it really feels like a bargain.

Here's what kind of hair I have: the individual strands are very fine and thin, but I have a hell of a lot of them. And it's got a bit of natural curl to it. The combination of thin, curly hair with deep south humidity has meant that for most of my life I've had frizzy uncontrollable hair. The best I could hope to do was the blow dry it into the general shape that I wanted. But often within half an hour of drying my hair, even without going outside, it would start to go crazy! So much so that when I lived in the South and was skinny enough to pull it off, I just kept it at a couple of inches long. I let my hair grow out when I lived in the midwest's just-right most days humidity. Somewhere along the way I also discovered flat irons, and now that I've come back to the south, having a professional hair dryer, flat iron, and this hair oil make my hair manageable enough most days that I don't whack it off, which I'd previously thought was impossible.

I don't really use a lot of products because I like my hair to have a natural feel. I'm fidgety, and I like to touch my hair, which I know is not really a great habit. So I like products that make it so I can run my fingers through my hair, which is I guess to say I like products that are relatively light.

Only rarely have I accidentally applied too much. My hair goes past my shoulders, so I use more than a couple of drops. I use a few dashes of the product, coat my palms, and starting with the back and the middle of the hair work my way down, so the bulk of the product isn't at my roots or the front. Then I get the top of my head and my bangs. I like to do it while my hair is still pretty wet. It seems to distribute better. Then I comb it through and put it up in a clip for a while until I'm ready to dry it.

I also use this when I air dry my hair, and it makes a big difference to cut the frizz out of my curls (I am in total denial that I really have curly hair!). But it helps even more to use a little styling gel if I'm going to let my hair dry naturally.

At minimum, that this is the only product I use. Sometimes after styling, when it's especially humid out, I'll smooth on a couple more drops. Definitely drops at this stage! I'll also use little of an Aveda product--a light finishing cream. But when it's really humid and I'm going to have to be outside a lot (plus it's hot as hell in Alabama in the summer) I'll use a clip to put it up, and then have my bangs down. That way at least, at the end of the day, I can take out the clip and the hair that was clipped is usually still not frizzy, unless it's a rainy day or I get sweaty hot head.

Between my CHI ionic dryer (which needs to be replaced. I'm on folica now to buy a replacement), the Solia Flat Iron (which also doesn't catch and snag the hair like the CHI did), and this fantastic hair serum, my hair gets a whole lot less damage. Even now, it's been OMG four or five months since I've had a cut. I just forget and get lazy. Anyway, even now, so long since my last cut, I really don't have that many split ends, not like you'd expect for sure.

I feel like this product protects my hair when I iron it. It definitely makes it smoother, so the iron just glides over the hair. It helps a bit with humidity control too, but not 100%. Or not for frikken ALABAMA's insane humidity. Plus I have to walk a lot from my car and to the various classrooms I teach in across campus, so there's no escaping the humidity. But my hair is way more manageable, shiny, and less frizzy than without the product. Even in Alabama, I can often get two or three days out of one shampoo and style, even in the summer, if I stay out of the rain and don't go for a run. There's just no way I can not shampoo my hair after a run. It would be gross.

Oh, my hair is so much better now than before I discovered professional styling tools and products! I wish I'd had access to this kind of stuff when I was in middle or high school a million and a half years ago.

This stuff does what it claims to, smells great, and is a bargain considering how little you need to use and how long it lasts. I think I'm going to get two years out of my bottle, and I use the crap out of this stuff! DEFINITELY FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!
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Lisa R.
United States
Dec 7, 2011
3 Star Rating
Good, But Not The Best.
This product is good, but not the best. The glass bottle makes it difficult to pour b/c you can't squeeze the bottle and it's hard to get any out. I actually hate the bottle! It's not greasy (used sparingly) like other reviews I have read and it does seem to smooth down and control frizz but it still does not compare to Farouk BioSilk- Silk Therapy... I love that product!
Lauren P.
Sep 7, 2011
4 Star Rating
In Love
I received this product as a sample and of course, gave it a try. I have colored, long wavy/curly hair that I regularly blow out and straighten. I am always looking for product to make it look healthy and shiny. It definitely delivered and I was able to get several tests out of the one sample. This is the first time I used an oil in my hair and was a little shy about it maybe making my hair look greasy but it definitely did not. I loved it so much I ordered the product.
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Washington D.C.
Jul 13, 2011
5 Star Rating
This treatment makes my damaged hair feel soft and look so shiny, too! So glad I tried it.
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Tove R.
Jun 26, 2011
5 Star Rating
Very Lightweight!
I just tried a sample of Amika that came with my last order and I love it! It's very light weight, doesn't weigh down my hair, and keeps it beautifully curly when I want curls! The scent is not offensive at all, matter of fact I thought to myself, "wow, what a nice scent" when I opened the pouch. And you don't need much. Nice sample, thanks!
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