Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex

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Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex is a dietary supplement for the healthy growth of hair, skin and nails.


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Clifton Heights, Pa
Dec 7, 2010
5 Star Rating
This Product Is Worth Every Dollar.....
My hair starting thinning really bad on the top and my stylist suggested Nioxin's complete system. I began to see results after 2-3 months down the road. I recently started taking the vitamins and have seen great improvement also. My hair is much thicker and has grown in length, my nails have always grown but now don't seem to break as much. When using these products don't expect immediate results as it starts to retrain your hair to be healthy again. I refuse to shampoo my hair without NIOXIN PRODUCTS !!!
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Jun 12, 2010
5 Star Rating
Actually Works!!
i was at my wits end and certain i would be bald by 40. i tried every supplement known to man and nothing worked. after just 2 weeks of taking this i stopped waking up to hair all over the pillow and when i sweep the floor there isnt a wad of har in the dust pan. also there is less than half in my briush when i use it than i use to get. i had already tried the vitamins in it so it must be the "other" ingredients. this product is work every penny!! im also using therapy-g shampoo for thinning hair i ordered here which could be helping as well
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May 2, 2010
4 Star Rating
Very Good Product
I started experiencing hair loss recently and took these vitamins for 2 months. My bathroom floor used to be covered my hair including the bathroom drain. Now recently my husband commented that he noticed there is no hair on the bathroom floor anymore! Also I've noticed that my hair is not falling out and sticking to all my of my tops like it used to. I'd have to constantly use a lint brush to brush off all the stray hair that had fallen off from my shirts. I noticed that I have new growth and my hair has stopped falling out by at least 80%. Thanks NIOXIN!
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Los Angeles, CA USA
Feb 20, 2010
5 Star Rating
I Saw Results In Less Than 2 Months
After I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, I noticed my hair was falling out! Everyday I would notice hairs on my clothes. Instead of using a brush or comb I was using my fingers to detangle my hair. 100 hairs falling out per day is considered normal, but I was loosing about double if not more. I started using the Nioxon tablets along with Phyto Phytocyane Revitalizing Lotion and no more hair loss. I can see new growth and my hair must be stronger at the root because very few hairs fall out even when tangled.
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Jan 31, 2010
4 Star Rating
The Product Really Works
I was experiencing serious hair loss on top of my head, the area usually noted as the stress point. I don't know how it started but a few years ago, A hairdresser introduced me to Nioxin Recharging Complex, I used it for the first month and noticed significant growth in my hair on top and in length, only thing is when I stopped my hair started falling out again. When I started using the product again, my hair showed lots of evidence of growth and with volume. I now use the scalp therapy and the recharging complex and must say that I am satisfied. My hair has not grown back totally on top but it could be because I don't take it as often as I should but it is showing definite positive results. I will recommend it if you are experiencing some hair loss problems.
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Albany, Georgia (United States)
Dec 2, 2009
2 Star Rating
I recently purchased Nioxin vitamins (tablets) after it was referred by my sister. I've only taken it once, because after the first time, I experienced intense chest pains that have eased up some, but are still there..most of the results I've read are positive and I haven't seen any reaction of this sort. I don't have any medical problems, but am scared to take another one due to the pain. I did purchase the leave in conditioner though and may just have to stick with that. The conditioner seems to be working,though!
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Denver, Colorado
Aug 7, 2009
5 Star Rating
Nioxin Supplements
I am a Master Barber and have been practicing since 1976. I still stand behind the chair. I have been selling these supplements to my clients for a long time but never thought I would need them myself one day. Recently, I experienced one tragedy after another for two years. As a result, my hair fell out from all the stress. I was devastated. We are used to as a society, seeing men without hair but when it happens to a woman-it is just awful. I knew I had to take action immediately. I purchased the supplements and began taking them along with a regime of the Nioxin Scalp Therapy-the highest level. It is two months later, and I have normal hair loss now not the hand-fulls that fell out every time I showered! I saved my hair. I can now with confidence tell my clients my story and how I stopped the hair loss process with Nioxin. Even though my situation is over, I have decided to continue taking the supplements. My thyroid problem, stress and menopause are all contributing factors to my hair loss and I need the supplements. Thank you Nioxin and Folica! The prices at Folica are cheaper than I can get with my license.
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Stone Mountain, GA
May 22, 2009
4 Star Rating
Just Realized That The Vitamins Work!
My hair was shedding pretty bad, especially after washing. I hated to comb through my hair. I washed my hair today and there was much less shedding. I initially did not take these vitamins everyday, but I now make a special point of taking them everyday now. I also notice that my nails are growing stronger. I wore acrylic nails for a while and just decided to stop two months ago, there is a definite difference with the use of Nioxin. I dont want to use them forever, so Ive also made changes to my diet.
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Bronx NY
May 8, 2009
5 Star Rating
Honest Review
Hello ladies Im a 27 year old latina who has had hair loss issues for a while lost tons of hair in the shower washing my head and has a big bald spot at my temples, I have been taking these vitamins for 2 months and a week already and have dramatic results Im so happy thank god for these vitamins I feel more confident wearing my hair back in a ponytail and my hair has stop falling the way it was falling; it is still falling out but no where close to the way it was seriously so trust me it works. just be on top of yourself to take them faithfully and you will see results remember everything takes time to work so dont get your hopes down. God bless you all.
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Alice Broham
Chicago< IL
Apr 23, 2009
4 Star Rating
Great Vitamin
I have been taking Nioxin for 3 weeks now and i havent seen any results yet because I have been wearing my hair wet and natural. My nails are growing very fast and my skin has always been clear hopefully my skin gets tighter.
9 out of 14 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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