Energizer Vitamins & Minerals for Hair Nutrition

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Especially formulated with silica and other essential ingredients to hold cells together, this complex provides the internal nourishment to help grow thicker, fuller, healthier hair.


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Apr 5, 2010
5 Star Rating
It Works
I shampoo everyday and used to see a bunch of strands on the drain. Ever since I started taking this product about a month ago, my hair is now thicker and fuller.
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New York, N.Y., United States
Nov 26, 2009
4 Star Rating
Good For The Price
I was completely doubtful of this product. I made a purchase with folica and neglected to purchase this product because I wasn't particularly convinced. I went to my local Vitamin Shop and an Energizer stood right across me, and so I said, what the heck, I've looked at this product too many times, it's about time I purchase it! Before purchasing this product, I had just gotten a hair cut, I transitioned from using sulfate shampoos, silicone conditioners and gels, and silicone leave in products, in addition to washing (shampooing my hair) daily TO sulfate-free and organic products (devacurl) in order to revive my natural 3b/c curls. Additionally, my eating habits have changed. The reason I am providing these details is because there is no telling whether the alteration of my haircare routine and eating habits were particularly more profound and effective than the Energizer vitamins. Nonetheless, it is necessary to make these transitions for long lasting effects. Recently, I've noticed thicker and fuller hair. I am really aiming to grow my hair longer (since recovering from many "blow frying" damaging effects). The truth is that I haven't seen a greater difference in length, but I do notice that my hair has gained thickness and perhaps up to an inch of growth. My personal experience is based on ONLY days worth of drinking this pill, so judge so according (and I will provide a second review shortly after I finish the Energizer bottle. FYI: Since taking these vitamins, I have felt quite uncomfortable and rather sick to my stomach, hence causing occassional (one to two) trips to the bathroom. Since taking these vitamins, I have felt close to the point of vomitting. This vitamin has caused me some nausea. (I am not pregnant). Remember, to each their own; every person recieves a product differently from the other.
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Jun 30, 2009
5 Star Rating
Very Impressed.
Within 5 days of taking these pills, there is a noticeable difference in my hair. I struggle with thyroid issues and this product has valuable support for this as well. My hair is now shiny, my skin has a pretty glow and I did up my belt yesterday and usually tug a little to hit my regular hole and without even the usual "tug" I hit the next one in!!!!! Well worth the money. Awesome product.
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Milwaukee, WI
Nov 3, 2008
4 Star Rating
Its Pretty Good
for the price you cannot go wrong. my hair was very damaged from bleaching and i had to cut it short so i started taking the vitamins for about 3 and half weeks now and i can definetly see the shine coming through. its not breaking of as mucha and it looks and feel more healthy overall. well worth my $12
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Texas Ranger
Jul 16, 2008
5 Star Rating
I Bought These Vitamins
My hair seems thicker, and I really do recommend these pills. My hair grows real fast now! thanks =D
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Minneapolis, MN
Apr 15, 2008
4 Star Rating
I thought this product was very good. After a week of continous usage, I noticed that my hair was a lot more manageable. Less spit ends, healthier overall. Im planning on buying more; its cheap and it works! You should give it a try!
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Jun 11, 2007
5 Star Rating
The Best Hair/nail/skin Supplement
I work in allopathic and holistic medicine and this product is the best way to healthy hair/nails and skin. I have tried many things, since I have genetically thin hair. The majority of great hair comes from a healthy functioning thyroid gland and this product will support your thyroid and more. Plus taking a daily zinc supplement (in this product) supports your immune system as well-zinc has many wonderful benefits. I sometimes will take 4 capsules daily. Remember to take these w/ food. For such an inexpensive product, you cant go wrong on the way to good health by using it.
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Feb 15, 2007
4 Star Rating
Better Hair
After just one month of using Energizer hair vitamins my hair feels silkier,shinier and much thicker than before! It is easy to brush it,it stopped thinning and looks healthier.I am very satisfied with this product and will keep ordering it.
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Oct 4, 2004
1 Star Rating
Not True
All of these supplements dont even work dont waste your money on phony products..Trust Me I know.
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