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A hard-packed, colored powder that coats and thickens your hair.


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D W Ball
Dallas Texas
Jan 23, 2010
4 Star Rating
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I am a hair designer and I find this to be one of the best cosmetic cover-ups I have ever had the pleasure of using . I would direct You to buy a shade lighter than You think You will need (in the brown tones) as they are much darker than You might expect. The dark brown appears as black in the hair.
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Jan 16, 2010
4 Star Rating
Dermmatch Review
I tried this after a google search led me into the weird world of hair concealers / fibres etc s I have crown thinning only. After using it the results were amazing however when you are wearing it you are aware something is on your head but it does stay in for days if you want it until the next time you wash your hair. Its a shame it does not come in a trial pack but the pack will last you for ages, like 6 - 8 months which is pretty incredible value. "Apparently" because its loaded with emollients and porous its not bad for your scalp but I'll leave that up to you to decide as to the feel when its on. Also you need to take time to apply it, then dry it and style it, I'd say 10 - 15 minutes when you become seasoned.But in terms of what its meant to do its faultless and the first time you'll literally be amazed as to your new head of hair. I have also tried Toppik hair fibres now and compared to Dermmatch I found the following - coverage identical, Toppik however seemed to look more natural and you don't feel the product in your hair like Dermmatch. Dermmatch because its a matt product ( so as not shine on your scalp ) will look dry but you can remedy this with spray / mousse during application however Toppik literally shakes on your head and then you pat or comb it and apply a quick shot of hairspray. The whole process takes a few minutes if that. So for me as a daily routine Toppik is quicker and I prefer the feel but its much more expensive than Dermmatch. Dermmatch also has an applicator that lets you have absolute control over where you paint it and it thickens your hair fantastically. Rather than gie yourself a headache why not try both as I did, the only downside is that Dermmatch does not come in a trial pack but tbh it will last you so long that it doesn't matter. I can only imagine combining the two gives you even better results.
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Torrance, CA, USA
Dec 15, 2009
4 Star Rating
Awsome Stuff, But
Let Me just say this stuff works great. Seems to live up to all thats advertized about it. Most of these positive reviews are spot on. I am fortunate to have hair everywhere that Ive aways had it(no receding hairline), its just much thinner in the front and the crown that it once was. A quick 3 minute application, 8 or so minutes of air drying time, then 3-4 minutes of styling, and Im 22 again. Did the workout (with lots of sweat) test, and it stayed put. Same with the head under running water test for about 2 min (no shampoo) and, again, stayed put. My only 2 complaints are: 1) The colors seem a bit off. I have what i think is medium brown hair so i ordered med brown and light brown. Found that the med brown was way too dark. Now just using the light brown and thats still makes my hair look dark brown. 2) Not a huge fan of the fact that you have to use a gel or mousse or some kind of styler after application. I would like to go au natural every now and then but you cant because once the stuff dries, its very chalky looking until you hit it with something to mute the chalkness. Overall very happy though. I think this will tide me over until transplants come down to my price range or the miracle cure comes out (wishful thinking on that last one, i know).
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Dec 5, 2009
4 Star Rating
Amazing... For A While.
I have short hair (am a lady) and was able to go to a friends cabin for a 3 days and never have to worry about keeping my head covered. This product stayed on my scalp for 3 days- through tubing, water skiing, and swimming! However, after awhile it gets old and now (3 months later) the product runs down my face when it gets wet. Good for a limited time!
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Oct 24, 2009
3 Star Rating
Not Great, But Not Bad Either
I will say that Dermmatch has boosted my confidence dramatically over the past 5 years. However, I personally believe it has accelerated my hair loss. Sometimes, shampooing just doesn't get all of the Dermmatch off your scalp. So sometimes these dermmatch "flakes" come off your scalp and is embedded in your hair. Your only option is to pull it out and when you do, so does a lot of hair. I recommend Dermmatch, however be prepared to lose a bit of your own hair.
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Sep 13, 2009
1 Star Rating
What A Mess!
Waterproof? It isn't even mist-proof! Not only does this product run in rivers down your head when it gets slightly damp, but when dry it transfers onto EVERYTHING. Brush up against the headrest of a car seat, a white wall, a couch, and you will have a huge smear. It runs in the sink, and is impossible to get off your shower curtain. Don't even get me started on the pillowcase issue. The dark brown is more of a charcoal color, too. Splotchy coverage your money and try Organin. It's amazing.
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Aug 14, 2009
3 Star Rating
Still Iffy On This.
I bought this a couple of weeks ago and have tried several application methods. I am a woman with shoulder-length hair, visibly thinning at the hairline and top of my head. Scalp embarrassingly visible. I wanted to LOVE this product based on the reviews here, but Im just okay with it. The wet application method is a big zero for me, period. It adheres to my hair rather than my scalp, leaving me with a patchy scalp and pasty hair. I suppose this is because my hair is longer and it makes the wet method difficult to do. I tried all of the methods I saw on this website, and none of the wet methods work at all for me. Using a little or using a lot, it just looks like muddy hair roots. So I found a soft full artist brush and stipple the dry powder onto my scalp, then stipple again with a clean brush to "set" the powder. This covers fairly well, but to be honest, the powder seems to cling to the empty hair follicles and makes my scalp look a little like I have some loose dirt up there. It looks better if I apply a lot, but then it tends to drift down on my forehead if Im not careful. Im surprised that everyone seems to have such success with this. I just cant find an application method that looks natural - and I dont have bald patches, just thinning hair. What I can say in the products favor is this - I look better (at least from a distance) with it than without it. You cant see the grainy stuff in my hair unless youre right on top of me. (Maybe I should rephrase that...) Without it, you can see the thinning hair from a distance. So Id rather be with it than without it. I just really wish I could find an application method that made me happier with the product.
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Aug 5, 2009
2 Star Rating
Sorry, This Isn't Close To Water Resistant
I used this and it is so messy! I gave it a month. It covers and matches nicely, but runs when it rains, I sweat or get any moisture on my head. Embarrassing doesnt begin to describe how you feel when your face is covered in brown drips and runs.It also bleeds onto your hands,comb, brush, pick, pillow case and into your sink; creating an ugly mess! Forget this one and try Organin Hair Thickening Fiber. It really works and doesnt fade, run or cover your clothes and bed linens. Be sure to us it before you dress though.
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Jun 19, 2009
5 Star Rating
It Even Works On Black Men Hair
I started going bald around three years ago and almost gave up until I ran across this product. It is the best BY FAR!!!! Even for us black guys!!!
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Mar 26, 2009
5 Star Rating
Dermatch Is A Lifesaver!
I am a 56-year-old woman with moderate hair loss. I have used Dermatch for several years and consider it an excellent product. I have gone to two different hair loss surgeons, and both told me my hair looked too good for replacement surgery, and then THEY suggested Dermatch if I wanted more help. Funny, huh? I use Topix too, but think Dermatch is the real star. Ladies, I have found a blunt cut you can anchor behind your ears if necessary, a little back-combing and some hairspray make me feel, if not trendy, more confident. Plus,if you get your hair off your scalp a bit (letting Dermatch do its work)and hold it with spray, it stays clean for as long as a week, and you dont have to do the whole routine every day.
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