Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women Value Pack

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Three month supply of FDA approved hair loss treatment for women with 2% Minoxidil.


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Feb 1, 2011
4 Star Rating
My Rogaine Experience
I've been using Rogaine for Women about a year now. It took several months, and though my hair in the sparse area on top is not really thick, it is much better than it was before the Rogaine. I was willing to "commit for life" in order not to be nearly bald in that area. However, after all this time, I am just now experiencing extreme flakes and crusty areas and itching. I will try the anti-itch shampoo and see if that helps, because it's either Rogaine or a wig. Also going to try the men's once a day rather than the women's.
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Dec 15, 2010
5 Star Rating
Excellent Results After 4 Months
I was shedding 100-150 hairs/day for about 6 months. One derm told me this was normal since I was in my late 40s and probably going through the change. He injected my scalp with a steriod which really HURT but it also caused bald patches wherever there was an injection. Needless to say, I lost a lot of my hair (50%) on the crown. I went to a specialist and she prescribed Rogaine for men. It started working within weeks and my hair loss is now down to maybe 10 hairs/day. All the bald patches are covered in new hair growth. The side effects are basically as everybody has listed including the itchy, flaky scalp and peach fuzz facial hair. I found that Head and Shoulders works well. When I went back to the derm she prescribed PG free minoxidil and that works really well as far as controlling the itchiness. When women lose their hair, it can be devastating to our self-esteem so it you are suffering, give this a try and be patient. I was horrified to go out, but it takes time to work and in the meantime there are alot of products such as Toppik and Dermatch that can help until your hair starts coming back.
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Nov 3, 2010
5 Star Rating
So Excited!
I researched this thouroughly before trying, I knew to watch for my hair initially falling out in the beginning, which it did. Now, after 4 months, I have 'baby hairs' around my hairline and throughout my crown, very similar to after dealing with post-pregnancy hair loss and it then coming back in. I grew up with thick hair and noticed substantial changes to my shaft thickness and the amount of hair on my head in my early 20's. I am very excited to continue this treatment. I am using the men's foam, typically once a day, and purchased the 3-pack for little more than the 1-month supply. The foam is easier for me to apply and less fear of spillage. I will also note that I am seeing my peach fuzz increase in length, and density, on the sides of my face, but they're baby fine and light, so I don't really care as the hair on top of my head is so much more of an issue to me. I do not have dandruff, or itching, I wonder if it's because I'm using it only once a day, but it's stronger men's version. I will continue using it!! It's not really more expensive than a good multivitamin, or even one nice bottle of face moisturizer at the beauty counter, and it's proving itself so much more!
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Farz J.
Sep 4, 2010
5 Star Rating
Dermatologist Recommended
Long story short: my hair was falling out in CHUNKS. :( after freaking out, I went to a dermatologist who told me it was genetics. Boo hoo. She recommended rogaine. After the first use I noticed less hair loss. Praise the Almighty.
She did tell me that this is a life long commitment, and that j could possibly get some unwanted hair on my face. Well that is yet to happen. I have used this for a week now, and I love it. :)
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Mary F.
Sep 2, 2010
2 Star Rating
The Ups And Down About Rogaine.
I have been using rogaine for about eight months. My hair has been growing in, but now there is a side effect involved. I now have facial hair growing. My doctor has advised me to use rogaine once at bedtime instead of twice a day.Well now I am back to losing whatever hair had grown in on my scalp. Besides my scalp is very itchy and flacky.
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Atlanta, GA
May 14, 2009
5 Star Rating
The Facts About Rogaine
Im 45 and was diagnosed with Alepecia 4 years ago. My mother has thinning hair and I was the lucky one who inherited it from her. Rather disappointing as I was the daughter with gorgeous hair until then. My dermatologist said Rogaine is the the only product outside of hair treatment that works. So I tried it. It took about 5 months to see a difference. For the ladies who are looking for answers, here are the facts. 1) Read the labels and instructions carefully. Rogaine specifically says to use it every day, twice a day. 2) It makes NO promises to work for everyone, rather says "individual results vary". So if it didnt work for you, I know it is saddening, but your genetics rejected it. Its not the products fault. 3) The instructions also say, you will have hair loss from dead hair in the beginning, but that will stop and start to regrow. Also tells you, you must continue using it or it will have a reverse effect. READ YOUR LABELS AND INSTRUCTIONS. 4) Neutrogenia makes a scalp treatment shampoo I use for the flaking once a week to keep the itching and flaking under control, then use my regular shampoo immediately after. No, I do not have long tresses as a result of Rogaine, but do have baby fine hairs that have sprouted and remained on the hairline and frontal crown which helped the thinning. I say "best" because its the best on the market for the price outside of plugs or replacement surgery.
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A Girl
West Virginia
Mar 24, 2008
5 Star Rating
It Totally Works!
I have had thin and fine hair my whole life. Finally at 30 my hair was getting super thin on top. I decided to try Rogaine for women 7.5 months ago. It is great. My hair is grown a lot and my hair gets easier to style and deal with everyday. My close friend are amazed. They said they want to buy stock. They have known me since age 12. I have read a ton of reviews about this product. It does make the scalp itchy at times (especially in the first few months). It does make you shed (alot at first when you least need to shed). It is hard to deal with the first couple of months. You need to develop a routine to apply it. I am here to say if you have heredity cause hair loss like I do...that it works if you stick to it. I am getting ready to try a generic mens solution (at the sugesstion of a dermatologist). It runs $17 for 4 months, very affordable.Girls, keep your head up!
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Montreal, Canada
Mar 4, 2008
4 Star Rating
Those of you who put 4 starts obviously didnt do their research before taking the product. There is usually shedding within the first 3 months on using Rogaine. This is the dead hair falling out to be replaced by new ones. It takes about 6 months for regrowth. And to those who lost their hair after stopping to use it it.. OBVIOUSLY! Youre supposed to continue taking it forever. If you stop, obviously the hair you grew back will fall out.
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St. Louis, MO
Aug 30, 2007
3 Star Rating
Alternatives For Itchy Scalp
I started using Rogaine and also experienced the itchy scalp - I had to stop using it even though I was really worried about losing more hair (just diagnosed with Alopecia). My derm was able to perscibe a formula that didnt cause itching but I have to have it filled at the pharmacy. I heard that if you stick with Rogaine the itching gets better... anyone have that happen? Im told it takes at least 4 months to see results so I cant say if it works or not yet. I guess it works on some forms of hair loss but not all. Im keeping my fingers crossed.
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San Diego, Ca
Aug 31, 2006
1 Star Rating
Fda Big Mistake Of Approving Rogaine Into Every Drugstore
I am in my 20s and was using Rogaine for about a year or two. I started using Rogaine as I was experiencing heavy hair loss due to very intensive physical stress and I strongly regret it. Rogaine could be maybe helpful for those who have genetic hair loss but it is NO help for hair loss of any other reason. I stopped using it about 5 months ago and immediately I started to experience severe hair loss that is still going on. It is very frustrating.
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