Nioxin System 2 Starter Kit for Fine Hair

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Nioxin System 2 is a 3-Step system for FINE, NATURAL, NOTICEABLY THINNING HAIR that consists of the Cleanser, the Scalp Therapy and the Scalp Treatment. 9 out of 10 people perceive an increase in hair density!


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Cindy A.
May 17, 2011
3 Star Rating
Dear Tomi
The Shen Min is better than the Nioxin tables. However, it can cause liver injury. It states not to take it if you have liver problems or drink. If you have dandruff, you might have a scalp fungal infection. Then you would need to purchase Norizal shampoo. This sight sells it in the non prescription strength. You can get a prescription of 2 percent Norizal from your doctor. However, you should see a dermatologist for a scalp sample and proper diagnosis. Best of luck.
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Dec 16, 2010
1 Star Rating
Very Disappointed In Nioxin!!
I've quit using the Nioxin starter kid for fine hair. It removed all body from my hair. What little hair I have left on top just laid down flat and looked even thinner than before. I feel like I just wasted $42. Also, the stimulating foam seemed to make a scar from a skin cancer surgery get redder and redder, and show up much more. Just simply not a satisfactory product for me, and I would never recommend it to anybody who has thinning hair. It would probably be good for conditioning thick or regular hair -- but awful for thin hair.
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Carina L.
Oct 14, 2010
3 Star Rating
Not Sure Yet...
I'm still in the first stage of trying this. I have very fine hair but am losing it due to stress. Not sure if this product will help me but if it does psychologly, maybe it'll help lessen my stress. I did ask my hairstylist about it and he said that it's really for people who have some type of problem (non stress related), the shampoo gets rid of bacteria. But you would have to consult a specialist. Nioxin doesn't really advertise this so not sure if a person without the bacteria should really use it. I don't seem to have any side effects at this point. The only thing I don't like is the scalp treatment, the foam is easy to get on but it makes my hair a bit hard. I try combing it through and it's a little weird. I now use it every other day and will see if less hair is coming out. Stay tuned.
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Feb 7, 2010
4 Star Rating
Good Product -- Does The Expected Job
I have PCOS and use this product to minimize one of the unfortunate symptoms -- hair loss :( I've been using Nizoral (20% kind) for the past few months and have seen a big difference in the amount of hair I lose in the shower (much less); however, Nizoral isn't a very good shampoo for styling, so I wanted to try something that helps the hair loss, but also makes hair look and feel nice, too. It doesn't weigh hair down and it makes it feel very clean. It is definitely something you should use daily (even if you feel that your hair isn't dirty), because it's important to get the oil/DHT off the scalp. I recommend this for anyone battling the problem!
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Carrie Adamski
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Oct 18, 2009
5 Star Rating
Excellent Product
I am a 52 year old with hereditary "female pattern hair loss" and had tried so many different "proven" products with no luck. Then I tried this three-part system about 18 months ago (along with Tricomin follicle spray and an herbal DHT blocker supplement) and have had great results. This product makes my hair feel so full!! I was losing hair like crazy before I started this regimen but I am now so pleased with the results!! My old baby fine hairs have now grown in very dark and thick. Nioxin is not a "cure all" for hair loss and doesn't claim to be. Instead, it is a great addition to any hair loss regimen. I highly recommend this!
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Saint Louis, MO United States
Aug 27, 2009
4 Star Rating
18 Year Old
I am 18 years old and have noticed some hair loss and have been proactive about it. I use the cleansing shampoo, conditioner, and the follice booster from Nioxin daily and I also take a Propecia tablet daily. I have pretty bad hair genes in my family and decided to start keeping the hair in my head before it all falls out. I try and avoid swimming because it is my vertex or crown is noticable when wet. Others around me say it is hardly noticable but I see the thinning and shedding of hair daily in the shower. I see that everyone says they would have used it earlier but I am a test product to see how long the hair will stay in if I am doing things about it. The shampoo and conditioner are a little pricey but its cosmetic and what great products aren't a little pricey. Theses products really make your hair feel CLEAN. It is a cold tingly sensation and you really can tell it is working. You have to use this stuff religiously. I gave this product a 4 star and not a 5 because what hair product actually works 100% effectivly for every person? NONE! But this product is very very good.
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Houston, TX
Jan 26, 2009
4 Star Rating
Just Started Nioxin System 2 Kit, So Far So Good
Hello,I am a 23 year old female. I had very thick hair from about age 10 till 16 when I took some kind of "hormone balancing" medication prescribed by an endocrinologist because of my excessive body hair and rarely having periods. I noticed the medicine did nothing except make me shed alot of hair, so I quit taking it. Throughout the years Ive noticed my hair just sheds alot still and is about 1/2 the density of what it used to be, though others cant tell because (luckily) it is curly and has alot of body to it. Ive also noticed my indivudial hairs have been getting much finer toward the root when compared to the tip. Anyway, I got my hair straightened the other day for the first time, and the stylist commented on how thin my hair was. All day at work I kept touching it and getting depressed at how terribly fine and thin it had become, even other co-workers kept mentioning they never guessed my hair was so thin. I went back and purchased the Nioxin system 2 starter kit. Usually I use whatever shampoo my mom has in the shower, then Loreal Studio Volumatic mousse or Tresseme Volumizing mousse with Got2B Spray for curls, which adds volume and shine, but leaves my hair sticky. So today I used the Nioxin system 2 and rinsed with cool water (I read that warm/hot water can lead to hair loss, especially if unfiltered). My hair felt very clean afterward, and I shed slightly less in the shower and afterward when I blowdried my hair (on cool air, low intensity). I admit I sprayed a little bit of the curl serum on the ends of my hair, bot not on the scalp.I think the system smells okay, and the leave-in doesnt smell bad like others claim, it smells rather like pollen to me, a light wheat kind of smell but its not bad at all.My hair has had volume today, surprisingly since I didnt use my volumizing mousse it looks as if I did! I havent been shedding all over everything as I usually do, and when I run my fingers through searching for loose hairs, I have only got one today! Also my scalp doesnt itch like it usually does, it feels really good. No dandruff either like usual.Im surprised I feel so good about this product after only the first time using it. I hope it gives me some new growth or at least makes it feel even thicker over time!I will continue to use and keep everyone posted.P.S. I am about to start taking the SHen-Min Advanced Hair Nutrient for women to aid in regrowth, as the reviews have been really good on it. If anyone has a comparison on the Shen Min versus Nioxin Recharging Complex on regrowth, PLEASE let me know which is best!! :)
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King Of Prussia, PA, USA
Mar 16, 2008
5 Star Rating
Long Term Consistant Use
I have been using the Nioxin system2 products for I would guess close to 15 years. My only regret is that I should havestarted long before my hair loss was noticeable. I recall when I first started, I soon noticed less hair in the drainafter a shower. Im convinced this product has stopped anyfurther hair loss. I have my father, two older brothers, one younger brother to compare. I still have more hair than any of them at this age. Easy to apply. Not greasy. Not sticky. You need to stay with it.
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Pittsburgh, PA
Jan 5, 2008
4 Star Rating
Been Using This For 2 Days Now
I know it has only been two days but my scalp and hair feel great. I cant wait to see the long term effects of this system. I have thin and fine hair that breaks easily and I usually leave short because of that. I hope that this will allow me to grow my hair long and strong. I am feeling great and noticing already how much thicker my hair looks and how much healthier my scalp is feeling. I recommend you start with the starter kit when beginning something new. Purchasing the full bottle of this stuff and then finding out it doesnt work sound illogical to me.
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Feb 10, 2007
5 Star Rating
You Need To Take It More Than A Couple Months
In the beginning you see some small changes but after using it for more than 8 months, I saw a very noticeable difference. I plan on using it for a couple more years
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