Energizer Treatment Shampoo

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Penetrates deeply into the hair follicles to destroy harmful dirt and oil build-up and emulsify layers of sebum from the scalp.


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Aug 1, 2007
4 Star Rating
One Of The Best Shampoos On The Market
This is an excellent product and one of the best that I have ever used in 20 years. I thought that this was a good value for the price since I was also considering a $29 shampoo. The key to the energizer shampoo is the second shampooing. It makes a difference that you wil feel right away. I also like to use it daily. P.S. I also discovered that this company makes a new hair thickner product.
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Washington DC
Aug 21, 2006
4 Star Rating
Energizer Shampoo
I have use this shampoo for over three years and it kept the hair that I have.
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Aug 1, 2006
5 Star Rating
It Really Works
I started losing my hair (thinning) after 40--very early due to genetics and surgery. I could not even part my hair anywhere near the top anymore. I was desparate, so I ordered all the brands that claimed to help, and tried to choose the ones with the best reviews. Only Energizer worked! I no longer have handfuls of hair after I shampoo (saw the differnce within a week, and continued improvement steadily over 6 months.) It is more expensive than other shampoos that come in a larger bottle, but who cares, if you are losing your hair? What a godsend. My mother wishes she had found it earlier, but it has slowed her loss as well.
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Bruce Semans
Nov 17, 2005
3 Star Rating
Left My Hair Somewhat Oily. Gave Up On It.
Left my hair somewhat oily. Gave up on it.
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Chicago, IL
Oct 28, 2005
4 Star Rating
12 Years And Counting
When I was sixteen years old, I started working my first job as a bus boy at the diner of the Holiday Inn in my home town. During breaks, my fellow employees and I would peruse the Holiday Inns gift shop in an effort to escape the restaurants high stress environment. It was during one of these breaks that I began conversing with the cashiers of the gift shop, a middled aged married couple, expressing to them that I was scared to death of hair loss. While I was half joking at the time, deep down I was pretty frightened as I have a history of male pattern baldness in my family. "Well if your really scared about hair loss," the wife said, "then you should try this shampoo we have. My husband here uses it and he is not bald. I dont want a bald husband." Imagining my future wife having similar premonitions, I quickly opted to try the small red bottle of Energizer shampoo she handed me. I noticed right away it was much different than any shampoo I had ever used. My hair definately felt thicker and more managable even after the very first use. I also enjoyed the extra shine the jobaja oil gave my hair. 12 years later Im still using the same small bottle of red shampoo the cashier at the gift shop encouraged me to try. I have since tried several leading brand shampoos but nothing comes close to comparing. While my hair has thinned out a little over the years, I tribute the overall thickness of my hair to using the Energizer shampoo. I beleive it has worked to delay my male pattern baldness and maximize the thickness of the hair I will keep. I highly recommend Energizer Treatment Shampoo. Thanks for continuing to develope quality products that get the job done.
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Damian K.
Hamilton, ON
Sep 29, 2005
4 Star Rating
Really Works
Ive tryed many different anti-hair loss shampoos. So far, this works best for me. I keep bying it since I started 2 years ago.
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Maku Johnson
Apr 21, 2005
3 Star Rating
At Least It Slows Down The Hair Loss
I used for over 3 year and still using Energizer Treatment Shampoo. Compare to other shampoos this is a lot better. It slows down the hair loss even though I didnt see much re-growth. I recommend this for anyone who wants to reduce the speed of boldness.
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North Carolina
Feb 4, 2005
3 Star Rating
Energizer Shampoo
This product helped my dry hair become so soft and not as frizzy. My locks used to break off but now they are strong as ever. Thaks alot
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Jan 7, 2005
4 Star Rating
Highly Recommended
I have used this shampoo like three times, and the results are excellent. I am not loosing so much hair.I will highly recommend it.
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Erika C. Tellez
Dec 8, 2004
5 Star Rating
It Really Works For Me
I started using the Energizer Treatment Shampoo about a month ago a friend recommended. I have some scalp problems I been loosing hair for the six months and as soon as I started using this shampoo I felt the difference, my hair doesnt fall as much when I wash it and am also starting to grow hair in the spot that I was loosing hair.I strongly recommend this Energer Shampoo to every one.
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