Spectral DNC-L

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Spectral DNC-L is indicated for men with advanced androgenic alopecia - male pattern baldness of 4 or greater on the Norwood scale - Spectral DNC-L combines all the latest science into one convenient formula to regrow hair via multiple pathways.


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Chicago, IL.
Apr 14, 2008
4 Star Rating
Has A Few Drawbacks!
I have been using DS Laboratories products for almost a year now and every week my hair gets a little thicker. It is a slow process but considering how advanced my hair-loss was I am pleased with the results. Also, the fact that I have blond hair tends to mask my results somewhat. The biggest problem with the Spectral DNC-L is its smell. If you put it on at the beginning of the day and go out in public people may ask you if you urinated on yourself. It has a very musky noticeable smell! The only other drawback is price but hey if it works I guess Ill deal with it! The smell has prompted me to use Spectral DNC-L only before bedtime and I definitely feel it penetrating the scalp. During the daytime I use the original Spectral DNC and the Revita is my shampoo.
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