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Spectral.RS is the most advanced minoxidil-free formula that delivers astonishing results. It is clinically proven to increase hair growth, arrest fall out, and increase diameter of hair strands. Spectral RS uses nanosome technology to maximize delivery of compounds into the scalp and is an ideal treatment for thinning hair and diffuse hair loss. Contains research grade ingredients including Aminexil.


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South Africa
Aug 24, 2012
5 Star Rating
Instructions Are Very Important
DS Products are great!

However, you should use the SHAMPOO< CONDITIONER & treatment for the best results - skip one and you wont be impressed!

Minoxidal is not good for women - therefore RS is best suited for ladies--

i am a stylist at a salon, so i know what works best on our clients
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Boston, MA
Feb 21, 2012
4 Star Rating
My Hair Is Full Again!
I have been using the Spectral RS Thinning Hair Treatment with the matching Shampoo (I use my own thickening conditioner) and I see a great difference in my hair. I don't shed nearly as much as I once did. And my hair looks a lot fuller and I have less 'bald' spots. My hair is very thin, fine, oily and stick straight, so bald spots are pretty noticeable. With this product I'm comfortable with my hair and feel like it's finally how I want it to look. I'm very happy with the results so far and plan to continue using it for as long as I can!
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Nov 22, 2011
3 Star Rating
Seems Effective, But Spray Nozzle Is Defective And Does Not Dispense
The product seems effective. However, as I have read in other reviews of the product, the packaging (spray nozzle) is defective and does not dispense. A product cannot be effective if it can't be dispensed and used. I contacted the company and they have, so far, refused to compensate, so, I will not reorder.
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June K.
Oct 5, 2011
5 Star Rating
Grow Your Own Color Hair!
This stuff is really good! I was using lady minoxidil, but it seems to make my hair that I have left turn white. So, now I just use this. I like it so much that I have bought some of DS Labs stock! Really worth a try!
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Los Angeles
May 20, 2011
1 Star Rating
Veryyy Bad
I used it 3 times .it s not worth and veryy expensivee...
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Los Angeles
May 20, 2011
1 Star Rating
Veryyy Bad
I used it 3 times .it s not worth and veryy expensivee...
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June K.
Anderson, SC
Dec 3, 2010
5 Star Rating
Really Good Stuff!!
This spray treatment is great! I have very fine and thin hair (scalp shows throughout my whole head of hair somewhat). The treatment does not weigh my hair down. I follow this with the ladies minoxidil. I have seen improvement (a lot less hair falling out, and a re-growth of hair along hairline at my forehead). I wish they made a version like the mens with the minoxidil already added to it. I have tried nearly everything on the market, and have found this one to be the best so far. I also use their shampoo!
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Sep 20, 2010
2 Star Rating
Proved Ineffective..
I'm a woman in my early thirties with very fine hair. And over the past couple years my hair has significantly thinned in certain places. After reading up on Spectral RS, I decided to try it out. I used the product for 3 months in combination with some hair vitamins, but there was no noticeable improvement. I did see a small bit of new hair growth, but it seemed to break off at a certain point.

I took a little break and decided to give it another try. This time around I was very dedicated on taking my hair vitamins and spectral's directed amount every day. I did this for another 3 months, only to have my hair even worse off then when I started. It had thinned so much I worried about bald patches. On top of that, the formula left the hair extremely sticky, making my thin hair even flatter and dirtier looking.

So, I stopped using it and switched back to some nioxin products I'd used in the past. The spectral DS might work much better since it has the minoxidil in it, but the spectral RS has proved pretty ineffective for me.
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Feb 9, 2010
4 Star Rating
Use In Conjunction With Spectral Dnc
I have been trying many different products over the years. 38yrs old guy. This combination has worked well for me. I use Spectral DNC 2x per day and let it dry for 15-20 minutes then I apply Spectral RS 2x per day. DS Labs provided me the info. Unfortunately this takes time and money, however it really works. I have been doing this combo for 2.5-3 years. I recently said let me try to stop using Spectral RS and just use Spectral DNC due to time and money. My hair count decreased and more hair fell out. I highly recommend utilizing both products. With this combo I have retained and grew my hair in many places. In addition I use the Lexington Lasercomb-3x per week.
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Florida , Miami
May 27, 2008
3 Star Rating
Great Co However Use The One With Monoxidil
I like this co I have used their other brand with Minoxodil which is sold through this site it works GREAT . This non minoxodil type doesnt work. My brother in law tried this for 3 months saw nothing than he tried type I use same co but with added minoxidil and BOOM new hair growth not just stopped his hair loss but new growth. I love there brand with minoxidol its way way better than weak 5% rogaine which barely works.
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