Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women Value Pack

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Three month supply of FDA approved hair loss treatment for women with 2% Minoxidil.


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Lola L.
May 3, 2015
3 Star Rating
Is This A Right One?
I've been using Rogaine for women for a month
i have a bold spot on my forehead I took a picture before and after month and its getting worst .... I dont know what to do ... should I keep using it or stop ?
Please help me
Rk L.
Nov 27, 2012
3 Star Rating
It's Growing Back With A Full Routine Of Things!
After six months of Minimal-re growth; I went and had a bunch of blood work-and saliva-and hormone type- tests done!
At 40 this is what it took-and then SUDDENLY-wow when I addressed the other-areas- the growth went SO FAST!!!
Only using: 5% solution-taken half-am half-pm; one dose; now! Was told not to over due-due to the fact i take a heart pill and a blood pressure; pill and the effects of taking it twice a day was dropping my pressure (too low) and honest I have only seen INCREASE new hair growth by doing this and getting my whole -body; balanced! Was told Too: Immediately-add a low-iron; under 25 mg. -(for me it was 15 mg) +
Balance the Vit. B levels! (mine were on the floor!)) CVS has a sublingual-dropper that brought mine up in a few days! So; DO- Take something sub lingual-daily! I was also told to address the (hair) so for me I found: and-Added Healthy-Hair-Skin & Nails Pro labs (2 a day);+ i did not take a regular-vitamin so was told and did-also added a Solid-Multiple Vitamin Essential 1 -same; pro labs! I have celiacs-so I had to have a gluten free product to avoid inflammatory effects. Was also told to -watch out for female hormone irregularities! AND had too: prob the first time in my life-how too Stablize-PCOS! With Phyto B (natural micro hormones Bi o identical) 2 am-2 mid-day-2 pm. you crunch them up -and let them dissolve DO NOT SWALLOW or you only gain 30% of the product.. PLUS (if you have hot flashes or other -known peri-or-menopause- was told UP TOO 4 twice a day); and that I should expect to gradually increase these amounts--over time.
Also, told-ADD FIBER-clear type daily; and Liv-rite (a multiple vitamin for the liver) as the Liver-filters; and helps balance hormones; as well as the entire body. I am not a big-meat eating person. I was told PROTEIN LEVELS are ESSENTIAL to good hair. I probably never got 65 mg of protein for most of my life. SO, I added a drink mix in the am (that has 25 mg) and is also natural and g-free; and I watch (my amounts of protein DAILY) keeping track with a tablet app MyFitnessPal. I also switched to a natural-good for your hair-and also good for colored hair; shampoo called WEN. YES its expensive; but I had no intentions of adding additional (chemicals) other than the hair product above to my body. I am SUPER sensitive to these sorts of things and so-all-in -all I wish someone had TOLD me to DO all these things! $475. later-and (the products above about $75 for 3 months when found on sale..)... In a few weeks I have made a TOTAL TURN AROUND. I was getting such thin hair i honestly thought i was going to have to buy a wig. I was SO embarrassed. But, Now all in all-I feel balanced and I am doing super! I can FEEL the hair coming in so I am no longer as worried as before! O and might I add its silky shine-y and EVERYONE notices it for the right reasons!
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A A.
Jul 23, 2012
5 Star Rating
My dermatologist told me that Rogaine works better for women than men and he's one of the best dermatologist here in Florida. After hearing enormous good reviews about Rogaine for women I will surely try it. I feel sorry for some men because most of the bad reviews are coming from them.
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May 14, 2012
5 Star Rating
It's Working!
I've always had fine, thin hair and by age 56 it's thinner than ever. I started using the treatment for women about 4 months ago. The first 2 months I lost a lot of hair. I read online about other people's experiences before using this product so I knew this was normal and to be expected if the products was WORKING. It means the hair follicles are responding to the medication. The hair loss then stopped and now at four months I have a lot of new growth! I haven't had much of a problem with scalp irritation. I do have a little peach fuzz on my forehead and my eyebrows and eyelashes seem thicker but I don't consider that a problem at all. I'm really excited to see new hair coming in and I hope it will be thicker than before. At this point I'm very pleased with this product and plan to keep using it. It's definitely worth a try if you are experiencing age related hair loss. Just don't panic and stick with it when you go through the beginning hair shedding phase!
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Lacey H.
Greenville Texas
Mar 6, 2012
3 Star Rating
Its Okay
i am 30 and my hair has been falling out ever since my last child in 2005. It dousnt raplidly fall out but i see hair everywhere when i just wash or touch it. Its getting annoying so i started using rogaine and Im in my 4th month using the product and i can honestly say that "its okay". I can see some "peach fuzz". I can see some of my "bald spots" getting less noticable but i guess that somethimes it takes longer in some people and results may but i would reccomend this product.
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Mar 2, 2012
5 Star Rating
Willing To Try
Heard great reviews on this product willing to try!!!
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Aug 11, 2011
3 Star Rating
Not Sure If I Should Try It
I over processed my hair with chemicals two years ago. I used to have beautiful thick hair. Now my hair is thinning on the top and you can see my scalp in spots. I want to try rogaine for women, but am not sure if this is what I should be using to solve my thinning hair problem. Does anyone have an idea what I should do? Should I try rogaine?
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L F.
Jun 6, 2011
4 Star Rating
At 47 It's Working For Me!
To the young people in their twenties. This product is not for you! This is to help those who are losing their hair due to age (late thirty into their forties) or hair that is thinning early due to genetics. It clearly states this product is not to be used if your hair is failing out due to stress, medication or some other reason that is not specific to natural, hair thinning over time due to age or hereditary reasons.

I'm 47 years old and noticed that my hair started thinning out at age 38. I just started using Rogaine in May and I'm already seeing a difference in the sections of my hair that was thinning (mostly the front hairline and temple area). I'm quite pleased and yes there is some facial peach fuzz but it worth dealing with to have my hair fill in.
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May 29, 2011
3 Star Rating
It Works Too Well
This stuff definitely works, but I'm going to stop using it because it's growing way too much facial hair.
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Apr 24, 2011
4 Star Rating
Using Men's One!!
After trying everyhting I decided to try rogaine, i bought the 3 pack liquid for men. I have to say that yes, it works, I use it once a day at night, and apply all the sprays i need to cover my scalp. This is my week eleven and see a difference. Side effects?? well the only one for me is peachy hair on my face...and above my lip, apart from that, i absolutely recommned it ^_ ^
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