therapy-g 3-Step Kit for Thinning/Fine/Chemically Treated Hair

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therapy-g 3-Step System Kit for Thinning or Fine Hair/Chemically Treated Hair is a systematic approach for treating hair loss.


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Kelly P.
Aug 26, 2013
5 Star Rating
Love the cool minty sensation however most important is the results. I have a ton of new hair growth coupled with the fact my hair loss is down to a third of the rate when I brush and wash. I have combined the therapy g shampoo with nioxin scalp treatment. These two products have saved me from going bald due to a bad thyroid and I dye my hair every four weeks yet the therapy g shampoo and nioxin scalp treatmwnt have not caused my color to fade at a faster rate. All ive noticed is my roots grow out faster because my hair is growing again. Isnt that a GOOD thing?!
Im amazed someone here reviewed this product poorly because they have to dye their roots more often...seriously?!...isnt the goal from using this to not go bald and get your hair growth back? If you dont stop that you wont have anything left to dye!
Ive tried many things and ive struggled with thinning hair since I hit my early 30's.
This is the first time since then ive been able to not live in horror that soon I'd be bald.
I highly reccomend buying the therapy g shampoo and conditioner seperate and buy the nioxin scalp treatment. Thats how I acheived results without compromising on great smelling hair. A lot of thinning hair products smell like medicine but this combination is fresh minty and clean. The nioxin scalp treatment is a leave in and has a pleasant smell as well. I also reccoment nexus thickening leave in conditioner for styling.
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Pam K.
Nov 14, 2011
4 Star Rating
I Got Hair
After 5 months of use, I now have wispy new hairs added to my thinning hair line. I did not say a thing to my hair dresser and last month she asked, What's up with all these new hairs?" I will continue to use it to see if the new sprouts become a thicker head of hair or not.
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Washington State
Oct 25, 2010
1 Star Rating
Bad Products...very Disappointed!
Results aren't in on helping with shedding but after using this system for a few weeks I have already switched back to Kerastase Age Recharge products. The reason being because I touched up my roots then used the Therapy G system on my next shampoo and the color all but disappeared and I had to touch up again! I have been using the same touch up color for years and it has always lasted until my next professional color so this was a little disturbing and I can only think it happened because of the Therapy G products. I have used Vichy Dercos products for over 6 months and although they did not help with shedding they did not strip my color at all. The only reason I even tried the Therapy G system was because it is supposed to be for chemically treated hair, which mine is and I had thought it would be better for my hair and possibly leave my hair in better condition. Wrong! I used the shampoo, treatment and leave in product (with my favorite conditioner) each shampoo and my hair was actually very dull, lifeless, frizzy and dryer than ever before. For that reason, I would think the sampoo is very drying.The spray on treatment which is done in the shower is very tricky to use because wherever it touched my skin, it burned and left redness behind for at least an hour or more. There are warnings on the label about this. It is pretty impossible to spray it only on the scalp (especially if you have any amount of hair) while in the shower and not have some get on skin around the hair or run down the body while waiting and then while it is being rinsed off. It may help to apply while bending over and keeping the head hanging down until it is rinsed off for the recommended amount of time although doing so may be pretty difficult. In my opinion, this spray would be best used and safest if applied by a hair dresser with the head back over a shampoo sink. The leave in spray thickening product left my hair dull and dirty feeling no matter how little I used. Since these products failed to deliver on protecting color or giving me hair that looked even ok, I would certainly not recommend even 1 of the 3 products in this system.
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May 8, 2010
5 Star Rating
Saved My Life, I Mean Hair (it's The Same Isn't It?)
My hair was coming out in patches and my friend told me about this. I am sooo happy that I tried it. My hair started filling in after about 5 weeks. It looked good right away. I also use the conditioning treatment and the hairspray. You've gotta love the hairspray - its awesome. My hair color seems to last longer - it still looks good the week before I have it colored again.
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