Valera Professional Rotocord Dryer Gift Set

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Valera SwissNano Red Rotocord Dryer Value Set gets you a high quality professional dryer featuring the one and only rotating cord, along with a few other products making it a great deal!


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Aug 7, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Blow Dryer Ever
My hair frizzes out even with home conventional blow drying and hair straightening. The only time is stays smooth and straight is after I leave the hairdresser. I asked my hairdresser why my hair only stays straight after my hair appointment and she explained that you need a dryer that heats up to 450 degrees to seal the hair cuticle in order to keep the hairstyle intact. This hair dryer does just that. Even when I wake up the following morning after sleeping on my hair it is still straight. It also has been staying straight with no frizz after dealing with humid weather. My hair is almost too straight and shiny. I have VERY thick hair and it is naturally curly/dented and wavy without any rhyme or reason or style to it. This blow dryer makes it worth your time to do your hair!
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United States
Jun 11, 2013
5 Star Rating
The Best!!!
This is by far the best hair dryer out there. I have thick wavy dark hair and this takes away all the fly-a-ways and frizz. Plus; it takes a fraction of the time to dry my hair as any other dryer I have used in the past. I have owned a T3 for years; until I purchased one of these and I came back and bought a second as a back up... Just in case... I don't want to ever be without one. I even gave one to my Mom as a gift. I hope you keep carrying it; because they are hard to find. Thanks.
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