Hot Tools 1043 Tourmaline Ionic Professional Hair Dryer

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Create healthy, shiny, beautiful hair with new advanced technology! Revitalize your hair's natural moisture balance with patented Direct Ion Technology.


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New York
Aug 17, 2016
3 Star Rating
Not As Good As The Reviews Say
I am South Asian and have a lot of volume and wavy hair. My hair has been getting really frizzy with the humidity in the city this summer and I read a lot of reviews saying the Ionic Technology behind this dryer will help the flyaways. This Hot tools dryer is just okay

No dryer I've ever used beats the Twin Turbo 2600!!!
J S.
Pensacola Florida
Mar 7, 2015
5 Star Rating
Fabulous, True To Ad
I am Caucasian with medium length,,thick brown and wavy hair.

I bought this product because I was tired of my cheap crummy dryer which broke the sound barrier and took forever to dry my thick hair.

The longer cord allows me to bend over and blow dry the back straight up and under

My results: Dries in half the time, leaves my hair silky and oh so soft!

I would recommend it because: This is the best hair dryer for me. I have no complaints, the dryer is true as advertised. I would by it again

I think it's be good for someone with any texture of hair.

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Kristen B.
Jan 27, 2015
5 Star Rating
I have thick, wavy hair and this dryer is working great for me. It dries my hair faster than other dryers I have used and it is easy to hold and operate. It had a little smell for the first few minutes but that's not alarming for a new appliance and it went away quickly and has not smelled since. I'm very happy I bought this product. I should note that I have only had it for a few weeks. So far so good!
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Shannon L.
United States
Oct 3, 2014
1 Star Rating
Horrible Dryer!!!!!
I bought this dryer last year. I have naturally wavy hair that is super thick. I heard this dryer was the best. However, it is the opposite. The dryer is melting in pieces. Yes you read it correctly....melting. I use the cold air button to cool it off, and usually take a break since my hair is so thick. I've never used a diffuser or any other extension on it. I'm not clear on why it's melting but it is. So now I'm looking for a new dryer, and I hope everyone reads this. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!
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United States
Mar 18, 2014
5 Star Rating
Great Product, Worth The Money
This is an amazing product for price. I have relaxed hair, but it is still very thick. It whips my hair into shape every week, without damaging it. People are always complimenting me on my hair. I actually ENJOY washing my hair because I love the results. My hair dries very quickly with this product, too.
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Savannah, Ga
Nov 22, 2013
3 Star Rating
May Have Helped....
My fine, thin, color treated hair is a frizzy mess and I thought an expensive blow-dryer may help. This dryer is really big and bulky and has basically two heat settings - low or hot. There's no in-between. My hair looks and feels better but I'm also using oil and conditioner as well. The web site says that ionic dryers aren't good for fine, thin hair but this one seems to work okay.
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Sep 10, 2013
3 Star Rating
Maybe Not For Fine Hair.....
I've used this drier for several years and although it dries my hair very quickly, even with the concentrator on I'm left with frizzy hair that then needs to be flat-ironed to get smooth and sleek. My hair is fine though I have lots of it, slightly curly underneath and straight on the top but after drying my hair with this dryer its "puffy", frizzy and not overly shiny given that its ionic, etc. My old $25 ConAir Ionic Shine smoothed my hair better than this. The buttons are also in a weird spot. Its easy to hit the wrong button and change the heat or the speed. I obviously didn't hate it enough to return it, but I don't love it either other than how fast it dries my hair. Finally getting around to trying a different drier (Solia)....fingers crossed.
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Jul 29, 2013
5 Star Rating
Love This Hair Dryer!!
I am latina & have curly, coarse hair. After my Hot Tools Ion Digital Ceramic hair dryer broke after 4yrs of use, I decided to try the Sedu Revolution 4000i. I'm here to tell you my hair never looked worse. The dryer fried my hair! My hair was frizzy & full of static and no amount of product would tame it. I returned the Sedu & went back to Hot Tools and purchased the Hot Tools Tourmaline dryer. Best decision I could have made! My hair looks phenomenal. I love that it dries my hair without having to use the highest heat setting & it leaves my hair so soft & shiny. I will stick with Hot Tools from here on out!
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Jessica M.
Apr 21, 2013
3 Star Rating
It Broke!
We LOVED this hairdryer for about 2 years and then, suddenly, it stopped working. Can't figure out what happened but we are very disappointed. When we bought it, we paid 100.00 and expected to have it for at least 5 years...
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Apr 13, 2013
5 Star Rating
Still Love It The Second Time
When my Hot Tools Tourmaline Ionic dryer gave out after 2 years, I thought I'd try something new to make sure I wasn't missing out by getting a pricier hair dryer. I'd read great things about the Sedu 6000, but returned it after just a few days. My fine hair was frizzier and the Sedu was heavy and loud. My dog (who had no issues with the Hot Tools noise) would literally run from the room whenever I turned on the Sedu. I'm back to the Hot Tools Tourmaline Ionic. It's light, quiet, doesn't feel like I'm in a tornado, and leaves my fine hair feeling soft and full. For the price, it's worth buying even if you have to replace often.
4 out of 4 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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