T3 Veloce Tourmaline Hair Dryer

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The T3 Veloce Tourmaline hair dryer is engineered with the patented T3 tourmaline infusion process. The process crushes the tourmaline into a fine powder which is infused into the vital elements of dryer. Unlike a sprayed-on coating, the T3 infusion process achieves long lasting result for smooth, shiny hair.


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Mar 27, 2013
2 Star Rating
Great Dryer...until It Breaks
I am giving this review two stars based on the fact that it did dry my hair quickly without alot of frizz or damage. I had one featherweight T3 but the cord became frayed within a year and the warranty said that was my fault so they wouldn't replace... soo I went out and bought a veloce.. Within 6 months it died on me. just wouldn't turn on. So I sent it to get replaced as my warranty was still good and got a replacement. Well it's been almost a year since the replacement arrived and guess what? it stopped working. Somethings inside are loose cause it rattles and when you turn it on you hear a sound like broken glass. So fml... These cost way too much to be replacing every year even with a warranty (we stillhave to pay s&h). I'm beginning to think one of the reasons they are so "lightweight" is because they are cheaply made. Loved the T3 line but after 3 broken ones in 4 years....Im sorry, it's just not worth it.
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Rachel S.
Mar 15, 2013
1 Star Rating
This Is The Worst Hairdryer Ever.
I never write reviews, I just donâ??t have time, but if I can influence just one person to not buy this dryer, then Iâ??ll feel Iâ??ve done the world a favor. If I could give it zero stars, I would.
Unfortunately, this dryer works awesome out of the box. I was so enamored with it that I bragged to all my friends how amazing it was, how hot it got, how the power was perfect, how my hair looked incredible, how it cut my drying time in halfâ?¦..and then, shortly after I got it, the director nozzle started popping off in the middle of my blow dry. Annoying, but not a deal breaker. I just glued it on and went about my business after burning my hand one too many times trying to put it back on. About 5 months after I bought it, it just stopped working. Just would not turn on. So I tried a couple of different dryers and realized I was spoiled by how great the T3 dried my hair and foolishly, I went and purchased another one thinking maybe I just had bad luck the first time around and got a lemon. This time, I saved my receipt and sent in the warrantly.
Much to my disappointment, that dryer also only lasted a few months before, one day, it just started making this terribly loud noise and then out of nowhere, something inside of it exploded and it sounded like the dryer was chewing up broken glass.


I contacted the company with my warranty info and they replaced the dryer for me. I figured coming directly from the company, that my replacement dryer was sure to have been inspected to make sure it was in perfect working order. It was about 3 months ago when I received the replacement. This morning, it exploded on me again.
So, to sum up, three different T3 Veloce dryers in just over a year and all of them died some kind of dramatic death. I know itâ??s not me, because Iâ??ve had Hot Tools dryers that have lasted me 5+ years in the past.
Just donâ??t buy this dryer. Save yourself the trauma.
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