Sedu Revolution 6000i Hair Dryer Value Set

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The Sedu 6000i hair dryer has the latest in motor technology which produces unrivaled power, air flow and heat. This hair dryer also has an ionc generator switch so you can turn ionic power on for smooth, frizz styling or turn it off if want to create more volume. The set also includes the Sedu Anti-frizz Polishing treatment with Argan oil which is both a heat protectant and anti-frizz serum in on one.


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Dec 6, 2014
2 Star Rating
Average For A Pricey Dryer
This hair dryer was great for a while, especially for smoothing my curly hair. It's light weight, and it straightened my hair nicely and pretty quickly. BUT one day it just blew up on me -- it suddenly made a loud, awful noise that drove my cat into the dark corners of my house in sheer terror, and it began to smell like burning. Sadly, this happened exactly one week after the two year warranty expired. So, I'm concluding that the quality is not great, lacks longevity because it died after only two years of having it - and I didn't even use it every day. Previous to this, I have had long-term relationships with my blow dryers--typically lasting five or more years! So if you get this on sale, may be worth it. Otherwise, I'd look elsewhere.
Visalia, CA
Oct 14, 2014
5 Star Rating
Hot & Fast....don't Let The Wattage Fool You!
I just read a lukewarm review of this hair dryer on the Good Housekeeping website. They say their findings were that it makes hair less shiny. They also say it isn't very hot? I absolutely disagree!

This dryer is fairly powerful. The only good reason I can think of for the less shine experienced in the GH tests is the power. This thing blows pretty hard (though it doesn't feel like it....odd). I have had to move items from where I normally keep them because this dryer kept blowing them off. Picking up my hair clips and glasses that had blown off the ledge was getting annoying. I stood across the bathroom the other day to test the airflow on this dryer and it still managed to move stuff.

If you aren't using the right tools with this dryer, I can see how you may get sub-optimal results. I use Spornette or Chaz Dean porcupine boar bristle round brushes. They are similar. I do tend to like the Chaz Dean brushes a bit better, but they also cost more. They maintain a good grip on my hair so it doesn't blow around. The concentrator nozzle keeps the air from making the rest of my hair blow all over the place. My hair is perfectly shiny and I do not feel like it is less shiny now.

The part about the heat....How much more did you need? My scalp has been burned by steam, and I let my hair air dry for about 20 minutes and remove as much excess moisture as I can before I even turn it on, so it's not like it has a ton of water to cause tons of steam. Just to put this into perspective, I ONLY use a wooden hairbrush, not the metal kind that causes the hair to heat up more and steam while drying. I keep a concentrator nozzle on this dryer AND keep it a bit of a distance away from my hair.

I would say that despite the lower wattage of 1600W does not seem to have an adverse effect on the heat generated by this dryer. Maybe I am biased due to my loyalty to the Sedu brand, and I admit that I have only ever used one other dryer with any kind of power, the One 'n Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Dryer (BTW, also HOT and powerful. Folica totally sells the same thing with a slightly different name). Still though, I feel like Good Housekeeping made a lousy call on this one. I can't imagine that anybody who isn't a professional or doesn't have exceptionally difficult hair needs more heat than this.

Sep 27, 2014
2 Star Rating
Sending Back To Fix For A 2nd Time For Issues With Motor
I had a T3 hairdryer for ten years before it burnt out. I have to send this Sedu in for a second time within the two year warranty to be fixed for a part that keeps coming loose in the motor. I will not buy another Sedu. I expect a hairdyer to last longer than a year at this price.
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Melissa Z.
United States
Sep 1, 2014
2 Star Rating
Poor Quality And So-so Results
Claims that this product has the "latest in motor technology" producing "unrivaled power, air flow and heat" are nothing more than creative advertising. Performance and dry time are average, similar to a Blackbird. After a few months, the motor had a strange whistle when first turned on. I dropped it once and the plastic covering the filter broke. Don't waste your money.
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Aug 17, 2014
5 Star Rating
Finally Found A Winner!!!
After purchasing many other hairdryers that were even more expensive, I found the one. Tames my dry, frizzy, curly, very long hair. No need to use a flat iron anymore. Drying time cut by 1/3. Didn't expect any more than that given the length of my hair. Very happy with this purchase, and my new shiny, bouncy doo!
Rachel R.
United States
Jun 28, 2014
3 Star Rating
Good But No Wao!
I tried this Dryr is very gentle to the hair and it leave the hair very smooth however it does take the frizz away if you have thick hair it doesnt dry it very well , leave the hair still curly on the roots. If your hair is thin and you looking for a nice dryer that do the job this one will work but if you have resistant hair better take the 4000 i model, is the best.

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San Diego
Dec 11, 2013
5 Star Rating
Seeing Is Believing. (this Is A Life Changer)
After just using this blow dryer for the first time, I rushed to write this review. I can't even express how impressed I am. I've worked in the beauty biz for years and have tried everything under the sun. My 6 yr old hair dryer was dying out so did some research and gave the Sedu 6000i a try. I used all my same hair products, so the only change was using this dryer and my hair came out BEYOND AMAZING. I have naturally wavy/frizzy hair, and always felt like I needed to flat iron my ends to get them nice and smooth.

However, after using the Sedu 6000i tonight, my hair looks just as smooth and shiny as if I just flat ironed it (i use a ghd flat iron), which I have never been able to achieve, even after a salon blow-out. BONUS: it dried really fast!

In short, give this dryer a shot!!!

The only con I've noticed is it's a tad heavier than my previous dryer, but I honestly don't mind (i mean, I need to tone up my arms anyways).

If you're going to purchase this, get the combo pack that comes with the Wet Brush and some other Sedu products...only $90!!!
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Jessica B.
Dec 6, 2013
4 Star Rating
It's Great
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Angela B.
Nov 27, 2013
2 Star Rating
Nothing Special Performance Wise And Shoddy Craftsmanship
I bought this less than two years ago to replace my T3 featherweight when it (inevitably) died. I was never all that impressed with the performance of the Sedu, the T3 actually made my hair look much smoother (and much faster) and now I've come to accept that it is just a poor quality piece of merchandise overall. The back cover broke off months ago (and the dryer has a permanent home on a coutertop, it doesn't even get put into a drawer or anything else that could be considered "harsh" treatment). The first time that happened my hair was sucked in and tangled around the motor, it wound straight up to the scalp and I had to CUT the hairdryer out. I was not happy. I was able to put the guard back on after that, but it continues to fall off repeatedly. Now the concentrator has also broken. I have had a $50 experience with a $200 product and now I'm already on the hunt for a replacement.
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Vancouver, Canada
Nov 21, 2013
5 Star Rating
Does Not Disappoint
I knew I wanted to purchase a Sedu after being impressed with the quality of their flat irons. I really waffled between purchasing this one or the 4000i and in the end just took a leap of faith. I can't compare them, but what I can tell you about this one: it is AWESOME!

Because I can only compare it to drug store brand hair dryers, I'd like to think this review is a bit of a reality-check as opposed to comparing the minute details of all the amazing pro dryers :)

1. The cord is LONG. It may be shorter than the 4000i (I don't know) or some other pro dryer, but it is easily twice as long as the cord on my previous Conair.

2. It gets nice and HOT. There are a few temperature settings as well as a cool-shot but I just always use the hottest setting (damage be damned, I just don't have that much time in the morning to futz around drying my hair.)

3. It is really nice that the cool-shot button locks... though, if you're in a haze of pre-coffee hairstyling it can cause confusion when you left it locked on the previous day and can't figure out why your dryer isn't getting hot ;-) (JOKING! Okay that happens for real but it's not an actual criticism of the dryer, lol.)

4. The motor is nice and powerful. Seriously powerful. Between that and the heat, I can dry my hair in less than 10minutes. I have super thick hair and it took more like 20+mins with my stupid Conair. This actually makes it possible for me to dry my hair after hitting the snooze button about eight times in the morning :-)

5. Personally I don't find it too heavy at all, nor any longer than any other standard dryer. It's super easy to use.

I agree with those who say that the filter thingy on the back is next to impossible to remove... not a big deal, I don't find it fills up fast anyway.

LOVE this thing, no regrets. I do still wonder about the 4000i (I like the shorter size of it) but that's superficial details, this thing is super great and I have no regrets. Love Sedu, such a great company producing quality products!
6 out of 6 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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