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The Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer Set has the highly rated Sedu Revolution 4000i Professional Hair Dryer engineered to reduce your drying time and leave your hair frizz free and shiny. The set also includes Sedu Anti-frizz Polishing Treatment with Moroccan Argan Oil, Folica Paddle Brush and Solia Mini curling iron to add texture to your style.


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Chicago, IL
This week
5 Star Rating
Blown Away ;-)
So I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this hair dryer. I had had a "nicer" one that just broke but was definitely not in the same price range as this model. Overall I am impressed! This thing blows (but in a good way)! I feel like it dries my hair significantly faster than my old dryer. It is also a lot more compact than a traditional hair dryer. Overall I'm very satisfied with this dryer and would recommend it to a friend.
Linda L.
This week
5 Star Rating
Dries Quickly
I have thick porous hair. The Sedu Pro Tourmaline Ionic 4000i dries my hair quick
no frizze and makes my hair shine. Love It!!!
Dec 2, 2014
5 Star Rating
Wow, There Is Hope
Got this as bonus with flatiron purchase here on Folica several months ago and just used it for the first time today. Didn't expect much, as I've tried several of these products with varying results in the past, but nothing life shattering. So, when I styled my hair as usual, using this on towel dried hair before blow dry, and saw and felt the results I was amazed. Actually, I was perplexed at first, since my hair was so smooth and shiny and soft -- unlike my usual frizzy, pouffy dull mess -- and I couldn't figure it out. I had forgotten for a moment that I had just tried this for the first time, and was just admiring the effect, and then realized what the difference was....this Sedu anti-frizz/argan oil treatment. I had nearly given up and resigned myself to my brittle, dry, lack luster hair, but now am actually excited to think that there might be hope. And I don't exaggerate in describing the state of my hair -- which in addition is also colored (75% gray). I have NEVER had a product so transform the condition, shimmer and actual feel of my hair so immediately and dramatically before. And, as many have said, there is something about how it seems to absorb just the right amount for perfect coverage, and without using more than a touch. This should last a while, can't wait for continued results.
Annie B.
Nov 26, 2014
5 Star Rating
I typically NEVER write reviews, but really felt compelled to write one for this hair dryer. I have extremely course, thick, wavy, and totally unmanageable hair. I invest a lot in my hair (keratin treatments, nice shampoos, etc. etc.) and have tried countless products and tools under the sun. I was already using the sedu flat iron which I love (and which has lasted me 2+ years so far) but was previously using some $80 hair dryer from ulta.

I highly doubted that the sedu revolution could be that much better than my ulta dryer as the price points are different but it's not like I was coming from using a $15 one from target. I was wrong; this dryer has truly been life changing. Not only does it dry my hair faster, I barely have to use a flat iron anymore which I have never been able to say in my life. It's straighter, more shiny, no frizz, and much more healthy looking. I thought it was a fluke the first time I used it as I've never seen my hair look so good after blow drying it but it's worked consistently since I bought it a few weeks ago.

I am shocked at what a difference a hair dryer like this can make and am so happy I can spend less time getting ready every morning. If you are on the fence, buy it! (Also always look for promo codes.. too many sales always going on to pay full price for this even though it's worth it!)
Nov 10, 2014
3 Star Rating
Worth The Hype?
I purchased this after doing extensive research. I actually purchased the Elchim healthy ionic dryer that smoked when I plugged it in. I definitely don't recommend that one! This dryer packs a punch as far as airflow goes but I don't like that it only has 2 temp settings. I feel that the low is too low and the high is too high. I wish there was something in the middle. It does a decent job of getting my hair dried fairly quickly but not as fast and I thought based on the reviews that I read.

I would recommend as long as you have realistic expectations.
Sharon D.
United States
Nov 5, 2014
4 Star Rating
Shiny Hair It Is!
it is my first time to buy this and it is perfect to keep my hair shiny without feeling greasy and it smells so good.
Nov 5, 2014
3 Star Rating
Great Hair Dryer, Poor Construction
I love this hair dryer, but I will not be repurchasing unless Sedu fixes the back cap issue. I bought this in 2011 and still use it, but had to send it back to the Sedu multiple times (3x, I think) during the warrantee period to have the back repaired (the prongs that hold the mesh in place break really easily, and the mesh falls out) and the other day some of my hair accidentally fell into the back of the hair dryer while I was drying and got sucked into the motor. Now that it's outside of the warrantee period, I'll probably buy the Solia and see how it works for me. Hopefully it's as good as the Sedu, seeing as both have an 1875 watt motor. Regardless, I don't want to lose any more hair.
Nicole S.
Nov 4, 2014
1 Star Rating
Fire Hazard And Company Wont Replace
The plug started smoking and although it has a code of authenticity on the dryer, the company will not honor the warranty becuase it was not purchased through an authorized dealer, which was not made clear on purchase.
Janeiry N.
Nov 3, 2014
2 Star Rating
Not Worth The $$
As a professional I was so excited to add the Sedu Revolution to my kit. Unfortunately it was not what I expected. Don't get me wrong when it came to blowdrying fine hair it was great but it just didn't do it for my clients with curly or thick hair. I think if its for personal use for someone with fine hair go for it but if it's for someone with thick long or curly hair or for someone working with mostly girls who have thick long or curly hair you'll be there for ever don't waste the money and it won't look as smooth. When it comes to a blowout smoothness is KEY. Sorry but I honestly don't think it's worth the price.
Oct 30, 2014
5 Star Rating
Love It!
I love this blow dryer!!! My hair looked healthier from the first dry, it's quiet, compact and fairly light. I would order it again in a heartbeat and definately from came with a couple of samples in just a couple of days, Thank you!!!
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