Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer and Solia Flat Iron Set DZDD

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The Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer and Solia Flat Iron set has all the tools you need to keep your hair looking its best and to keep it styled in the latest trends. The set contains the Sedu Revolution 4000i Professional Hair Dryer and the Solia Flat Iron with 1 1/4 inch plates; both are highly rated and customer favorites.


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Mar 8, 2016
5 Star Rating
Can't Believe I Waited So Long!
The blow dryer I had for years gave out on me and it was a blessing in disguise. This time around decided to invest some time and money into a higher quality dryer and I"m really happy I did. I was originally looking at the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 that runs around $300, but reading on (thank goodness for reviews), a big consensus was that the Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer (4000i) was very comparable in so many ways. But with a less expensive price tag. I purchased this back in November 2015 and have been thrilled with the results. At the time, I had thing, long, coarse hair and it literally cut my drying time in half with what seems like less "fly aways". I was worried the shorter nozzle would make a difference, but it doesn't. The weight and size is great. I usually leave my blow dryers at home when traveling and settle for the in-hotel dryers, but think I"ll actually pack this for my next trip to Hawaii. Great investment in time and money.
Santa Ana, CA
Nov 5, 2015
5 Star Rating
Still Kicking After 5 Years
I got this for my birthday 5 years ago, and it still works just as great as it did out of the box. Adjustable temperature, a cute light pink color (available at the time), and non-damaging, I can't say enough good things about this straightener. I even dropped it on the floor once, and the plates popped out. I popped them back in and it was like it had never happened.
Evelynne R.
Sep 27, 2015
5 Star Rating
Awesome Product
I have coarse wavy hair and lots of it. I find this hairdryer dries my hair faster than any hairdryer I've owned previously. My hair comes out smooth (I use a round brush) and the whole drying process takes 10 - 12 minutes. It's fantastic, saves me time and my hair looks great. It's small and easy to use and has two heat settings which gives some options. I love the cold shot too. Great product, worth the money.
Sep 16, 2015
5 Star Rating
Does What It Should
- does its job well
- half the price of a Chi
- temperature control a welcome change
Debbie B.
Boise, ID
Sep 11, 2015
4 Star Rating
My hair is thick, wavy, coarse, and frizzy. This dryer is amazing for my hair. It smooths and drys very quickly. My daughter and my sister are both hairdressers. They were impressed too! There was 2 things that we noticed. This particular dryer is a little heavy. Not bad for me, if you were using it as a hairdresser, it might be heavy. Also, the handle is a little awkward, my sister said that I would get use to that, and it does seem to be more comfortable the more I use it. Still, I am very happy with the results!
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Shannon T.
Cataula, GA
Sep 10, 2015
5 Star Rating
This Is The Best Hair Dryer I've Ever Used!!!
This is by far the best hair dryer I have used. I bought this because although I have curly hair, due to it being a baby fine texture, I am able to wear my hair straight with no flat ironing, etc. I used to use mega products on my hair, but my hair is dry and by the time I needed a haircut, I had to get a lot more cut than I wanted just to keep it healthy. I bought this hair dryer five years ago and it has been great and has lasted this long without having to be replaced. Also, my hair looks so much better using this dryer, I have been able to stop using the mega products and just use a very light ultafine mist and it is very healthy. It also cuts back on my drying time to only just a few minutes, which is great when I was used to using the hairdryer about 10-15 minutes and then the flatiron, etc. I absolutely love this dryer!
Aug 31, 2015
5 Star Rating
10 Years Strong
I bought this straightener waaay back in 8th grade (2003). It was my first "big girl" purchase with my babysitting money. It still works after all these years and still gets as hot as it used too. Even with a couple of drops on the bathroom floor! You'll not regret this purchase!
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Angela K.
Aug 4, 2015
3 Star Rating
Not As Powerful As I Thought It'd Be.
It's is a cute blow dryer but it's not as powerful as I thought it would be. I thought it would've been great like the straightener. This blow dryer should be one of the least damaging out there, I believe, that is why I'm keeping. Hopefully it treats my hair right!
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Destiny N.
Aug 3, 2015
2 Star Rating
Did Not Impress..
I did a lot of research trying to find the best straightener. I have had my Babyliss for almost 3 years but it completely fried my hair so I needed to try something new. I settled on the Solia and very disappointed. When I use my Babyliss, I can get my hair straight at about 375. The Solia, I put up to 450 and it still does not get as straight as my Babyliss. I am half German,Half Black so it does take some heat but not 450 degrees. It does not make my hair feel that good either. My babyliss makes my hair feel and look much better but again it damages my hair. Will be returning and I am super disappointed.
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Courtney G.
New York
Jul 27, 2015
5 Star Rating
Best Blow Dryer I've Owed!!!
I just wanted to write a quick review because it came to my attention that I have had this blow dryer for 5 YEARS! This little guy packs a powerful punch. My hair is thick and course and easily frizzes up naturally and does not look good when it air dries so I NEED a well-made, professional quality dryer to get the job done. I also use a paddle or round brush to help smooth my hair while drying but I love how much airflow this dryer provides, allowing me to blow out my hair in about 15 minutes (shoulder length). In the 5 years so far I have only had to order a replacement piece for the plastic ring that holds the filter onto the back of the dryer which was my own fault for dropping it and causing it to split. This is the longest I've ever owned a dryer and whenever it is time for a replacement I plan on replacing it with another Sedu if not this same model. GREAT BUY!!
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