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Jan 12, 2013
1 Star Rating
Best Performance
The performance n the weight of this dryer is gread! The speed goes away so did the dryer ,had to send it back 3 times in less than an year, the shipping cost like a new dryer (that would of last me an year at least).Also it's good to know since nowhere is mention that it is light but comes with extra box on the cord which makes it hard n hassardos in the salon environment .doesnt really help with the friz but it's light and powerful. After the first replacement I got it in non original box n no diffuser which made it hard to find another one that fits,try to contact the supplier no response about it.
Be careful it's expensive and just to now with the shipping costs i spent way over 1000$

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London, Ontario
Nov 25, 2012
5 Star Rating
I Love My Hair Now!
I thought I've lost my mind when I bought this hairdryer! I have only been using it for a week now. I have thin but thick hair and is medium length. It use to take 25 minutes to blow dry and flat iron my hair. Now with the Sedu ICON Prive Hair Dryer and Sedu ICON flat iron has cut my hair styling time to 10 MINUTES! All hair dryers use to dry my hair into a big friz ball that use to take alot of flat ironing to straighten out. Now my hair dries so sleek and smooth that it does not require alot of flat ironing. My hair is AMAZING! My hair has never looked so health in all my life!

The only thing I do not like about the hair dryer is that there is a fairly large retangle box that is attached to the middle of the electrical cord. Not sure what this is for but it is a little clumsy to work with in the bathroom and portability.

I am also worried about the other reviews saying it broke down in a couple of months of getting it. It does have a 6 year warrenty so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do not have to use it.
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Aug 18, 2012
3 Star Rating
:( No Hot Air Or Ionizer After Barely 400 Hrs Of Use :(
The good: Was the best result I ever got from a hairdryer. Had perfect speed, ion level, and temperature to blow my thick, curly chin length bob straight & shiny in 4 min. It left my hair in perfect condition and little need for my flat iron.

The bad and hugely disappointing: Turned on one morning after only 2 months and approx. 4 hours total of use to find no hot air or ionizer light! I clean the filter weekly and always put away after use, and never mistreated it.

If this happened only with personal use, I can't imagine in a salon with 8 hrs + daily.

Unacceptable for a hair dryer so expensive. Luckily I have a much less expensive backup that delivers equal results at a slightly lesser speed (Hanna Elite).

So, 5 star result and 1 star quality = 3 stars
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Jul 28, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Hair Dryer On The Market
bought this for my fiance a few months back and she loves it. it dries her hair very, very, very quickly and evenly. i would highly recommend this to anyone in the market and not be put off by the price.
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Derek D.
Sarasota Fl
Jul 23, 2012
3 Star Rating
Second Review:(
so i am the one who wrote "dyson of dryers". Loved it from day one but now i am on my 4th replacement in as many months. five stylists in my salon have them and have had to send them back 3-4 times. i personally believe it is to powerful for its own good. the company know this and is working on it but it takes 3-4 weeks to get replacement. tpirchase with caution but its bad saw when its working. hope this helps.
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Tommy S.
Germanton, NC
May 12, 2012
4 Star Rating
So Far, So Good
I am a busy hairstylist that uses the Sedu Icon Prive hairdryer on roughly 15 to 25 people a day. The dryer seems to be lighter than the Sedu 4000i dryer that i was using. The speed and force that the air comes out of the dryer is very good and the ion generator that is in the dryer is excellent which dryer my clients hair smooth on the first time. I do wish that the engineers that design products for industry would actually ask professionals what they like and do not like about their tools. This Icon Prive dryer had two faults. The spring attached concentrator nozzle comes off of the end of the dryer frequently as the nozzle does not keep the clips on the side of the nozzle tight on both sides of the nozzle. Secondly, there is an inline transformer in the middle of the power cord that simply creates something to constantly step on for my 12 to 14 hour days. Those things aside, if the speed switch does not go out like on the 4000i dryers, this dryer should be a good dryer.
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Amy H.
Apr 9, 2012
5 Star Rating
5 Stars All The Way!
Worth every penny! I've had the T3 and everything in between. Yes it's expensive but you won't regret it, love it!
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Jan 14, 2012
5 Star Rating
I used to wish for a hair dryer with the air speed of a professional dog groomer's dryer AND the heat of a professional salon dryer - And the conditioning of ceramic/ionic properties. Also, how about a dryer that will last more than a year or two. Well, here it is and I am amazed at how much easier and faster it is to give my hair a professional look. I can see why this dryer is so expensive and when I bought it, I definitely kept in mind that I could return it if I wasn't pleased. But boy am I happy with it! Thrilled! Thanks, Folica.
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Jan 6, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Hair Dryer
I got this hair dryer and I was hesitant because of the price. My hair is thick, and curly. It's very hard to style. I hated doing my hair before. This cuts the drying time and it is silky and like I got it done at the salon. I love this product. It is worth every penny.
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Derek D.
Dec 24, 2011
5 Star Rating
The Dyson Of Hair Dryers
just got this insane tool and it changed my overbooked days. drys in less than half the time and the finish is almost flat iron like. turn the ions off to get the victoria secrets bombshell blowout.
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