Elchim Milano Ceramic Dryer

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The Elchim Milano Turbo Ceramic Dryer has become one of the most popular dryers amongst professional stylists. This balanced dryer is great for thick, coarse hair or hair that takes long to dry thanks to it's ergonomic handle. Turbo Ceramic technology emits infrared heat that nourishes the hair and adds shine. Low electromagnetic emissions keeps hair healthy and is light on the environment.


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Dalit C.
Last week
5 Star Rating
The Best
okay, i have to say, i am so so picky when it comes to hairdryers. I have tried several already and i returned them all.
This one is really good, its hot and just enough air flow and makes my hair look awesome.
I have very wavy fine, color treated hair. I am a really good at blow drying my hair, so I know a good hairdryer form a not so good one. I can't use anything ionic, it just flattens out my hair and it looks bad.
This by far, is simply the best!! I have tried the solia super hot, sedu revolution, twin turbo 3800, super solano and prob more. I even tried the Dyson supersonic!!! made my hair straw like, really disliked it, and it was expensive!!

The elchim milano is light weight, switches are in a good place, and does a perfect job!! Finally keeping this one!!
Aug 28, 2014
5 Star Rating
Great Dryer
My stylist has been using Elchim for more than 25 years and he says that it is a great Italian professional brand, extremely reliable.
I have decided for this dryer, which is very lightweight and powerful at the same time.
Like the way my hair is and how silky it looks.
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