Conair Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ionic Styler

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Conair Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ionic Styler smoothes the cuticle layer of your hair, creating shiny, silky results. Ionic technology produces maximum ions for less frizz and more manageability.


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Tyna N.
Feb 19, 2014
5 Star Rating
Will Never Go For Another Dryer
This product was introduced to me from YouTube and now that I bought it and used it. I totally fell in love. Will never go for any other dryer! Blow dry time significantly shorter!!
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Melanie B.
Chicago, IL
Sep 6, 2013
5 Star Rating
The Best Tool For Straightening The Back Of Your Hair
I have naturally wavy/curly (2B/3A) hair, which I occasionally straighten. However, I find it next to impossible to straighten the back of my hair. This Conair dryer was recommended to me by a friend with super curly, long, middle eastern hair, who has been using it for years and adores it. She uses it to straighten her hair all over (about 20 minutes), followed by a flat iron for touch-ups (about 5 minutes). Unlike other dryers with brush attachments, which tend to be poorly rated due to low wattage and insufficient air flow, I found this one to be as powerful as my regular hair dryer (X5), with hot heat and very strong air flow. When I first tried it all over very wet hair, however, it took a while to dry and did need a flat iron for added polish. But then I discovered a better way to use it. I now use my regular hair dryer on high to rough dry my hair 80% (using just my fingers), and then smooth the top and sides with a round brush (using the nozzle attachment, on low). Then I finish the back section using this Conair dryer with the brush attachment. On high, the dryer gets VERY hot, so I have to spray each section (6 total) with flat iron spray before using the dryer on it, and need to work quickly, to avoid burning my hair. In the end, the back doesn't look quite as polished as the front, but it's still very nice plus super quick (only 5 minutes) and MUCH easier than trying to use two tools in the back at once. The only drawback: it's noisy, and heavier than my X5, but for a cheap dryer that's to be expected.
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Sep 2, 2013
5 Star Rating
Love This Hairdryer
This is the best hairdryer I have ever used! I have very thick, frizzy hair and after using this dryer, my hair feels so soft and smooth. It also cuts my drying time in half compared to other dryers I've used. Would definitely recommend!
Waterloo, IA
Aug 8, 2013
5 Star Rating
Fantastic Blow Dryer!
This blow dryer is fabulous! I love the fact that it comes with comb attachments, which makes it very simple to use. The comb attachments are more sturdy than others I've had in the past. They comb attachments actually snap into place, so they don't slide off. The ease of use of this dryer, and the two different heat settings cuts my drying time by 75%. (I have natural, shoulder-length, 4B hair.)
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Bianca T.
Aug 6, 2013
5 Star Rating
I absolutely love this blow dryer! I am natural and also did the big chop...and let me tell you... when I do grow my hair out and when I do blow dry my hair..this is the blow dryer ill use .!! :)
May 8, 2013
5 Star Rating
Amazing No Iron Needed
I am a stylist, and I recently bought this dryer, and I have used all of the attachments. I have a perm and thick, fine hair with highlights. I was able to dry, and straighten my stubborn hair in 10 minutes!! It usually takes me 30min with an iron!! I washed and conditioned it, put protein oil and a leave-in on my damp hair, and sectioned it from bottom to top. I used the Brush attachment on Hi (according to instructions which you MUST read, it tells you which attachments do what), and it straightened in 10mins. TIP** to avoid excessive damage and burning out your dryer, use on Hi once and time it. Then double that time, and use it on Low. Always use a leave-in conditioner, and a heat protectant. One of the best hair investments I've ever made!
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Camille S.
Jan 18, 2013
5 Star Rating
My New Love
I think this hair dryer is amazing. It dries my hair exceptionally fast. While Holding it in my hand and using the comb attachment, it feels light weight. I have been natural for a year now and I was able to comb through my hair (gently) with the fine tooth attachment even with really thick hair (use small sections). The high heat setting is super hot so I would recommend using the low setting( don't forget to use a heat protectant). Overall great product and feasible. I wish I had found it before spending a ridiculous amount of money on my last hair dryer.
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Paula C.
Jan 13, 2013
5 Star Rating
The Best Hairdryer/styler Ever Invented
i love this style of hairdryer, and it is not available in Australia which is where I have been searching for one like this for several years; probably since the early 90's when they stopped making them here ( or importing them) I have been using my old one (without the attachments because they broke a long time ago), all this time. So I decided to buy one over the net and HOORAY i finally got my dream hair dryer. The beauty about this type of hairdryer is that it is powerful enough to dry my hair as well as be able to style it straight, which I could not ever do properly or with ease with the hand held dryer. If anything I think the only change I would make is make it a 2000 watt for even better hair drying and styling. Thanks
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Ruby W.
New York
Nov 27, 2012
4 Star Rating
Two Sides To A Story
I really like this dryer, dries hair really quick, leaves hair shiny. If you have really thick hair I think the comb attachments will do more harm then good. I wish the attachments were way bigger. But the dryer itself is very nice.
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NS Canada
Nov 14, 2012
5 Star Rating
If I Could Give This A Ten Star I Would
Love it, love it, love it. The Conair Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ionic Styler
is better than I ever thought it would be. I also bought one for my sister for Christmas and cannot wait to give it to her.
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