Solia Universal Double Diffuser

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The Solia Universal Double Diffuser is manufactured in Italy and fits the Solia dryer and most professional hair dryers.


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Dianne S.
Mar 31, 2015
5 Star Rating
Really Works
If you have the Solia hair dryer and you need a diffuser, don't hesitate to buy this one. I purchased another "universal" one and it did fit, but keep falling off, which was very aggravating. So far this one has worked and stayed on when I do my hair, I like to go in a circular motion all over the head, so far so good.
Mar 14, 2014
1 Star Rating
Completely Regret Buying This.
I was incredibly disappointed with this diffuser. I bought it to go with I solia ionic hair dryer but it was so massive (about 2/3 the size of the length of the hairdryer). It stayed on the hairdryer fine, but was too bulky to use. When I actually tried to dry my hair with it, it did nothing other than make my naturally curly (kind of like early Taylor swift) hair into a mountain of frizz. I'm also disappointed because I live in Canada I had to pay 25$ in shipping for this item (which is understandable) but if I pay that much for a product I expect it to be awesome.
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Atlanta, GA
Jan 17, 2014
3 Star Rating
Heavy Diffuser
I bought this coupled with the Solia hairdryer, and this diffuser is "just ok." It's quite heavy and bulky because it's a "universal diffuser" and probably would've been perfect if Solia had designed this diffuser specifically for their hairdryer, instead of "all hairdryers." It does what it's intended to do.
May 6, 2013
5 Star Rating
Great Diffusers!!!!
Bought these diffusers to fit my Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer, Perfect Fit!!! I use it on my daughter's curly hair and it works great.
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Nov 9, 2012
4 Star Rating
It's Big, But It Works.
This diffuser is bigger than any other one I have owned but it does the job. Will probably fit onto any hair dryer because you just shove it on the end until it wedges in place. It fit onto my new Solia hair dryer (which I LOVE!!!)
Oct 15, 2012
1 Star Rating
The Diffuser Falls Off The Hair Dryer!!
I was so looking forward to this diffuser being the answer to "what do I do with my wavy hair in the winter?" The diffuser will not stay on the hair dryer once it is turned on---it blows right off! Very disappointing.
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United States
Jul 15, 2012
5 Star Rating
Fits My Solia Dryer
It fits great!
Susan S.
United States
Jan 27, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great Tool!
Wonderful tool. Fits my solia hair dryer perfectly and gives me bouncy curls everytime without frizz! I highly recommend it!
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Dec 6, 2011
4 Star Rating
Great Diffuser
The diffuser is nice. You can switch from the prongs to a non-prong option with ease. The bowl is deep and holds my curly hair well while drying so it encourages the curl. However, in comparison with the Solano universal hair dryer this diffuser is not as deep and does not allow as much airflow so it takes longer for my hair to dry. I still like it and will use it as a backup. It also has rubber grips on the inside to help grip the blow dryer so it doesn't go flying off and hit you in the head.
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Ottawa, ON
Sep 16, 2011
3 Star Rating
Works Well, But Not Sure For How Long
The diffuser attachment does fit on my Solia, and totally gives me nice, bouncy curls. I have naturally wavey hair, and it's fun to be able to make it legit curly.

I have two complaints: one, the diffuser is HUGE and you really need to force it down on the dryer for it to stay. I makes the blow dryer pretty heavy. The other problem is that when my sister opened the box, she dropped it and two of the prongs snapped off. We glued them back on, but it doesn't bode well for it's longevity.

So, basically, the diffuser totally works, and my hair looks GREAT--but I worry that it will break soon...
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