TIGI Bed Head After-Party Smoothing Cream

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The perfect party favor. After-party hair cream for silky, smooth, shiny, health looking hair. Control the funky fly-aways and silkify your hair.


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Carla W.
May 14, 2012
5 Star Rating
Not Just For Hair
I have used After Party for 6 years!!! Love it. It tames my frizz and leaves my hair smelling awesome. My sister and I also use it on our arms and neck area when we don't have lotion... It leaves us smelling good and looking like we just walked out of a salon!
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San Diego
Feb 2, 2012
5 Star Rating
Makes My Hair Feel Awesome.
My stylist always uses this one me. I LOVE it. Just need to splurge on it.....but seriously. It adds body to your hair without weighing it down. Your hair will feel GREAT with this product.
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Aug 16, 2011
5 Star Rating
I Love This Product
I love this product ..... it's worth every penny
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Jul 18, 2011
5 Star Rating
Bed Head After Party
hey, this post really great , I appreciate this Thanks for sharing this Bed head after party
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Andrea B.
Apr 2, 2011
5 Star Rating
Is It Daily Use?
i was just asking was these product a daily use becausev i need something for daily use!!!!!
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Mar 15, 2011
4 Star Rating
Best I Have Ever Used(:
I have bought many smoothing creams, sprays, and mousse, but i would definitely recommend this to my friends(: It eliminates frizz and silkens your hair! This is especially good when you are always in the heat. It keeps your hair smooth, frizz-free, and silkened. Love it, good when you're in a rush and you can just grab some work throughout your hair. A little pricey, but worth it. Don't use too much or your hair will be oily and greasy.
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Joti T.
Mar 1, 2011
5 Star Rating
Smells Great & Delivers
This product is amazing. I apply it after I blow dry my hair and make it smooth, eliminates frizz and keeps it shiny and smells good. My clients love it.
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Susan G.
Philadelphia, PA
Jan 13, 2011
5 Star Rating
Amazing After Party
When I purchased the Bed Head After Party at Hair Cuttery for $18.99 not bad but the results were amazing my hair felt silky and smooth and refresh. I have african-american hair and I must admit it this product got amazing cream. I love it!
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Dec 15, 2010
5 Star Rating
Amazing For Frizzy,damaged,dried Looking Hair(:
after going to the salon my sisters stylist recommended this to her but my sister never really used it because she already has very shiny hair so i thought i would try it, i love it because i have curly hair and after i straighten it my hair looks dry especially the ends and my hair gets frizzy through out the day so i tried this and it made my hair smooth,shiny,&soft! i did notice it solved the frizz problem but the frizzy-ness came back later on that day but overall amazing product .
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Pennsylvania/New York
Nov 16, 2010
5 Star Rating
Well Worth The Price.
I love this product! I use it almost every day. Whether I'm going to dinner with friends after classes or going to a club after an afternoon of school work and working out at the gym. It smooths my hair so any frizz is almost immediately tamed. It doesn't make my hair greasy, especially when I take the time to brush it out and style it. Plus it smells really good. Well worth the price, I'm definitely going to buy this product over and over again!
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