Umberto U Color Italian Demi Color (6 oz.)

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No measuring, no mixes, no mess. Salon color has never been easier! The one-step sachet packet system of color, developer, and equalizer is ready-to-use. Umberto U Color Italian Demi Color is simple and foolproof.


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Apr 14, 2010
5 Star Rating
Honestly A Great Product.
I don't usually write product reviews - this is actually my first - but, I really want people to know about U Color because it works. Really well. I use 11.8 Pearl Blonde and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color of my hair, the texture and the shine. I was completely suprised to see the 2 negative comments about the product becuase I thought for sure I'd be adding to a list of raves, but I will say this: the color IS darker than what the name suggests, but all you have to do is make your purchase with that in mind (i.e.: maybe order a shade lighter than what you were originally thinking). Also, if holding the sachets over your head all at once is too difficult then you don't have do it. It works really well for me, but perhaps my skills for holding and squeezing sachets over my head are oddly more advanced than others ;) so just mix it together in a bowl first, no big deal. Really, however you put the product on, it's SO worth it. So just find the way that's right for you, you'll love it
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Metro Detroit, Mi
Apr 8, 2010
1 Star Rating
Not So Easy And Color Off
I am a color junky so when I saw a new brand I couldn't wait to try it. Plus it sounded novel with the gel packety thingy. Two comments: 1) I don't know what is so easy about holding 3 packets over your head and squeezing them so the equal portions come out of each at the same time. I'd mix it in a bowl if I did it again. 2) the color comes out WWAAYYY darker than the package. I tried light brown and got dark mahagony. :o(
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Elnora Burrell
Mar 31, 2010
1 Star Rating
Not For Ethnic Hair
I got this product because the beauty supply owner told me it would cover my gray and even my hair color, WRONG i always wear a blonde in spring and summer (all year around) i used 8.0 (natural light blonde) and my hair turned dark red and feels and look terrible, im a public speaker and now i dont know what to do!!!! please be careful using this product. if not for ethnic hair say so. do get it twisted my hair is not kinkey its straight and wavey.
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Mar 15, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great Product
This is a great product and an ingenious way to package it as it allows you to use just what you need and have exact measurements . The grey coverage was great and the color very nice adding shine. I highly recommend it!
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Feb 8, 2010
5 Star Rating
Perfect Hair Coloring On A Budget
I work on the marketing team at, but these are my own words and do not represent the opinions of My 2010 New Year�s Resolution was to save money and budget so when it came time to color my hair I wanted to experiment with DIY hair color. My natural summer highlights were growing out causing some major root action. I was looking to achieve a really natural color that would blend my summer highlights with my natural winter color. A few of the buyers at recommended that I use Umberto because it comes in 3 pre-measured packets which makes it really easy for a �non-professional� to use. Although I was a bit hesitant, my hair came out great! The #9 (very light natural blond) came out a little darker than I was expecting but I definitely achieved a natural look. Plus, I feel like my hair still looks healthy. It doesn�t look dry or damaged which I sometimes get from blond-ish color jobs. From A to Z, the whole process only took about 25 minutes and it was really clean (rubber gloves are included). I would say this is best $12, I�ve spent in a really long time!
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