Bumble and bumble Hair Powder 4 oz.

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Hair color powdering is a centuries-old technique that Bumble and bumble session stylist Laurent Phillippon made modern with their multi-purposes sprays. Gives roots a quick color touch up while dry cleaning hair.


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Carole A.
May 10, 2014
2 Star Rating
the best color in hair powder but they need to change the nozzle! Way too messy to use compared to Rita Hazen that has a directive nozzle. Other colors not as good as Bumble, but ill return this as it get all over everything.
Joyce P.
United States
Jun 29, 2012
1 Star Rating
Waste Of Money
I tried this in the blonde (supposedly) color. It sprays dark brown out of the can, also goes everywhere in the bathroom staining walls, sink, floor, clothing with dark brown spots! It makes the hair look dirty and matte plus it is difficult to wash out of the hair. I used to use Fillmore and I am gladly going back to it. The cost was a total rip-off as well.
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Suzanne C.
San Diego, CA
Jun 9, 2012
5 Star Rating
Good Temporary Color.
The spray comes out too fast to use directly on my hair, so here's what I do: I take a small cotton ball, spray a little color on it & immediately apply it to my roots. I use it on the hair around my face and a few layers in & at my part. Also touch up each morning. I've stretched my salon visits by quite a bit. It's not magic but a good temporary fix in between.
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Jul 10, 2011
4 Star Rating
Confidence In A Can....but....
I love the bumble and bumble hair powder. I have alopecia and I can't imagine even leaving the house without this product! It has given me a lot of confidence and allows me to try just about any hairstyle I want. It adds volume, and covers those thin "scalpy" spots on my head. If I could give some suggestions to Bumble and Bumble, I would implore them to PLEASE find a way to make this product more water proof...I made the mistake of leaving it in and going swimming. That ended very badly for me, and it was quite embarrassing having brown streaks running down my face. Also, if I run my fingers through my hair, I get brown gunk under my fingernails that looks dirty and kinda gross. I would also love a greater variety of shades to choose from, and perhaps a little less costly. $35 for a can is a lot of money for powder. All in all though, I really do appreciate what this stuff does for my hair and I am willing to live with the not-so-great aspects because of how good it makes me feel.
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Jun 27, 2011
5 Star Rating
Thicker Hair, Small Mess!!
i never in my wildest yearnings, thought i would find a product that covered my bald spots and make my hair look thicker. i used to dread waiting in line, feeling the person behind me ogling my skin head. i am absolutely thrilled with this product, it has given me the confidence to face the world, come wind, rain, or high water. so, it's a little messy, who cares???. lighten up people.
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Kellie L.
Kent, WA
Oct 27, 2010
5 Star Rating
I Cannot Live Without This Or My Hair Is Flat,dull And Limp.
Yes, its expensive, but I am saving $ on my shampoo and hair spray since I dont have to use as much of it. I only wash my hair every 3 days and this really takes my oily scalp away. I read that people are getting this all over their bathroom and hands.... are you spraying it all over like hair spray??? The directions just say to spray in layers and comb out. Here is how I use it, I spray at my parts. and then comb. I seperate chunks of hair and spray at the scalp.... I part my hair off to the side in the front across my forehead and then back comb for volume in the back. This product adds volume and density to my fine thin hair! I love it!!
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Feb 1, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great For Oily Hair
This is a great product if your hair is overly shiny. I know some people strive for shine, but I happen to like matte hair at the moment. Don't bother with the colored versions. The white works great on my dark brown hair. You just need to work it in a little and it will blend. This product gives great volume and texture all day.
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Barbara Brigliadoro
Oakland, New Jersey, USA
Jan 23, 2010
5 Star Rating
Bb Hair Powder Is A Miracle!
After recovering from serious Cancer, my hair suffered badly. It grew back but much thinner. I am a former hair dresser and so I am able to keep it looking great, but without the Hair Powder, it wouldn't look great. People cannot beleive the appearance of volume. The only unimportant characteristic of this product is that it does leave residue on combs,brushes and pillowcases, but I could care less. The powder fills in on the scalp so that the hair appears much fuller. I couldn't live without it!!!I set my hair in rollers, and spray the space between then after I comb it out I give it another spritz of the powder where needed. It works well for me when my hair has just been shampooed, conditioned and set up. I also spray inbetween sets and teasing, the spray really does let me go sometimes almost two weeks between shampoos, since my hair tends to be dry since my illness. I have shown more people this product, because I am living proof and they see it! So many times I see women suffering with alepecia and want totell them you "don't have towalk around looking so bald, try this product. Somehow you might direct you advertising to post cancer patients and those suffering with alepecia and thinning hair. Hey until the hair is all gone, this product can help, definitely. Thank you for this fabulous product!
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Spring Lake, Michigan
Dec 28, 2009
5 Star Rating
Excellent Product!
I have thin baby fine hair, I use this product for volume at the roots. I can not do my hair without it!
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Portland, OR USA
Sep 22, 2009
2 Star Rating
Brunette Buyers Beware!
I love dry shampoos and this one does "clean up" my hair well. I recently dyed my hair black so I thought I should get a black color specific kind because a lighter powder might show or look like dandruff. The problem is that the black specific is not a clearish color that blends into the black of your hair, it's black BLACK powder. So if you spray onto your forehead or neck accidentally you look like you've been splattered with black paint and have to scrub it off. The reason I like dry shampoos is that I'm a college student and they are a quick and easy fix after a long night with no time to shower. But I have to use this product sparingly and with precision, so it loses points in the quick category. There are better, less spray paint-like dry shampoos out there. I feel like this is like mascara for your hair...I have to make sure it doesn't smudge or come dribbling down my face/neck when I sweat or in the rain. I suppose this problem doesn't really matter for blondes and greys, but for us brunettes it can be an issue.;(
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