Streaks 'N Tips

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Streaks 'N Tips temporary color highlight spray, sprays hair with a fine mist of color accents or sparkling glitter.


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Anita G.
Feb 5, 2014
5 Star Rating
Platinum Streaks N Tips
this is a fantastic product for those of us whose hair is in the stages of going grey and have decided to embrace the change. I had uneven splotches and so I spray this product to obtain a balanced look. I like it so much, I bought an additional 6 cans!
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Jean G.
Northern California
Dec 9, 2013
4 Star Rating
Thinning Hair
My hair is thinning due to age and medication so I've got a few bald spots. I've been using Streaks n tips to fill in those spots. Thanks goodness for this product; it does
the trick. The color hair spray does not come off until it's washed out. However,
If it's touched in any way - whether it's glasses on the top of your head or an itch that needs scratching it will come off so be careful. I do wish Streaks 'n' Tips came in a light to medium brown color.
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Oct 20, 2012
2 Star Rating
Fades Very Quickly...
After looking high & low for a safe, temporary color to use on my dog for a one-time Halloween event, I decided to try Streaks n Tips. Previous reviews are correct, the blast from the can was so strong that it rattled even my usually calm 155-lb Great Dane. I felt bad even trying it out. The other problem is that the color just didn't last. I put it on a spot she couldn't lick or rub off on anything, and the color was almost gone in less than an hour. This product gives new meaning to the word "temporary." This was the cheapest out there, and I guess you get what you pay for.
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Charlene D.
Apopka Florida
Sep 30, 2012
1 Star Rating
Gets On Everything Doesn't Come Out.
We use Streak N' Tips Color red and it is messy even after drying rubbed off on clothing, handbags,and everywhere my daughter's hair touched. Nothing is taking the color stains off. I just emailed company and asked for help on what to use to remove color stains. Wouldn't recommend this product. Ruined a great leather handbag and different pieces of clothing and traces of color still in her hair after several washes. And still rubbing off on clothing. Very frustrated.
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Andrea M.
Sep 7, 2012
4 Star Rating
This spray was great. I have dark brown hair and have been looking for ways to lighten my hair for halloween. I bought this product in pale blonde and a purple (for fun). The blonde really worked, it looked like I had gotten highlights. The purple was even better. It covered the whole area I was targeting.

The one bad thing was I had just ironed my hair super flat (it's pretty curly), the spray seemed to make it kink back up again so all of my babyhairs around my face turned into a fuzzy halo :(
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United States
Jul 23, 2011
4 Star Rating
Glitter All The Way!
Bought it for New Years party. It's fun, but blasts your hair with too much pressure and spreads on everything as a result.
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Annette S.
Jul 2, 2011
4 Star Rating
I Love, Except.......
I love this spray, except that it comes off on my clothes. i got the pink and it turned out great even on my dark hair but i can only wear black shirts because it will rub off, and the streaks that were near my neck rubbed off and tinted my neck pink also. besides that... i love the spray!!
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Hoboken, NJ
Oct 19, 2010
5 Star Rating
Easy To Use And Washes Right Out!
I work here at Folica on the Merchandising Team and I used this Streaks and Tips Neon Pink last year as part of my Halloween costume. It worked great! I had dark brown hair at the time and the pink color really popped on my brown hair. I've attached a picture so you can see how good the spray came out. It also washed right out the next day. Just a note- be careful while applying it can be a little messy. I think I painted my bathroom pink after I was done applying. It cleans up easy though. Definitely recommend to brighten/funk up your everyday hair and great for Halloween costumes!
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