Splat Rebellious Colors Hair Coloring Kit

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Splat Rebellious Colors Hair Coloring Kit creates a Splat of Rebellious Color!...Be expressive, be shocking, be extreme! The possibilities are endless!


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Aug 1, 2012
5 Star Rating
No Regrets
I used the red and it turned out amazing. It's been a month and it only faded a litlle bit. I used the bleach that came with it. however if you're doing your entire head, use two boxes. I only did the underneath part. I would certainly use this product again.. It's way better then manice panic and rage.
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United States
Jul 27, 2012
5 Star Rating
Perfect Dye, If You Understand How To Use It
Most of the bad reviews here don't seem to know much about hair coloring. The product worked as intended, they just didn't know what to expect.
Yes, it's going to run if you sweat IF YOU DON'T WASH IT OUT PROPERLY. Rinse and rinse until no color at all is coming out with the water!
Also, this is real hair dye! Not halloween costume spray on stuff! It isn't supposed to just wash out! Many people are complaining that just shampooing it for weeks didn't remove it. Duh! It's hair dye! If you want it removed, you need to use a dye remover or even a bleach. It will fade with time, but not completely disappear!
And finally, bright reds and pinks stain your hair badly! Not just Splat brand. ANY brand of bright red or pink will be close to impossible to completely remove with bleach. If you're dying your hair bright red or pink, you will not be able to get it back to blond immediately without damaging your hair! It's not a problem with the brand, those colors just stain!
My natural hair color is dark brown, almost black. I've always been able to get my hair light enough for a Splat color with only the bleach included in the pack. I've used Splats blue, pink, purple, red, and their new bleaching kit and they've all always worked excellent for me. As long as the three points I already mentioned don't bother you, I highly recommend this brand!
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Jul 11, 2012
3 Star Rating
Pretty, But Won't Go Away!!!
My hair is naturally blond, so I dyed a streak of it blue with no bleach. The color turned out bold and dark and I was really happy with it. As it faded, it also remained the same color too, just faded. However, 4 months later it's still partially there! It's ridiculous!! I wash my hair almost everyday and now it looks like my hair has a dark spot, almost kinda purple-ish in color.

Overall, nice color, but be prepared to have it for a looooong time.......
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Jul 7, 2012
1 Star Rating
I followed the instructions EXACTLY. I used Lusty Lavander, and my hair turns out red? I left it in for 30 minutes, and my hair isn't the color it's supposed to be. I am never buying this product again.
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Jun 25, 2012
3 Star Rating
Better Than Manic Panic, But Not Enough Dye In One Package
I used the Lusty Lavender. I have long hair, you absolutely need 2 boxes if you want to cover your head. I didn't have enough, so I was spreading it all over as far as it would go. I started out with dyed black hair, bleached it to an light yellow, dyed it with purple splat, my roots came out bright purple, the rest of my hair more of a dark burgundy color. It was pretty for a week, then my hair turned a rusty red color with bright purple roots still. Not the prettiest, so I made the mistake of dying it again with manic panic blue, that stuff is HORRIBLE. Stick with splat, it will last a few weeks if you hardly wash your hair. Just be sure to bleach the crap out of your hair if you really want the color on the box.
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Jun 21, 2012
1 Star Rating
This Stuff Is Horrible
I was trying to appease my wild side by doing the lavender on the underside of my hair. My daughter decided to do the red on her whole head. We both totally regret it. It is summer time and we can't do anything. We can't go for a walk without the color running because of sweating. We can't go swimming for obvious reasons. We can't even go to the amusement park because of the color running down our backs or front. AND there is no way to really remove it except for washing, washing, and washing your hair over and over and over. I do not recommend this for anyone. I am surprised that it hasn't been taken off the store's shelves.
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Jun 6, 2012
5 Star Rating
Why All The Hate?
I'm honestly surprised to see all the negative reviews for this product, because Lusty Lavender worked wonders for me. I'm one of those people who hates bleaching with a passion, so I'm always looking for semi-permanent purple hair dye that will at least leave a nice tint on dark brown hair. I've tried Manic Panic's Purple Haze, and Special Effects Burgundy Wine and Deep Purple. Manic panic didn't do a thing, and Special Effects looked nice, but didn't last long at all. This stuff seriously works though and lasts for an incredibly long time (6 weeks so far,) if you actually know what you're doing. Not only does the color actually show up on my dark hair, but it's incredibly vibrant compared to the other brands. I left it in for about 5-6 hours, which is something I would highly suggest if you're dyeing without bleaching. There's no developer in the dye, so you can leave it as long as you want. It is FAR messier than anything I've used, but really... This is hair dye, people. It's going to be messy, and it's going to stain. Cover your bathroom counter with an old towel or cut up some old plastic grocery bags and spread them out. Wear clothes you don't care about. USE PETROLEUM JELLY AROUND YOUR HAIR LINE! This stuff sticks to skin like you won't believe, which is the sign of a WONDERFUL hair dye. When you rinse it out, use cold water to seal it in. Generally you'll always see a bit of color go down the drain if you wash with hot water, even weeks after dying, but it still lasts for ages. Really though, you need to have realistic expectations. This isn't a good dye for people who haven't dyed before because it's so messy, and can stain the skin for up to a week if you're not careful. If you're experienced, or have other people to help, then this really is a good choice.
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Cassandra M.
Jun 5, 2012
1 Star Rating
This Stuff Is Crap
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Judith L.
Richmond, VA
Jun 2, 2012
3 Star Rating
Just... Average
Of all the dyes that I have tried, this one comes in just about average. I have used both the blue and the purple on different occasions, and while they will give you a blue-ish or purple-ish color (respectively), they really don't blow me away. The good: - You can find Splat at your local convenience/drug store. I've found Splat at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, etc. This brand is not hard to come by. - It also isn't too expensive at about $10 per kit. If you have longer or thicker hair, you're going to need more than one kit. - It does give your hair color. I will expand on this in the "bad" section". - The dye smells good. It's not that gross smelling product that you might get from a typical hair dye. - The dye is not very runny. This stuff is thick and concentrated. The bad: - This dye doesn't last as long as other ones. - The colors are not true to box. The purple comes out more of a pink/magenta/pink/purple. - The blue comes out pretty dark at first, then will eventually fade. Mine faded to this weird faded blue-grey with hints of purple color. The ugly: - This stuff stains everything. Clothes, towels, skin, tubs/showers, etc. Wear gloves, have alcohol wipes, use pet. jelly on the skin around your hair line, use an old shirt, and have some bleach so you can clean your tub.
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May 18, 2012
3 Star Rating
What Can Happen
Im in the 6th grade today was the last day of school and my friend tryed to dye her hair blue some of it was blue and most of it was green and i got the pink last week but now im re thinking dyeing my hair !!!
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