Manic Panic Amplified Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream

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Manic Panic Amplified Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream is amped up to last 30% longer!


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Charlotte L.
Jun 12, 2015
3 Star Rating
Red Stain Removal?
Any recommendations for REMOVING a red stain? My blonde hair really soaked up the stain and a month later, I'm ready to go back to my natural color. I'm afraid it's so permanent that it'll have to grow out! help!!
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Oct 20, 2014
2 Star Rating
Not A Fan
I used a new one (I don't remember the name of. Siren's Song maybe?) and I put it in my hair and left it in for about an hour since I find I get better results when leaving it in longer than directed. I washed it out and it came out green, even though it was supposed to be a teal color. It has been at least a month now and it still has not come out of my hair and I'm irritated because it was supposed to be semi permanent and it faded a little bit, but not all that much. I still have people asking me why my hair is still green and if I've re dyed it (I haven't). I didn't like the color, it did nothing good for my hair, there are many other products I would much rather use that are more expensive, but they make my hair SOO nice and soft. I also used a red color and it stayed in my hair for about a day and then washed out. I did not have my hair bleached at the time, but I do now and the red color hardly even shown on the bleached part. It gave a slight red tint, but only in certain light. My hair is dead at the ends (Where I used the green) and I haven't had the money to get other dyes but I don't know if I can dye it other colors yet because the green still shows through. I used a purple on my hair of a different brand (long after I did the green) and the purple faded after a while but the green was still there! So I personally don't recommend this product because it does nothing good for your hair. If you want something nice, I recommend Fudge Paintbox and its more expensive (especially if you live in the US like me) but I highly recommend it!
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Kendralyn S.
Nov 25, 2012
5 Star Rating
Know What Your Doing First...
So many people have left bad reviews about manic panic but have also made it obvious that they don't know what they are doing. Always wait at least two weeks after bleaching to dye or stain your hair (manic panic is a stain not a dye)
Don't wash your hair for at least a week after, pre and post treatments for color treated hair will help your color last longer. Use shampoo's and conditioners that are designed for color treated hair. NOTE: all red hair dyes and stains fade the quickest, red is a fast fade color it's not just manic panic. If you are hesitant about using this product or would like to give it a second try, go to the manic panic website. They have step by step instructions on how to use their dye and how to get the best from it. Also there are before and after photo's that will help you get an idea of what your color will look like after. I have been using panic panic since I was in fourth grade I am now 21, it is the best and healthiest way to color your hair. I personally leave my color in over night and blow dry it before I go to sleep (heat intensifies the color) like I said just go to the website to get real reviews from the dye hards themselves. Best of luck, hope it comes out the way you want. -Dye hard for life <3
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Kendralyn S.
Nov 23, 2012
5 Star Rating
Know What Your Doing First
I read all the reviews on this site about this product and have realized that every person who did not like it, didn't know what they were doing. One thing is you wait two weeks after bleaching to dye it other wise it comes out wrong. Not just manic panic but any hair color. So those of you who dyed it right after, you have no idea what your doing. Ive been using manic panic since I was in fourth grade, and never once has it come out wrong or has it fading too fast. If you are interested in using this product, go to the manic panic website, they have reviews, pictures and a step by step how to use.
They make it very easy to make your color last and come out great! Another thing about manic panic, is that it is not a dye it's a stain. Also, if your thinking about red, just know that ALL RED HAIR COLORS FADE FAST! there are pre-treatments and after care treatments you can get. You have to spend money to keep it looking good. Manic panic is the best for un-natural hair colors, like I said go to their website and you can learn how to use the color and take care of it. Best of luck!
-Dye Hard <3
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Stacy F.
Santa Clarita, CA
Sep 14, 2012
5 Star Rating
Proper Usage = Effective Product !!
I think people should do their research before giving bad reviews, especialy if they care about maintaining healthy hair. Manic Panic is a healthy and successful option for hair color artists. My understanding is that you should not rinse out dye with shampoo/conditioner, but straight cool water. Best results include the use of thorough application, foil, a shower cap, blow dryer/heat, and leave on for an hour or more. Everyone--and our hair--is different, but proper use will most likely give you amazing results with this product. Long-lasting color can be achieved by washing hair only 2-3 times a week, using color-protecting conditioners &/or shampoos (not leaving in the hair for long), and by touching up or changing the color before it fades. I have also had success making my own tints by mixing colors, and mixing Manic Panic dyes with conditioner to create lighter tones and remove brassiness. Because it is a Vegan product, these dyes can be applied frequently (or more than once to enhance vibrant coloring) without adverse effects to hair or roots. Also, semi-permanent is not permanent, so it can't be expected to last forever because it's not made to. This is terrific if you want to add or change color without killing your hair with permanent dyes, stripping, or over-bleaching! Do your research and you'll love using this product line to express yourself!! Happy Coloring :)
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Sep 14, 2011
3 Star Rating
Its Not The Best. But Its Not The Worst.
i bought the violet hair dye and the first day it was purple. but then after the first time i washed my hair it was blue. but it was a really pretty color of blue so i wasn't to mad. then the blue stayed the color it was for about a week,then the blue started to go this teal color. again it was a very nice color, but it wasn't purple. so then my hair was teal for about another week. so the colors are pretty, but they don't really match the color that they say they are. so that can be a bit frustrating when buying your dye. so i wouldn't say not to use this brand. but i wouldn't really recommend it to anyone either.
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Apr 7, 2011
5 Star Rating
It Got Better!
Somehow, they came up with a new formula improving ten fold, by making it last MUCH longer. Can't wait until the whole line gets AMPLIFIED!
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Melanie Q.
Mar 10, 2011
1 Star Rating
What Happend
okay so i bought the atomic torques i first bleached it to a light blonde then left it my hair for about and hour . when i washed it out all the blue came out but the green . -_-
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Dec 28, 2010
1 Star Rating
I bought Manic Panic's pillar box red from Sally's, I have read a lot about Manic Panic, some good reviews. some bad, I decided to try it myself. Before dying my hair, I bleached it, twice. It was a goldish color. When I put the dye on, I thought the color was going to come out really good. But I noticed how it didn't stain my hands as much as other dyes did, which I was happy about, but it also didn't stain my hair very well either. -_- I left it in for two hours, I rinsed it out, only using conditioner. Just about ALL the color came out. So, I waited a day, and used the rest of it hoping it would work, but still, the color didn't stay. I hated it. I got Splat from Walgreens and it worked a MILLION times better. It was also cheaper. I will never waste my money on Manic Panic again.
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Lola B.
Dec 3, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best Hair Dye In The World!
I've been using Manic Panic for about 15 years now, & I've gotta say it's the best semi-permanent hair dye out there! The colors are unmatched. Currently I'm mixing Shocking Blue and Ultra Violet together... both in the Amplified formula, and it comes out amazing! I only have to touch it up about once a month to keep it bright, and since I've been dying it blue for awhile now, it never totally fades out. Even when it does start to wash out a bit, the color still looks awesome! It never looks dull. I love all the different stages my hair goes through color wise, and my hair always look healthy and shiny. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to brighten up their 'do! There are so many colors to choose from, it's kinda hard to decide at times. :)
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