John Frieda Precision Foam Colour

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John Frieda Precision Foam Colour introduces a new way to color hair, as a revolutionary, non-drip foam that covers every strand perfectly, so you are assured of shiny, natural-looking results.


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Feb 11, 2015
5 Star Rating
Great Color, But Looks Different On Greys
FOR MY FELLOW ASTHMA SUFFERERS: The chemical smell is completely non-existent unless your nose is buried in your hair, but the conditioner has a light floral scent that did aggravate my symptoms slightly. It wasn't major just a slight cough. I wore my hair back and rinsed and conditioned with my usual conditioner during the three day no-shampoo period to minimize the effects. GENERAL COLOUR RELATED REMARKS: I have dark brown hair with a salt and pepper streak and the dark cherry brown was perfect. It's my natural colour plus a dark red glow that is very flattering which is exactly what I was hoping for. It was about one shade too dark for the first few days, but when it mellowed it was just right. ABOUT GREY COVERAGE: The greys were completely covered but without the underlying natural brown pigmentation they came out a touch more red. It's not obvious but if you know where to look you can find it. That dark auburn streak darkens to the exact right shade with daily application of Cool Brown colour gloss. If you have grey (or light) hair and want dark purple-red hair this is perfect. If you want more brown you may want to dye your hair brown and use one of the Red glosses in conjunction with the appropriate Brown gloss. HOW IT AFFECTED MY HAIR: My hair was gorgeous, soft, and shiny after being processed. I have long curls that tend towards being stubborn and dry, but after the dye and conditioner my hair made perfect ringlets. I didn't need to leave any conditioner in the way I normally do. The conditioner included in the kit is the absolute best I've ever used and I've tried a lot. THE CONDITIONER IS NOW AVAILABLE SEPARATE FROM THE DYE KIT, YEAH!!! :-D
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Jun 18, 2014
2 Star Rating
Loved The Color But Did Not Cover The Gray
I bought the light natural brown and I loved the color, but it did not cover the gray. I left it in for 30 minutes (per the instructions)
and the gray hairs are still there on the crown of my head. Wondering if I can use it again tomorrow just on the crown of my head?
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United States
Mar 20, 2014
5 Star Rating
This Stuff Is Awesome
First time using this product last night. I bought it because 1. CVS has it on sale for only 9.99 and 2. I thought using a foaming hair color would make it easier to apply and have a better result with the color......and boy I was right. Absolutely amazing. My hair is light brown on bottom, dark on top because I haven't colored it in such a long time so i went with 3N Deep Brown-Black. The applying is a little messy because of the foam but this can be controlled with the amount of color you squeeze into your hair at a time. The gloves that are provided in the kit are like actual hairstylist gloves. I had a little trouble getting them over my hands and I have tiny hands so a person with bigger hands might have a problem getting the gloves on. I really like the foam part of this and I think this is why I like it so much. With traditional hair colors it's in a squeeze bottle and the applying isn't very easy at all because you have to part and apply, part and apply. With this product however, you squeeze it in your hand and rub it in your hair which means even color and every strand gets coated. Awesome stuff and I got awesome results with it. My hair looks fuller and it's shiner. I would recommend to anybody
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Tara S.
New York
Oct 6, 2013
1 Star Rating
Yes! The New Formula Is Horrible!
John Freida's "New improved thicker foam" dies as soon as you apply it. It does not cover. They took a great new product (the regular foam) and "improved it" Now it's worse than the rest of the runny dyes but more expensive. What's up with that?
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Sep 16, 2013
1 Star Rating
Worst Hair Dye I've Ever Used
I love the foam because it is extremely easy to use; however, I chose a medium brunette color and my hair is almost black and very flat. It also left my hair very, very dry and tangled. Will not use again.
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Aug 16, 2013
1 Star Rating
New Formula Is Horrible
Unfortunately I tried this product again. I had used it and was very happy until the last two times. It did not foam up like before and it did not color my roots. I am a veteran at this and I cover my roots correctly. Now my hair has orange streaks and my roots are not touched. Why can't there be any consistency in hair color!! Now I get to spend heaven knows how much to go to a salon so they can fix it.
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Madeleine C.
Seatac, WA
Feb 9, 2013
4 Star Rating
Not Bad For Store Bought Hair Color
Does not have an overwhelming scent, it felt more like applying shampoo than hair dye. The foam was 1000xs easier to apply than any other hair product I have bought, did not drip, covered all my hair. Did not feel a burning sensation just a little warm. The gloves that come with it are high quality. It wiped off easily from my hair line and did not leave dye marks on my skin.

The conditioner wasn't anything special and you don't get very much. The color came out 2xs darker than I anticipated. I got the medium brown and it was dark black/brown except in the light it seemed a little lighter. My hair feels dry but very shiny. The shine has stayed true even a few days later. I will pick a lighter color next time but they spoiled me with how easy the application was. I will be using this brand again in the future.

The application with the foam bottle was not only fun to squeeze but I had half the bottle left over after using it on shoulder length hair. The foam washed off the gloves easily so I could take them off and put them back on when I was ready to wash it out.
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Traci T.
Arlington, TX
Jan 23, 2013
5 Star Rating
Easy And Beautiful!
I have long, thick and straight Asian hair. I used to have my sister dye my hair for me but ever since I started using this precision foam I don't have to ask her for her help. The form this dye comes in makes it do easy and effortless to color your own hair. I was afraid that there wouldn't be enough color to use but there was more than enough. I always get complemented on the color of my hair color. I just love it! ;)
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Jean A.
Jan 13, 2013
1 Star Rating
Do Not Use!
I normally use Feria light golden brown. Saw John Frieda foam hair color on sale, same color and bought it. My hair is now VERY DARK, no hit of golden anything and very harsh. Nothing natural at all about his dark mess and I have spent hours online trying to figure how to get it safely out of my hair. I have read many other reviews since I did this and many have had the same terrible results.... very dark flat looking hair. Maybe I can save someone else. Because of this mess I will never use a John Frieda product again.
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Stevie D.
Dec 24, 2012
5 Star Rating
I Will Never Pay A Hairdresser For Color, Again. The Results Are Amazing
I was couponed for this product, it made me try it.. I thought until now I had to settle for home color then go to a salon to get it "fixed" . I was thrown by the method of foam application... but by my second use I just went with it... it is so easy..I hardly needed more than a check from my husband who helps me . I am so in love with the results from this precesion foam.. I am quite grey but use the 8N to "become the blond I was naturally"... the coverage gives excellent highlights and varied tones. My husband can't stop complimenting me and I love it!! They have a customer for life... go ahead and spend the money it is so worth it!!!!
7 out of 7 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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