Gray Magic Concentrate Color Additive

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Covers gray. Makes colors last longer. Decreases fading. For professional use only.


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Aug 8, 2012
4 Star Rating
Good Additive
I just learned about this product from my colorist. I do my own roots and only go to her about every 3 months. I ordered them and I find that it does help to cover the gray. I add 9 drops when I do my roots and that seems to be a sufficient amount.
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Nashville, TN
Apr 27, 2012
4 Star Rating
This Stuff Works!
I began using this on the advice of a salesperson at my local public beauty supply store. I had told her that henna doesn't stick well on my gray hair. I told her that I can't use regular hair dye because I have toxic overload and that it made my joints hurt. She recommended this to make the henna stick.

It works.

It doesn't make my scalp burn, and it doesn't make me sick. What I use it with is plain, organic henna, either cream, powder or Hennalucent, which is henna and a soy conditioner, and either way, it makes your hair absorb the henna better. I can't tell that it has any odor, as all I can smell is the henna.

I think that it's a really good deal. I color my hair about once a month and a bottle lasts me nearly a year.
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Harlee J.
Jan 9, 2011
5 Star Rating
Grey Best Hair Buddy
I've been using GM for 20yrs. I have resistant grey hair. I use it with whatever permanent color I choose and either 20 or 30 developer. My haircolor range is from dark mahogany to light coppery red. I love this product! WHY they don't teach about it in cosmetology school beats me.
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Oct 9, 2010
5 Star Rating
The Gray Blocker
I am African American and have had Blonde hair for the past 30+ years, I use 40 volume peroxide and approximately a 1/4 packet of booster and a fabulous color. Approximatel 7 years ago I spotted Gray Magic in the beauty supply, as I was just beginning to gray I thought I would give it a try, I now add the Gray Magic to my concoction and the results are absolutely wonderful. Unintentional "multiple colored hair "ain't cute", Brown, blonde, gray, uh, uh.
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Feb 19, 2010
5 Star Rating
So Worth It!
I've been using this over 5 years. I use 10 volume developer with a dye for the beauty supply. I add the 10 drops per ounce of color just like the box says. It penetrates the grey and doesn't fade! I love it! I do take care of my hair though. So if you flat iron/blowdry/hot roll your hair daily, you may not have the same luck.
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Covina, Ca
Nov 4, 2009
4 Star Rating
Worked Well With Colorsilk 7a Med. Ash Blonde
Was a little skeptical because of my 20% gray hair on my crown, but Gray magic worked rather well. It did turn the haircolor mixture darker but the color turned out the same . I hope it last long. Also I used only 5 drops per oz. and had color on 20 minutes only.
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Allison South
Brighton; East Sussex; UK
Aug 28, 2009
4 Star Rating
Grey Magic Is Just That
Being a hair stylist myself I always like to try things on myself before my clients, and have just completed the task....So mixed up my colour which is a very dark brown & plum shade, then added the Grey magic. Firstly I was shocked it was a dark colour, and once mixed with my tint "horrified" when it turned bright orange.....But I still applied to my hair, and was getting worried as it stayed orange for 10-12mins, where after my normal plum shade re-appeared. Happily after the required time, rinsed, dryed and was amazed those little resistant stubbourn grey hairs around my hairline which generally don't seem to cover well, have actually gone with using Grey Magic.....So I think it actually does the job it says it does and would definately use again on myself. I would also use it on my dark haired clients, but would be worried to use on the fair haired one's as I think me applying a bright orange product on their normally light hair shade would be a bit scary for them, unless they agreed to let me try. On the whole so far I think it is a worthy product, but will interested to see how my colour lasts over the grey hairs in the next couple of weeks. Just one poor point is that its a shame they dont warn you on the bottle that your normal colour will change to a different colour for a while, but I suppose really if I had thought about it the product puts back yellow & red pigments which is why it works!!
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Jun 27, 2009
1 Star Rating
Mystery Ingredients?
I can not find the ingredients on the label or web site. There is a warning about dont use near eyes, as can cause blindness and skin irritation. Sounds like it might be the very dangerous ingredient p-phenylendiamine. Which the FDA banned and removed from market in 1938 in all products applied to the skin except hair dye which must be 5% or less. It makes dyes last longer and was used in lash products that caused blindness. Its now reappeared in henna tatoo to make them last longer, but dermatologists are seeing skin rashes and blisterings. My sister had to stop dyeing her hair, due to blistering and swollen eyes. Be very careful.
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Elizabeth Omps
May 7, 2009
5 Star Rating
Grey Magic
My grey hair just stopped absorbing hair color. I decided to use 40 volume with my color and added the grey magic according to directions. Im happy to report that there was no residual grey at all and I have some of the most resistent grey on the planet. I should add that my hair is in pretty good shape, hence the 40 volume with torrid steamy cappucino. and the result was gorgeous. go grey magic!
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Skp From Nj
Nov 15, 2008
1 Star Rating
Does Not Work
I tried coloring my hair with & without this product & the result was the same. So it does not work. I have resistant gray hair & dark hair. The color fades off the resistant hair within a few days.
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