Colora Water Colors

Colora Water Colors is organic water activated powder hair color that conditions as it colors.


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Oct 5, 2014
5 Star Rating
Excellent For Gray Hair
I've been using this product in mahogany for over a year to cover gray roots before I henna the rest of my hair..........without it the red henna alone leaves gray roots orange...lighter than the rest of your hair.........the darker mahogany water color is very natural and blends well when henna is used over is an excellent and easy product to use......though it comes in a tiny bottle....when it gels with added water there is plenty to cover short hair...........even without henna it is a great product to color gray hair naturally..............if you use henna....try Colora's henna intensifier as well..........
Michele H.
Los Angeles
Sep 15, 2013
1 Star Rating
Stay Away From Blondine
I bought several bottles of Blondine and light brown, hoping that I could cover my white roots. Big mistake with Blondine. My roots are GREEN!

I did some research and read that it could be because of the chlorine in the water. But I used a very expensive spring water. I don't think there is chlorine in there. I don't know what to do...
Aug 23, 2013
3 Star Rating
Need To Experiment!
I wanted to stop using hair dyes with peroxide and ammonia as it turned my scalp red and itchy. So I was very excited to try Colora watercolor. On the positive side, I am very happy that my scalp is no longer red and itchy! That's big for me! And my hair already looks healthier. On the negative aspect, I am still mitigated. Since my hair had been dyed medium blonde and my roots were light brown with strands of grey, I decided to mix 1 bottle of Blondine with half a bottle of Light Brown. The result was too dark for my taste. I should have either added less light brown, or left the product on less time. But that's not the major problem. The big problem is that under artificial light, my hair is GREEN! I read an article that says that ,in this case, you need to add some red. I need to find out whether I can mix a tiny bit of red with the Blondine and the light Brown or if I should do a light red rince first.

My other complaint is that these bottles are very tiny! I have long and very thick hair and if I respected the measuring on the instructions, I would probably need 3 or 4 bottles. The mix is not gel-like either. I ended up adding more water and I made a mess in the bathroom. Although, the color is easy to clean-up EXCEPT on porous surfaces like wood.

So, adding a little red to get rid of the greenish yellow will be my next experiment! To be continued...
Lauren C.
May 5, 2011
5 Star Rating
I've used the Colora creme which turned my hair green. (The brown was nice but literally has a green base so looked green in florescence - I've had kids at school ask me if it was green). I am so happy with the water colors, though! I've had it with henna turning my hair red (other than the creme) but don't like green either and this is a VERY nice color! I left it darker than I'd like (left it on longer) and am learning from that. May order light brown too next time (just got brown) but it is conditioning and true. My new hair coloring product!!! Nisso - you did great! Thank you!
Heather D.
Dec 15, 2010
4 Star Rating
Temporary Clean Up, Permanent Results
I received the same reuslts as a similar product from another website that cost twice and much; it's still permanent and gentle on my hair. I dye my hair black and it covers well (don't know if I have any grays). The nice thing about this product is also that it washes off of surfaces fairly easily. The 'other product' I used before I had to use bleach to get it off of anything and it didn't work all the time. This one is no hassle clean up. :) Only downside is that it is a tad runnier than what I am used to. I have to keep on eye on any drips before it stains my neck. I would recommend this product for it's price AND ease of use.
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Nov 29, 2010
5 Star Rating
Excellent Hair Color
I tried lots of different hair color brands when I decided to go from natural brunette to red, four years ago. Colora is the only one that leaves my hair in good condition. Reds tend to fade quickly so I have to touch up every few weeks. I don't have to worry about damage, though. It's gentle.It also looks like a natural color. The reds have different tones in my hair, and reflect the light. It doesn't look fake (well, until my greys come out).
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Paresh B.
Jul 12, 2010
3 Star Rating
Hi its so nice
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Joan Stallings
Evanston, IL USA
Jan 16, 2010
5 Star Rating
Easiest I've Ever Used!
This was easy to mix, easy to apply with a brush. Fast & easiest I've ever used. Love it!
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Nov 1, 2009
5 Star Rating
Best Hair Color
I love this product. It is easy to use and really covers the gray hair. I use Auburn and some of the other shades of red and they come out looking bright and beautiful.
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Detroit,mi Usa
Aug 28, 2009
1 Star Rating
Somthing Is Wroong...
I bought a GOLD BROWN. When i washed it out my haid was pitch black. i hate this item.
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