Colora Henna Powder

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Work wonders to dull, lifeless hair with the Colora Henna Powder.


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Miami, Florida
Dec 12, 2011
3 Star Rating
Too Seedy & Hard To Wash Out.
I tried this product the other day and applying it was a total mess! I thought it would go on smooth. The Henna was too seedy, not as refined as I thought it would be. I left it on for 2 hours, I was afraid to leave it longer because of the seeds. It took a while to wash it out, I would say almost 30 minutes or so. I have natural thick/coarse 4b-c hair, with a little gray strands in the front. I shampooed my hair twice and seeds were still coming out.

The end result was good however it made my hair more shinier and softer, but the application was a mess. It did not cover the gray, but I am guessing because I didnt leave it onlong enough. If they made this product with more refined seeds, I would try it again. For now I will try another brand of Henna.
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Mar 17, 2011
5 Star Rating
Fabulous Product
Been using this product for years. It was recommended by my hairdresser. As my hair is becoming 'naturally' highlighted as I have aged, it highlights nicely. I have had more than one hairdresser compliment my color. It does a great job without a lot of added chemicals that I don't want on my scalp.

I have found that the longer I leave it in, the nicer it seems to take. It is a little messy, but well worth the effort!
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Orly G.
Oct 25, 2010
5 Star Rating
Amazing Results
I am allergic to all hair colors - badly allergic. I finally found this product as well as the creme version and they are just amazing. Better than what i expected. My hair which is naturally curly, frizzy and has gotten a bit dull over time with age gets such a lift from these products. In addition - I have greys and whites - about 10 to 15% and this does s a pretty good job of covering them up. No allergic reactions, hair feels softer, looks shinier - They work amazingly well and I am so grateful for them.
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New York
Aug 29, 2010
5 Star Rating
Henna Conditioner
I've been using natural (colorless) henna as a conditioner for years. Beats all others!
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Mar 20, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great Solution For Dying Chemically Treated Hair
I regularly have my hair permed, and in order to keep it the reddish brown color i like instead of my natural flat brown, my options were to use a gentler perm and continue with chemical dyes, or find a dye that did not interact with my chemical perm. The gentle perm barely even curled my hair, so i tried this henna powder in red sunset and i love the results. The mulchy smell is well worth the naturally sun-kissed highlights the product gives (since it�s a powder and organic the color isn�t 100% even from strand to strand but when your hair gets highlights in the sun it�s not 100% even) which i find more natural looking than the typically flat chemical colors. I don�t find that the color washes away too easily, the box clearly says it is a tint, and i find that even after letting it go for 4-5 months, the part of my hair that was previously dyed still retains a reddish auburn glow. Plus, i absolutely love that the color isn�t too extreme. It give my hair a soft red tone/highlights all the time, and the color really pops in the sunlight.
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Sara Hobson
Feb 1, 2010
1 Star Rating
Not Good Coverage
I tried Colora on advice from a friend although was very disappointed. It didn't cover my gray, was very hard to rinse out, wasn't shiny, and the portion was not even enough to cover my short hair. I usually use products from Henna King which are far superior.
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Fallbrook, CA
Oct 14, 2009
2 Star Rating
Hennalucent Vs, Colora
I've been using Hennalucent for years and wanted to try a different color and brand. Henna is messy, we all know that but Colora took more than twice as long to get out of my hair. It's very gritty going on and washing out. Hennalucent is about a forth as gritty and much easier to get out. Colora does not have nearly as strong straw smell as Hennalucent but that's not worth switching brands for, at least not for me.
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Toronto, ON Canada
Jul 7, 2009
5 Star Rating
I had super-light blonde hair with the inevitable signs of abuse: frayed ends, way too pale to look real and thin strands from over-processing. Remembering what a hairdresser friend said about the restorative effects of henna, I bought Apricot Gold and I gave it a shot. Am I glad I did! I now have natural-looking color, shine, body, thickness and my hair feels like real hair again!
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Deena G
Jun 27, 2009
5 Star Rating
Best And Healthiest Product For Hair
At first I even got the Henna on my ceiling, but after 5 years of use I can do my hair with the least stain on other products. I love this product. I use Red Sunset. It does not wash out. It grows out. When I return from a trip abroad I will be ordering a dozen of the above color bec. I dont know where to buy this product anymore in New York City. I do leave this henna on my hair for four hours. I do my laundry and light housekeeping while the Henna sits on my hair. The best is that it costs me about $7.00 to color it myself with henna. If I were to go to a hairdresser I would be charged at least $100.00.
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