Colora Henna Creme

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Color your hair in just 4 easy steps. Add color, condition and body with no peroxide or ammonia.


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Virginia W. S.
Jan 11, 2016
1 Star Rating
Gray Roots
I have used henna on and off for years. Always with the black it would not color my gray roots. Disappointingly, your black henna powder and cream did the same thing. My gray roots would not color.

Louise C.
Jun 5, 2015
3 Star Rating
Cream Not As Good :(
The first 2 times I used this product, it was the powder, and it took really good, covered my grey and lasted longer than I had hoped it would. Then by a mistake I picked up the cream and thought I'd give it a try. I left it in for 2 hours as I had with the powder and it was for nothing cause it all rinsed away and there was all my grey strands still looking grey :(
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Jacqueline L.
Vancouver, BC
Aug 16, 2014
5 Star Rating
I Hope They Never Discontinue This Product
I am surprised at the poor reviews of this product by some dissatisfied users. I can only imagine that the results may vary with the different textures and conditiond of the hair it is applied on. And I was equally surprised reading that the colour goes away with shampoos. Maybe it is a matter of using more gentle shampoo. In any case, with my hair and the shampoo I use, the colour stays and I only apply the henna again when the roots start to show. I.e. about every 3 weeks!

Of course, it would not occur to me to use the powder. The creme formula and the dispenser makes it a very easy process. And yes, you want to put cotton in your ear canal if you have short hair and you use the entire bottle. Try putting less (and use a chewing gum to cover the dispenser and keep the rest for another application). So far, I followed the instructions and left the product for about one hour, but I will try leaving it for longer - maybe the colour will be nicer (I use "Burgundy" and I always have comment about my "streaks" being always so consistent and natural looking! Of course, the streaks in question are simply the result of the hair that would be grey now having a reddish hue.

Whoever makes this product, I hope they never stop manufacturing it. I notice it is made in the USA. For me (a Canadian), it is a plus in that I try to buy "local". And some new lines offered on the same shelf is made in India. If it were to no longer be carried by the large merchant where I get it, I would probably cover distances to find it. I may even cross the border if it is not available here. This is how much I appreciate this product.

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Aug 12, 2014
1 Star Rating
Green Roots
My hair stylist recommended this to me to cover my gray roots since I am allergic to regular hair dyes. She bought the liquid brown, applied it and bagged it as directed and let it sit one hour. It dripped terribly and I had to keep blotting. After rinsing it out, my roots are green. I'm hoping it washes out in about a week as another commenter said it would. Also, my ear is weeping as well so there is obviously something in it that I am allergic to. Fortunately, there was no discoloration or damage to the rest of my color treated dark brown hair.
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Mar 10, 2014
3 Star Rating
Hair Coloring
I buy this product for my wife. She is fairly satisfied with the product which she has been using for years. The only problem she tells me is that the coloring washes out fairly quickly, but other than that she likes the way the color looks.
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Jan 26, 2013
5 Star Rating
Perfect For Bringing Back My Natural, Younger Color.
I have been using this product for many years and the only thing I would use if I couldn't get this is pure powdered henna., I have naturally reddish brown hair that had gotten darker with age and now in my 50's is starting to grey at the temples. Auburn or Burgundy brings it back to a perfect natural youthful color without the harsh chemicals and awful smell.
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Manhattan Beach, CA
Sep 21, 2012
5 Star Rating
Naturally Red & Keeping It That Way
Since birth my hair has been naturally golden red. But, alas, if I didn't use Colora henna I would now be totally white. I vowed I'd keep my hair red as long as I am able. For about 20 years I am been using Colora henna--the "gold brown" in the powder form. My hair turns out to be more natural looking using the gold brown powder with gold highlights--not the garish red. For some time now when touching up the roots over the white or gray, it turned the hair a greenish color, which would disappear in about one week's time. It wasn't prominent because the golden red hair covered over the roots. I called the Colora Customer Service and was advised to use the Auburn cream formula over the pure gray hair. Next time I will try the cream over the gray portion and see what happens.
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Rosa R.
Aug 5, 2012
4 Star Rating
Read The Label
I use henna to color my hair. I like Colora for its convenience when I don't want to or can't make my own henna paste. For those of who with no to disastrous results, or those of you who don't care for the application process or the waiting time, read the label. Just like someone who uses the wrong "perm" will have awful results, the same is true if you use Colora Henna on dyed hair. Don't blame Colora if this happens. This is Colora Henna, not L'Oreal or Clairol. If you have colored your hair with a commercial product, there is a strong possibility you will not get the results you like. Colora Henna is a henna product. It is not a commerical chemical based hair coloring product. There is a big difference. And if you desire using a non-chemical product to color your hair, especially if you have allergies or sensitve skin, use plain henna with tea or coffee or the various safe recipes you can find online for excellent results. I like Colora; I am also willing to invest the time to safely color my hair.
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Angelica C.
Los Angeles
May 23, 2011
2 Star Rating
:( Drips !
Tried this and followed instructions but ohmygosh it drips and looks like oil and so I left it on for an hour and the color barely got my hair. I did not know I had to leave it on for 3 hours ! If I did leave it on that long I'd probably have my whole house floors filled with hair paint !
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Apr 20, 2011
4 Star Rating
Nice Product
I have been using the Colora creme in Mahogany for about 5 years now. My hair is about 15% grey and the rest is black. It gives me quite a nice red streak through the front of my hair.
Heat Helps!
I have bought a few ( back up as they are now vintage appliances) of those old 1960s cap type hair dryers on ebay. If I wrap my head in glad wrap and then use the dryer I get a much better red colour in one hour (3 without the heat to get the same shade of red).Has to be HOT .
I try not to wash my hair more that twice a week to keep the red colour from fading. I dye it about every three to four weeks.

Not sure about the solvent black etc that is in it, but my hair is in beautiful condition.

I only wish there was one with a blue berry colour. Using natural berries or beetroot etc.
Until then I will keep using this product.
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