Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color

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Designed to elegantly color all gray or partially gray hair, enrich your natural hair color without lift. Contains no ammonia and requires no hydrogen peroxide.


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Denise W.
May 27, 2016
4 Star Rating
True Color/ Covers The Gray
I started letting my hair go natural. Perms and dyes were not working well. I started using Bigen about a year ago. It covers the gray very well. I am about 30% gray.. in the front. Recently I started to notice balding around my edges. I am not sure if its the dye or something else. I came to this website to see if anyone else was having the same problem. I really like the product but wonder if I am having some issues with it now. Would greatly appreciate feedback.
Feb 23, 2014
5 Star Rating
Great Dye
i have thin/fine indian hair that was chemically treated w/ highlights. i've used this about 5-10 times and i've never had an allergic reaction (note that i am allergic to some fruits/pollens) but my scalp was fine. my hair is shiny, scalp feels actually cleaner, the color covers grey easily and quickly and it doesnt fade when using hot styling tools like most other dyes. usually when i try to dye over my highlights the dark color fades quickly and the highlights start showing again. i love this product b/c this does not happen!
i noticed less hair loss than when i use other drugstore dyes (and trust me i've used them all) this stuff is great, it's done in 15 minutes, theres no horrible smell that makes you want to pass out like other dyes. i highly recommend but after reading reviews please do a patch test as you may be allergic to products contained in the powder.

(PS - dark brown comes out as a very dark black so if looking for a black thats a little more natural i would actually go with the dark brown shade)
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Aug 9, 2013
4 Star Rating
Agree With The Positive Reviews
I used this product for the first time last night and had a positive experience.

I like that it's fast and easy. I only used it to color grays and I used a brush to apply, careful to not work into the scalp. I have dark drown hair and the new color is very rich - just a tad darker than my natural color. The length of my hair is slightly lighter brown but it must not be that noticeable b/c no one has remarked on it.

I can see why it would be too dark for some people. Luckily, I only left it on for 20 minutes. Next time, I may even try 15 to see if it's a shade lighter.

I completely agree with the review that says it takes some experimenting, but every color/ manufacturer does.
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Therese B.
New York
Jul 20, 2013
4 Star Rating
Easy Low Maintenance Color
I understand that some people have terrible allergic reactions to this product, so first test! I have fine, medium brown hair and I have had a very hard time to cover my grays with regular hair dyes, either self applied or done by the hair dressers. Also, because my hair is very fine, I have to wash it every other day and the color is usually faded long before the supposed 4-6 weeks are over, after about 10 days. With Bigen, I can cover the grays well, it is even, and the color stays forever. The only difficulty is not to get it too dark. So I started to only do the roots, and only for 20 min. or less, which seems to work. It is still darker than I would like it to be, but so hassle free that I still prefer it. It takes some experimenting, but from my experience, every color does.
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Baltimore, Maryland
Jun 7, 2013
4 Star Rating
Great Product!!
I use this product, and I purchase it at Walmart.
My hair color is black, it's a mixed texture, my mom is
white my dad is black, I have that kind of long healthy, thick hair
that is easy to work with, and you can even stretch your ideas,
color and perm and style all in the same day.
I bought this product because because I am 51 and had a hair
full of gray, I had tried so many products, but none did any
thing with the gray.

I used it this way I wash my hair until I feel no oils, making it squeak
clean. I wait a full 24 hours, then I apply the dye to my hair, I wait
30 minutes, but if my scalp starts tingling, I was the dye out, if not
I wait 45 minutes.

My results were amazing, and I liked it, because I looked 10 years

I wouldn't recommend it putting this or no other product, in your hair,
if your hair is already unhealthy, I think its a great product for the
black race, as well as the mixed race. I also hear it works well with
chinese people.

ADVICE...before putting anything in your hair, take a small section
of your hair and test the product. I also don't reccommend this product
for chemically treated hair.
and mixed races
Final thoughts:
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Lia F.
Mar 5, 2013
5 Star Rating
best hair product iv ever used,i have dark brown hair that has been damaged by bleaching, dyes,this is the only one that leaves it healthy,darker than i would like but puts the shine back into my hair,everyone loves it. new packaging now comes with gloves :-)))) will never use anything else again.|!
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Janice G.
Dec 23, 2012
1 Star Rating
Bigen Hair Dyd
The first two times I used bigen, It was fine. The third time my hair came out. My scalp is very irritated and I have pus and blisters. I decided to check the reviews and others have had the same results. I hope my hair grows back and I been useing anitbiotics on my scalp. DO NOT TAKE CHANCES. Not worth it!!!

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Lee Ann
Oct 31, 2012
5 Star Rating
Always Go Back To Bigen
Have tried many hair color products over the years and I always go back to Bigen. I love that I only need to mix what is needed for touch up and it always covers the gray. You do have to be careful to not leave it on too long as it can turn your hair black. It doesn't fade out or lift hair color.
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Lynn Ann
New York City
Sep 11, 2012
3 Star Rating
Thought I Hit It On The Mark
I have fine dark brown hair with about 30% grey I touch up my hair frequently as I work in show business and they see everything! This color has been much easier on my hair and scalp than peroxide or ammonia. I have been using it for abou 8 months. Til now my hair has been much shinier and the color much truer. Recently my scalp has become sensitive to Bigen and my hair has been shedding. Could be that while it was fine at first I've developed a sensitivity to the product. Will try scalp consitioning treatment before I give up on this.
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April B.
Garland, Tx
Sep 6, 2012
1 Star Rating
Biggest Mistake Of My Life
At first I thought this was the best hair dye I ever ran across. I've always found it hard to find a black hair color that covered my grey. I used this product almost 2 months ago and up until 3 weeks ago I noticed my hair coming out more than it should. I have white spots in my head and there is no hair in those spots. I wish I could figure out how to stop my hair from coming out. I've already cut it but I'd rather not cut anymore. 
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