Jerome Russell's Punky Hair Color

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Colors that condition and shine. Last longer on chemically treated or bleached hair.


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Sep 1, 2009
5 Star Rating
Best Hair Color Out There
I love this stuff its amazing. It takes forever to fade and the color sticks so well. I was using the plum for awhile and got complimented on it wherever i went. I have the turquoise now and its awesome. The plum stained the bathtub..and my pillows and my boyfriends arm lol. The turquoise not too bad. BUT ITS WORTH IT!! love love love it. Wont buy anything else.
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Aug 13, 2009
5 Star Rating
recommended %150 over any other brand. ive tried many brands and ive been using punky color for 4 years and its still my favorite.
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Aug 5, 2009
5 Star Rating
I Loved It!
Ive been dying my hair for three years now (since I was ten) no color (color fiend, manic panic and so forth)would stay on my hair anymore than a week. So I deiced to try Punky Color in Turquoise. I bleached the parts of my hair that I wanted blue than I added the turquoise dye to it. I left the dye on for around 13 hours than rinsed it out with cold water until it ran clear. I didnt shampoo my hair until after three days the dying. The dye wasnt messy at all and it made my hair really soft and silky. Its been around 3 weeks since Ive dyed my hair and if anything the color has gotten brighter its still a bright electric blue. I love it! I took this picture about 3 weeks after I dyed it no photo effect
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Jul 23, 2009
5 Star Rating
Amazingggg :)
This stuff is amazing, it really isnt that messy if you use it properly. I have such thin hair so it never holds any color and this stuff stayed in great, only thing is that it does rub off, mostly on my face though, but it comes off pretty easily, though i love it and will continue to keep using it :)
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Victorville, CA
Jul 6, 2009
1 Star Rating
Stained Everything
I used this product once and will never use it ever again. It stained our counters, bathtub, two doors, and half of my body. We had to use bleach to get it off the counters, doors, and bathtub. I had to be scrubbed with bleach to get any effect of the dye off and I am still mostly purple. I recommend that this product is not used because it stains very easily.
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Tampa, FL
Jul 5, 2009
2 Star Rating
It's Okay...
I have always used Special Effects Atomic Pink with awesome results... but it was time to re-dye my hair and SE was out of stock so I decided to buy Punky instead, the Flamingo Pink color. The good - the color is pretty and I get a lot of compliments on it.The bad - 1) I wanted hot pink. It turned my (very bleached) hair a deep purple-pinkish color. Wayyy darker than I wanted. Its pretty though. Just not neccessarily what I was going for.2) This stuff makes a horrible mess. Special Effects will obviously stain my skin if I leave some dye on it, but Punky is just terrible. When I take a shower, it turns my entire body hot pink just from rinsing out a bit. Anything my hair touches turns pink - my pillowcase, the sides and back of my neck, my ears.. if I so much as touch my hair to pull it into a ponytail my fingers turn pink. Its REALLY bad. I scrubbed the crap out of my neck to get the dye off my skin before work tonight, but I wear my hair down, and by the time I got to work 30 minutes later everyone was commenting on how pink my face and neck is! ugh.Overall, its kind of a cool color but I definitely will go back to Special Effects next time =)
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New Brunswick
May 12, 2009
5 Star Rating
Plum Rockin
I have used Punky Colour Plum for years ive tried several different dies and this is the best product yet.. :) Love it and will always keep using it..
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May 10, 2009
5 Star Rating
Picture Perfect
I love this product, it is awesome. The first pic is one that I figured I would post. Yes, when it dries, it does turn gold, not yellow gold, but gold brick gold. Dont worry its just a chemical reaction, it washes out, there are no photo tricks, seriously gold. (Yes, it is sideways.) Second pic is me after I shampooed and curled it. It looks exactally how I wanted it to. I used plum on the top layer and ebony on the bottom. It does smell exactally like a grape scented marker. I will definately use it again, although after this color, I think Im partial to it... Lol! Oh, it does transfer a lot onto things. When its dry, I havent found it to get on anything except for my hands, only because I always run my fingers through my hair...but watch out when its wet, so far I still cant get the water to run clear! >.< Still its worth it to have such a bright beautiful color. Two thumbs way, way up!!
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Andrea Gustin
Fullerton, California
May 7, 2009
5 Star Rating
Love It
I have been using punking color for six years now, and it never fails me. This pic is in fake light, in the sun it is shiny and beautiful. The color of my hair changes from dark blue to light turquoise depending on the lighting.
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Ms. Brandie
Surrey BC Canada
Apr 28, 2009
4 Star Rating
Spectacular Colour But Rubs Off On Everything For Up To 2 Weeks.
Ive been dying my hair red for the past 6 or 7 years, and have been in quite a few hair shows recently which has left my hair damaged from repeated leaching. I decided to take a break from the chemical cloours and developers (bleach) and try something more natural. I use Rubine, which is a beautiful colour.The Good:Colour was fantastic! One of my favorite colours of all time. Reflective and shinny and not cheep looking like a lot of inexpensive red colouring can be. The colour also went a long way, with salon colours I have to use a lot more procuct. The smell was very pleasant. Best of all my hair felt healthy and nice after using this colour, not stripped and rough like it usually does with chemical colours. (I usually use a hair mask after colouring, but didnt need to with this product)The badThe worst thing is that the colour just doesnt stay IN my hair. I dont mean it is waching out, what I mean is, My neck is constantly pink, my hands are pink if I touch my hair very much, my boy friends arm is pink if I sleep on it, the collars of my light coloured shirts are pink. I am hoping that after a few more washes it will stop, but its ridiculous to have colour come out so much and for so long. (its been about 2 weeks so far). The colour also stained much worse than regular salon / chemical colours when I was using it. My sink, bath tub, taps, etc are all pink now. With regular colour a little shampoo takes it off of your skin, even if its been on there for a bit, but with this colour even if I caught it right away I was still left with a pink mark. SummaryWonderful red colour, great on the hair, but the colour transfers so much I cant wear anything light coloured and have to exfoliate my neck every time I want to wear my hair up. Honestly the colour is so spectacular I will probably try it one more time just in case I got a bad batch or it will magically stop coming off all over the next time I use it.
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