Alterna Stylist One Night Highlights Shimmering Blonde

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Alterna Stylists One Night Highlights Shimmering Blonde lets you instantly create golden blonde highlights that wash out with one shampoo.


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Hanaa N.
Apr 10, 2014
2 Star Rating
Seller Is Great But Product Is Not
the product was great if you can find a way to get it out of the container. the sprayer got clogged and i got to use it only once. the bottle was still full but no way to get any. seller was wonderful though and they refunded my money.
Northern California
Apr 9, 2012
5 Star Rating
I Was Skeptical But...
Excellent product! I have blonde highlights which are probably too light when you consider my very dark brown hair. Consequently,my outgrowth is always very noticeable. Not a great look. (From what I've read,highlights shouldn't be more than two shades lighter than natural color unless the overall base color is lightened...Needless to say,I'm in the process of searching for a new colorist.) Application is easy. Simply push the button on the applicator and the foam (color) emerges in the evenly dispersed bristles on the brush. Apply or brush in the color to one section of hair at a time.For best results,allow the product to thoroughly dry before attempting to brush or style hair. Also,when 'loading' the brush with the foam,I find it takes very little product to achieve the highlights. Applying too much,will make the hair damp and increase the time it takes for the color to set...If you're in between color appointments or in need of a new colorist,this product really does the trick and is far superior,in my opinion,to 'spray in' or aerosol color...If you allow the color to thoroughly dry during the application as I mentioned,it will last for quite some time.Two thumbs up!
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