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Removes unwanted permanent hair color. Controlled usage allows color correction to specific areas. Designed for full or slight color corrections.


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Nov 13, 2010
5 Star Rating
Omg Love
My hair is naturally a light brown. i've done many things to it. i recently have had my hair brown with light brown highlights. my highlights grew out and it just looked trashy. so i bought dark brown hair color to cover up my highlight. BIG MISTAKE! it turned my hair JET BLACK! i came home from my friends and my parents were in shock! it looked like i had a wig on. it was awful. i cried and cried. after going to the salon to get it lightened, IT DID NOTHING!!! money down the drain. then, i researched and found this product. i put it on one strand and nothing happened. i was about to cry, once again! then, i got gutsy and just put in on my whole head. i didnt use the 3rd step. left it on for 20 minutes. i blowed my hair dry andddd it came out brown with reddish highlights. it's so pretty im not going to do anything to it.

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Sep 29, 2010
2 Star Rating
Color Fix
I used this to remove black dye. I did 2 treatments (one package). It did remove a lot of dye but it got dark again. I used the developing lotion though most reviews said not to, but i figured it wouldn't have mattered since it would've gotten dark anyway with or without it so i followed instructions. There wasn't too much damage but my hair felt like straw when i rinsed. I think there would be more negative or mixed reviews of this product if people waited a couple of days before giving it 4 or 5 stars since i read this has happened to a lot. And yes, it smells like FART (though i wouldnt care about the smell if it actually worked the first time).
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Sep 20, 2010
4 Star Rating
4 Steps To Success: Please Read This First!
Wish I read all these reviews first. Here's why:

1) YES.... IT SMELLS AAAAWWWFFFFUUUUUUUUUL! Seriously horrible. Unless your noses have failed, everyone in the house will smell it. Deal with it.

2) buy two boxes, if you don't use the 2nd, return it. But trust me, you don't want this half-done and need box #2 when the stores are closed.

3) THROW AWAY STEP 3 processing lotion, PERIOD! Like dump it off in a dumpster as soon as you leave the store so you don't even have a chance to use it. It's worse than useless, bleaches everything except hair, makes smell worse and pretty much reverses the whole deal. Don't even consider using it.

4) give yourself pretty much allllll day to do this, preferably a SAT, so you can color if you need to and try removing the odor. This is not a simple 30 min deal. Do not do this around people you are hoping will fall in love with you. Yeah, the smell is THAT bad, they will run for hills. Instead, wait until your mother in law visits and tell her you do it every other night and smell? what smell? everyone loves this scent! She'll run too, and we'll all feel better.

NOW. My teen son has natural light brown hair, we've been dying it perm jet black for a year. Now he wants to be a dirty blonde, of course. So, we tried this. I mixed the entire two bottle of one kit, and YOU SHOULD TOO. First it sat on 20 min w/ a cap and had minimal results. So, we repeated, again for 20 min. That was pretty good so I did the processing lotion. He walked out of the shower with hair as black as when we started. ERGH! So, we had to go buy a 2nd kit. Annoying? YES. This time, I again use all of the 2 bottles (and TOSSED step #3). Put on a cap for 1 hour, washed and it's pretty much his natural color. Now, you must RINSE RINSE RINSE RINSE and then RINSE some more. Use ultra strong head and shoulders shampoo., and follow these tips:

it will still smelled god awful. I mean like people are gonna ask "OMG! What DIED????" when they get a whiff. So, off to shower #5 for the day, we could have done this when we liked the color results. He rinses and rinsed and rinsed some more, then lathered and rinsed FIVE (5) times w/ industrial Head and Shoulders (it's called complete care or something, dark blue bottle). Then he did a deep conditioning treatment that sat on there for 5 min w/ a cap. buy cheap caps to toss, everything this touches smells like road kill, and Saran wrap is a huge pain... also, prep like you are doing surgery: gloves, smock, face mask.... it's smellier than ANYTHING in a hospital and you will throw away anything it touches. His hair looks normal, feels soft (extremely clean, I might add) and smells much better. The smell is SO much better when the hair is dry, you know how a nice wool sweater smells like a sheep when it's wet, but fine when dry? Same kind of thing.

Now, after all that, we're waiting a few days to color, since we're going to a a 7N. I am for sure going to strand test first, because I have visions of Oompa-Loompas if we don't. Murphy's Law. I think it will lift and color nicely.

I would buy this again, but god as my witness my kids will never color their hair black again! It's such a pain, and I warned him since he wanted black. Now he knows mother really does know best! :D

Good luck everyone!
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Nicole T.
Sep 7, 2010
1 Star Rating
Just Say No..
I would give this product zero stars if I could! After reading endless reviews, I decided to try this to remove semi-permanent hair color, even though the product is meant to permanent hair color. I figured this would at least fade the color, but no such luck. Tried twice to remove hot pink semi-permanent hair color & the only thing this product succeeded in doing was making my hair smelly & dry. The color did not even fade a little bit. I even tried washing my hair with a clarifying shampoo & Palmolive dish soap prior to putting the processing lotion on my hair, to see if my hair would release any color, but nothing worked. DO NOT waste your time & money with this product if you are trying to remove unnatural shades of semi-permanent hair color, such as Special Effects, like I was. I followed the instructions, including the third step, which I believe is what made my hair so dry. I didn't want to chance not doing it & having my hair turn green when I attempt to recolor my hair though. Two conditioning treatments later & it still feels dry, which is really uncommon for my hair. Since I had to use two boxes (my hair is thick & down to my butt), I'm out $30. It sucks!!
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Cait M.
Northern Ontario, Canada
Sep 4, 2010
4 Star Rating
The Scoop On Colorfix.
So this is the deal with One N Only Colorfix...

It is to fix a newly applied colour that is considered a screwup. It won't take out so many years of dying black very well, if at all.

On the box it does indicate that step 3 will bring the tone of the red colour down after steps 1 & 2 (ideal of you are not into copper orange hair).

Remember that if you feel after you dye your hair that it is going to be too dark (and thus need to use this product in the end to remove it) don't apply conditioner. Conditioner actually locks in the colour and removing it will be that much more difficult.

I do like this product, but you need proper ventalation. Windows and ceiling fans are a must! If you have both in your bathroom, utilize them! It is not odorless, but is a lot less potent than other colour removers.

I have found that a couple of really good shampooings after using this product will allow you to dye over it in the same night. But always do another strand test to be sure. One missing chunk of hair is better than a full head of awful colour. And I know you all love your hair as much as I do!

Good luck ladies!

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Sabrine M.
Seattle, Washington
Sep 1, 2010
4 Star Rating
Jet Black!!!
I promised myself I'd write a review, Even if it was a good experience or a bad.
I dyed my hair jet black. Ive had it black for a while, but my natural hair color is platinum blonde. I read all the reviews, but i didnt listen to them because everyones hair is different. So, I went to Gene Juarez and payed 90$ for a color stripper, What did it do? Nothing but damage my hair more and only boost the color to dark chocolate brown. Ive been searching since and I have been recommended Color Fix and Sally's Beauty Salon, I wasnt sure about, But i decided to give it a try! Everything went fine, I had to do it about 3 times, But it was worth it. But Ive had about 5 people a day asking what the horrible smell is. Rotton Eggs isnt a good perfume. Yes, It litterally did smell like rotton eggs, and it is stuck in my hair for about a week. My hair has gotton so light, but not to the goal I wanted to get to, Im not suprised though. It worked more than i thought! I still am going to Box Color it until i get it to platinum blonde! I recomend it.
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M C.
Aug 30, 2010
3 Star Rating
Not Happy But Will Try Again
Step 3 definitely made it darker, but dyeing afterwards with a softer color, made it black again except for my roots which are gray. Before Step 3 it was carrot top orange, I like the color "my roots" are now, just wish the rest of my hair was the same color.

A stylist has described my hair to be like horsehair.

I am planning on trying once more, without the developer and will report back.
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Linda E.
Edinburg, Tx
Aug 29, 2010
4 Star Rating
Skip Last Step
I had dyed my hair blue black for the past 3 months. I bought this product because I didnt want to bleach. I put it on the first time and did the step 1 and 2. my hair was looking medium brown like my natural color. Then I put the 3rd step and decided to dye it auburn after that. It did NOT wrk, it turned my hair red in my roots and the rest was black again!.
so here I am applying the second box, but will skip the 3rd step, I've already had it on for an hour, fixing to take it off.
It left my hair soft and not damaged, the smell is not as bad as people say. It smells like perm chemicals. it shouldnt be as bad once you wash it several times.
I would recommend this, just skip the last step
My hair is long, mid back, one box is enough.
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Maine, USA
Aug 29, 2010
5 Star Rating
My Story
So almost a week ago, I went into a beauty school that a good friend of mine attends. I went into the school because I had at least six inches of regrowth and the remains of bleach blonde highlights that I got over a year ago. I have naturally light brown, wavy, very thick hair that reaches almost halfway down my back - the natural regrowth on the back of my head matched a 5n swatch and the natural regrowth on the front matched a 7n. In order to give me my "natural" color, the instructor had my friend dye me a 5n, but only after using a red filler to cover up my bleached highlights. Anyway, the end result was HORRIFIC. It was extremely dark and almost BLACK with a deep reddish almost purple undertone from the filler, which I absolutely hated, especially since I'm quite light complected and since I tend to already wear darker, more earthy colors.

So I went online, did some research, and ending up washing my hair multiple times with Prell, Head and Shoulders, and even Dawn dish soap to try and fade the black. Minimal fading occurred.

So I did more research and discovered ColorFix! After reading almost every review of the product on here, I went out to my nearest Sally's and got my own kit.

I cut out a small chunk of hair from where I had the highlights (since I have so much, I wouldn't miss it) and did a strand test and was amazed to see it become a light golden orange-ish color. But I was really very afraid to put the product to the actual test. So for the next few days I thought about it. Finally realizing that I would rather have any color other than the almost-black brown, I got to work.

And it worked wonderfully! Unlike how the strand test came out (not surprised since I did that under optimal conditions basically) my hair is now a nice medium brownish, auburn color. I'm not even going to recolor it, since my end result came out so beautifully! My hair definitely feels a bit dry, however it looks as healthy as it normally does.

Yes, the product does smell sort of funny and my hair still has a strange odor to it despite the use of conditioner, but I'm sure this will go away with time. I'm just hoping that the dark color doesn't come back since some people have had this happen. Crossing my fingers!
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Aug 23, 2010
4 Star Rating
Magic :-}
Here is my story for this product,
Well last week I got my hair colored black, I wanted to get more like a natural soft black but it turned out to be black blue hair color. I was so worried what to do and I didn't wanted to bleach. So, I did some research and read many reviews before using this product. I was very nervous to use this product, but I wanted to get rid of the permanent black color in my hair. First, I did strand test on my hair and i removed it after 20 minutes and it turned into medium auburn brown color. I was happy that black color is gone, so i did overall in my hair and left it for 20 minutes exact. It did smell bad but not as bad that you will faint. I did this whole process in my garage because I didn't wanted my bathroom to smell bad. I did skip the step 3 based on other reviews to do so. So, after washing my hair black was gone and I had medium brown with some auburn hair color. I was happy with my results, although it did smell like sulfur in my hair. Next day, I got my hair deep treatment on my hair. And two days later I got my hair colored from salon with some highlights. Smell is gone too and this product didn't damaged or fried my hair. Go ahead and try this product if you want to fix your hair color.
Hope this review help
overall I am happy with my results
11 out of 11 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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