Jerome Russell Temporary Spray-in Highlights

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Give hair a fabulous immediate highlighting effect. Simply spray the color in. Later, it can be easily washed out. No fuss!


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Schar W.
Stillwater MN
Apr 17, 2013
1 Star Rating
The Old Product Was Good
I used to use it all the time. Then they started having it manufactured in China. I thought maybe by now it would be better but No No. It is runny and smells awful! I would never purchase it again.
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Cathy I.
Houston, Tx
Jan 31, 2013
5 Star Rating
No One Knows
I have been ordering from Folica for years. I always order the same product, Jerome Russell hair color spray. This spray works so well at blending in with my hair color and covering gray. it is temporary so after each wash I have to spray again, but it is so inexpensive it is worth it. Only having grey on the roots and top, i don't need much so a bottle lasts a long time. I usually buy 6 bottles at a time every couple of months.

I have seen other sprays, most are much more expensive, not as large a can and some are not as easy to buy. I am very happy with this product and this way of buying it. It is delivered right to my door, sometimes with no shipping charge.

Try it - you'll love it!
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Dec 23, 2012
5 Star Rating
Growing Out The Gray Without Becoming Bride Of Frankenstein
This product has been fantastic as I make the move to go from hair I've dyed brown for over thirty years to my true salt and pepper, without having that jarring "Bride 0f Frankenstein" color line. My gray is too "stubborn" for a temporary color rinse to work. True, the spray is a bit sticky and does rub off on clothing, but it also washes out of fabric just fine. The color sprayed on my gray roots is very unobtrusive -- even close friends say they would never know I'm using it if I hadn't told them. In another month or so my hair will be long enough for a short cut that trims away the remaining brown. Till then I'm very happy I can ease through the transition to my new natural color without an expensive salon color-blending process. And I just got free shipping from Folica for being a repeat-ordering premier customer. Great product, great web store!
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Milwaukee Area, WI
Dec 18, 2012
5 Star Rating
Worked Awesome For Halloween
I got this for a Halloween costume after having tried a blonde spray by the same maker several years back. It worked every bit as awesome as the blonde and covered my dark, dark brown hair and it was straight up auburn. Really did what it was supposed to do. Fair warning that it does get everywhere. Everywhere. I had my hubby hold up towels around me and draped my shoulders, etc. while spraying but my bathroom was covered in an orange overspray. It did come off with little effort but just FYI. If you can spray outside, that might be best! I didn't have a problem with it rubbing off during the evening and was able to touch it minimally with no rub off on my hands. It washed out at the end of the night and did not color my hair but then again it's pretty dark! I loved the look and would even consider wearing this if I was going out for the night just to do something different. Overall, I tend to use this stuff mostly as a costume though.
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Marianne R.
Dec 11, 2012
1 Star Rating
Temporary Hair Color
I am about to get rid of this spray,I used it once .I did not enjoy the stiff sticky hard to comb out color spray.
I am sorry to be so honest about it, but since you asked.

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Patricia E.
Clevelan Ohio
Oct 21, 2012
1 Star Rating
A Mess
I sprayed my hair with the spray and gave it 1hr. before I left out of the house and I have braides in my hair and when I scratched my scalp my whole hand turned black, my pillow case turned black.....Everything I touched turned "BLACK"... I will never buy any more.Messy, Messy Messy............
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Sep 11, 2012
4 Star Rating
I Would Like To Order Again
I have had this procut in the past and recently started using again. i like this product and want to order another one or two bottles. however, i don't know how to order, the color i want is 'coffee brown'. Thank you, cheron
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Aug 6, 2012
5 Star Rating
Brick Red
I absolutely love and recommend brick red. I have very black hair and the red sprays an shows up very easily with no effort an it does not waste a whole can. I love brick red and I do recommend it to everyone it's a very beautiful red and it looks gorgeous on dark hair. It does not make my hair hard or stiff. It comes out in one wash with shampoo and it so easy to put back in. For sure making a re purchase. LOVE THIS.
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Aug 6, 2012
1 Star Rating
This product smells horrible & is full of glitter. Its like gold spray paint and looks so fake! The sprayer broke after 1 use.
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New York
Aug 6, 2012
1 Star Rating
Complete Waste Of Money!!!
This was a horrible product! I contacted the company about the problems I had, and they never responded. First of all, the bottle sprayer clogged after two days. Secondly, there seemed to be any product in the bottle. Thirdly, this product was a gold and very sparkly color, not what I would call blonde at all, and I already have some blonde highlights. Terrible product, horrible customer service. Save your money!
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