one 'n only Colorfix

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Removes unwanted permanent hair color. Controlled usage allows color correction to specific areas. Designed for full or slight color corrections.


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Las Vegas
Jan 5, 2016
5 Star Rating
Love It!
I have light brown hair (normally) several years ago I wanted highlights I loved it, till the grey popped up. Being on disability I couldn't afford to keep going to the salon so I dyed it myself., This past October I dyed it black for halloween :( ,Thinking I could just dye it back so wrong I tried twice :( I contacted my friend that works at Sally's back home she told me about colorfix said it stinks real bad and could turn orange. I got it yesterday and did this morning. I'm not good at following directions, I looked up reviews online and decided to combind a few sajestions, I mixed 1&2 equal parts. Applied put a bag on for 20 minutes then used hair dryer for 15 minutes took shower and rinsed about 5-10 minutes then shampood:) I didn't use step 3 cause I like the color as it is it's lighter than my natural color but I like it! Very satisfied customer!

P.S. Sure it has an odor but not as bad as I've heard, It did smell stronger when i used the hair dryer and it was heating.
Rebecca M.
Oct 3, 2015
5 Star Rating
Semi Permanent Grab
So I walked into Sally's today kinda frustrated with a semi permanent that just would not wash out.. I'm about 75% Silver.. I was ready to go back to my natural Silver hair .. Anyway, the sales girl told me about this color remover.. I was a little reluctant, cause I've got real thick course curly hair and naturally porus. I used twice and my hair looks amazing and all my silver came back .. I was very happy and would recommend this product.. Yes it does smell but, as far as I am concerned it's worth it for the great results that I got ..
Destiny B.
Jul 13, 2015
3 Star Rating
Not Too Bad
I'm 18 and just a few months ago I decided to dye my hair a dark brown- a bit of a change from my natural blonde hair. Anyways, my friend is getting married and I decided that I want to go back blonde. I used it, and it did change my hair but my new color is actually orange. even though it isn't the color I wanted, I'm pleased that it stripped the brown.

Oh, and the smell is horrid, any suggestions on fixing that?
Dee B.
Dundas And Dixie
May 30, 2015
1 Star Rating
Money Not Well Spent
I purchased this product under the suggestion of the sales associate at Sally Beauty Supply Outlet. After my third try of using this foul smelling product, nothing changed in my color. It is still as bright and vibrant as before. Very disappointing and i will be requesting a refund from the store. This product is misleading to consumers and does nothing to strip the color it advertises .
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Mar 9, 2015
5 Star Rating
Made Me Feel Great
I rashly dyed by hair a medium brunette from a natural blonde that I had big chopped and grown out for a long time. I regretted dying it as soon as I had done it. Researching for a long time, I had decided to buy the Oops hair color remover, but I could not find it at my local Sally so I picked up this product. I did a chunk of hair on the side of my head and followed the directions perfectly. It turned out okay, so I decided to proceed with my whole head. I used a bowl and a spatula because I did not have a brush or an applicator bottle. I covered my hair with a plastic bag after I applied the product all over. I used my hair dryer on the highest setting to make sure that my hair stayed warm for the entire process. I left it on for probably eighteen minutes. Then I stepped in the shower and rinsed it under hot water for five minutes. Then I lathered with shampoo and applied a deep conditioner for five more minutes. I dried my hair at a medium heat setting like the instructions said. My hair was completely returned to its natural color! I am so happy with my results. My hair does feel a little drier than normal, but hopefully with careful conditioning and using my new hair oil, it will return to normal. I did not apply the toning conditioner afterwards, but I may if I start to feel like my hair is looking a bit too orange.

Sorry for the long review, but I really hope that this helps people out.
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Feb 9, 2015
1 Star Rating
It Smells So Bad
NO UNPLEASANT ODOR MY ASS! It smells so freakin bad I can't even stand to breathe. It didn't do ANYTHING to my hair and It made my hair very dry and nasty feeling. Do not recommend.
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Jan 24, 2015
1 Star Rating
Waste Of Money And Hair Ruining
Not only did this product smell like a sack of Diarrhea set on fire, it didn't really do anything. It lightened my hair but it reverted back to black in a day. My hair was very healthy so the damage isn't as bad as someone who would have had more damaged hair but I'm going to have to cut off an inch or two for NOTHING! And the smell almost made me throw up for two days because it lingered. Just bleach your hair, save time and money.
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Dec 19, 2014
3 Star Rating
I am about 90% grey and have been coloring my hair a golden dark brown for years so I have layers and layers of built up dye. I started at about a level 4.

1st treatment - I followed the directions and used a blow dryer for 20 minutes to speed the processing. I shampooed 3 times with a clarifying shampoo but held off on the toner because I knew I wanted to process a 2nd time to lift more color. I had a lot of hair breakage during the first treatment. At the end of 1st treatment I'm about a brassy level 7.

2nd treatment - Followed the directions again, this time I applied the toner at the end of the processing time. Ended up with a pretty cinnamon color - about a solid level 6.

After 2 days I noticed my color was starting to darken slightly so I decided to do one more treatment with what product was left in the box. I retreated, shampooed with the clarifying shampoo and used the toner then deep conditioned my hair. I think my hair has actually darkened more and more with each treatment. I think I'm at about a level 5 now. It's still lighter than when I started, but I'm disappointed with the results.

I will not be repurchasing.
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Sep 29, 2014
1 Star Rating
Turned My Hair Blue & Gross Green
I was looking to start fresh on my pastel hair. I had previously bleached & dyed my hair a lavender color, but struggled to get full coverage, so I was going to remove it & re-dye. My pretty purple turned blue, bright blue with chlorine green streaks. Plus it makes my hair smell awful and the smell will not go away!
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Jun 30, 2014
1 Star Rating
Seems To Work For Others. Not Me.
I went and got this because I'm thinking of dying my hair a different color from the blue I have. The lady at Sally's said that this was the best product they had. I followed the directions to a t. With the first application it did nothing to my hair so I thought I would try it a second time. Still, NOTHING happened. Now I have to go and bleach my hair because nothing is working to get the blue out.
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