Jerome Russell Lightest & Brightest Powder Bleach 25mg

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The Jerome Russell Lightest & Brightest Powder Bleach is a super concentrated formula for highlight, frosting or bleaching hair.


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Sep 19, 2011
5 Star Rating
How To Have Healthy Hair After Bleaching
I recommend using pure organic coconut oil 1 week after bleaching. This will revitialize your hair and keep it shiny and soft. The coconut oil will not go rancid after opening. Can reuse it and does not need refrigeration. Great on the face and skin also. Found it to be the only hair oil that helps split ends and keeps hair soft and beautiful.

I use it once every 2 weeks. Use lightly on the days going out. Use heavily on the weekend as a beauty treatment and wrap with a hot towel. This helps absorb the oil into the hair folicle. Wait 5 hours then shampoo and rinse.
Coconut oil also keeps the sun from drying the hair. If swimming in the ocean recommend putting on medium as to help keep the salt from drying.
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Aug 16, 2011
5 Star Rating
Best Powder Bleach
I have used Jerome Russell for 10 years now.

It has given my hair that white look instead of the yellow look.
The first year it was a little yellow but now it has that natural white healthy
shiny look. I also found that by using only natural coconut oil only on my hair,
it leaves it shiny and does not have that dry feel.
My hair is very long, below my waist. It does not split ends or is harsh.
I have never had any bad side affects. Do not recommend to those new to
bleaching, going into any clorine pool. Will turn it green.
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