Jerome Russell Plastic Gloves

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Jerome Russell Plastic Gloves ideal for bleaching, highlighting, streaking and tinting.


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Dec 15, 2011
3 Star Rating
"eh" Not So Much.
I was looking for plastic or vinyl gloves to use with my Jilbere spa mitts, and decided to give these a try. While they're OK, they're difficult to open up and use since the flimsy plastic tends to really want to stick to itself. For the price, these really aren't all that fabulous. It strikes me as more like a 99 cent item at the very most. The package contains one pair of gloves, plus a plastic cap (which isn't mentioned anywhere on the packaging but was in the one I got). For disposables, I'd go with the box of vinyl gloves that give you 100 for about $6, and are much easier to slip your hand into. I'd have rated it only 2 stars but the package says Made In USA and I'm glad someone is keeping some manufacturing here.
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