Verseo ePEN Electrolysis Pen

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Permanently removes unwanted hair from the upper lip and eyebrows to large areas on legs, back, or bikini area. ePEN electric tweezers uses safe galvanic energy and the principles of professional electrolysis, but without the painful needles.


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May 22, 2013
1 Star Rating
Does Not Worth The Time
This little device does not work for me and I ended up throwing it into the trash just a couple of months ago. It took too much time and I got a very disappointing result in the end. I bought this ePEN about 2 years ago. After 3 months of using and hoping that this device would give me a result, I ended up with plenty of ingrown hair on both of my legs on spots that had been treated. I am very disappointed with the device. Last year I bought a laser to treat my underarms and legs. The laser works so much better with an actual result that I can see in about 2-3 weeks. My experience with laser makes it more clear that this Verseo ePEN does not worth the time and money.
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Jun 9, 2012
1 Star Rating
What A Piece Of Crap
I bought the Verseo epen years ago. I followed the instructions and got no results. All the hairs returned. I was patient, read about the hair growth cycles and perservered with this useless product for over a year. It didn't work. Don't waste your time and money on this product. Spend your money on a bottle of nice wine and spend a night getting drunk and crying about the fact that you're hairy and will be for the rest of your life.
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Dec 3, 2011
2 Star Rating
Months Of Using; No Good Results
I read the instructions carefully and followed directions - for about a half year. The hair continued to return. Out of frustration, I returned to using the home electrolysis kit (similar to what the pros use) that I had been using before. Be aware that scarring can occur. It occurred on my neck but not on my face. But it works. It requires a steady hand and a magnifying mirror.
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Dawn H.
Nov 30, 2011
2 Star Rating
Not What Was Promissed
I had this item for 3 years and use a few times and repulled it out 5 months ago thinking that just maybe i did not use it right but sadly that was not the case and i followed the instructions to a tee.
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Jubilee H.
New York
Aug 17, 2011
5 Star Rating
It Works Just Fine
The product is great and when I ordered it I received my product in just 2 days. You need to understand what electrolysis is and what does into it and be patient. I hear people on here talking about it doesn't work and their hair is still there and thicker and darker than before. That's a joke because just plucking hairs without any electrolysis results in less thinner hair and lighter growth by itself. What electrolysis does it make it easier to pluck the hair by the electric current that attacks the follicle from the root. This makes it easier to pluck and also reduces damage to the follicle, pores, and skin and also reduces the growth over time to the point of no regrowth. And for those who complain it took a while after ordering to receive their product......well it depends where you order from.
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Los Angeles
Dec 1, 2010
1 Star Rating
Verseo Epen Does Not Work At All And Is A Scam
not only does the verseo e pen not work as advertised, the company does not believe in customer service. Even Shane the owner is argumentative and just plain rude. don't waste your money or your time
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David S.
Missoula, Montana
Oct 15, 2010
2 Star Rating
Wishful Thinking Pipe Dream Fantasy!
I can't really give the device a rating because I have yet to actually take delivery on the device to begin with; to spite the fact that Verseo has long since charged my Credit Card account and since received payment in full, they have yet to get around to actually shipping the product.

Every day now, since I have placed the order, I have contacted Verseo's customer service and ask if the product has shipped and if they would give me the tracking number. Every day that I have contacted them, they respond with "the product has already shipped [that day] and you will receive your tracking number in an email we will be sending to you by 5PM ET today [that day]". Subsequently, I had asked the customer service rep. to just simply give me the tracking number over the phone and they respond with "it's not our policy to give that information out over the phone".

By 5PM ET, each day, there is no email from Verseo in regards to any tracking number and the next day's conversation with Verseo's customer service reveals that the product was not shipped as promised the previous day.

Last time I checked with the BBB on October 14, 2010, the BBB indicated that Verseo does not have a BBB accreditation. Verseo has only been in business since 2004 according to State records in New York. When I did a back ground check on Verseo's financial status...I was not impressed.

At least theoretically, the epen concept should work, provided that voltage, current and exposure durations are calibrated correctly, but it appears that Verseo needs to take their epen back to the drawing board!
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Kel B.
Long Island, Ny
Mar 2, 2010
4 Star Rating
It Takes Patience
Bought this over a year ago and used it for about a month and only on a few areas like my chin and a small section on my leg because I wanted to something to compare that section to in order to see if it really worked. Summer came and I no longer wanted to grow out the hair on my legs even a little bit so that I could use the e-pen. I forgot about the e-pen until I recently stumbled upon it and that reminded me to take a closer look at those areas. I realized that I've been plucking my chin hair a lot less this past year and there is almost a bald spot on that part of my leg that I treated last year. The hair growth on that part of my leg is maybe only 20% of what the same spot is on my other leg. I'd say this works but it takes time and patience to see the results. I'm starting the treatments again in time for the summer season.
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Estacada, OR USA
Feb 1, 2010
4 Star Rating
Verseo Epen Great For Facial Hair Removal
I'm a 47 year old woman with significant facial hair. I've had electrolysis and laser hair removal (both very painful). I used the pads on my face for three treatments, and am already thrilled with the hair loss. Electrolysis takes up to 18 months for facial hair so, this will probably take twice as long, but without the pain. Like electrolysis, you have to tweeze the hairs out after. The tweezers provided are unusable. Have your own on hand. I am happy to finally find something I can use in the privacy of my own home.
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Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Jan 3, 2010
5 Star Rating
Discrete And Permanent
The get-rich-quick types who give the epen bad reviews have not taken the time to read the instruction manual, which clearly explains how hair grows, how the follicles rest, and how you can only effectively treat with an epen when the follicle is active. I have used the epen for a few years now, and find that, over time, virtually all the menopausal hairs on my chin have disappeared - I'm still working on growth in more remote areas, most of which is younger than my epen. It takes about 20 minutes once a week, which I value as a time to relax. If for some reason I miss a week then a quick yank with tweezers provides temporary hair removal - I know I can catch that hair on its next appearance. Not only is the epen far more economical than repeated visits to salons for electrolysis, and always available wherever I travel, I value the privacy of treating signs of aging away from the glance of others. It's nice not to look your age, but in the same way that those signs of age creep up on you, you have to keep after them with a life-long program of treatment.
47 out of 50 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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