Satin Smooth Nice 'N Neat Single Cartridge Wax Warmer

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Satin Smooth Nice 'N Neat Single Cartridge Wax Warmer allows you to wax with ease and confidence!


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Darmadi P.
United States
Jun 30, 2011
1 Star Rating
Growing Old Waiting For Wax To Melt
It takes me almost an hour to wait for the wax to melt. If you are a really patient person, this machine may be for you. The competitor "depileve" was a 10 minute machine, unfortunately, they dont make any more of the wax roller.
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Diana C.
United States
Jun 1, 2011
4 Star Rating
Nice 'n' Neat
I ordered this wax warmer and a pack of the large wax cartridges(Zinc Oxide, for sensitive skin) a few months ago and was disappointed to find out that I couldn't use it right away, since this is only a part of the full system. I did some research and found that to use it you also need the correct size cartridge roller heads AND some cloth strips. BTW, there are both non-woven and muslin strips, depending on how fine the hair is, and where it is. You might want to purchase both kinds, so you'll be ready to tackle it all. That's all that's essential, but to clean up excess wax, you'll want to have some oil ( I used jojoba oil) on hand.

There is another item that I just ordered to clean up the roller heads- RemoveIt Roller Head Cleaning Kit. The jojoba oil cleaned up everything but the roller head.

The first time, be sure to allow at least an hour, so that the wax has time to melt and then reduce the temperature to medium and let it equalize and get to a flowing, but not skin-burning temperature. I experimented a little and found that high for 30 minutes, then down to medium(3)setting for at least 20 minutes was just about right. It should flow nicely onto the skin.

You apply the wax and then the cloth strips, both in the direction of hair growth. Remove the strip by pulling the strip sharply away from the body, in the opposite direction of hair growth. If stubborn hair remains, reapply the same strip without any additional wax, and try again. Be sure to put the cartridge holder back in the warmer while you apply the strip. Once I figured out the right heat setting, I didn't need to reapply the strips. It worked like a charm.

I have tried lots of wax products in the past, and I thought this was a lot neater than any of the others.

One more thing: You are supposed to be able to gang 2 of these warmers together, so that you can be heating 2 at a time(with different waxes???). I don't see how that's very useful, but maybe you do.

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