Emjoi Soft Caress Rechargeable Epilator

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The Emjoi Soft Caress Rechargeable Epilator is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and around all of your curves.


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Gail H.
Apr 10, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Hair Remover Ever!
I have used emjoi epilator for years. Got my first one over ten years ago and have just got a new one last week. Never had a problem. I only need to use it once every three or four months now. Love it.
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Lunenburg, MA
Mar 6, 2013
5 Star Rating
Love This Epilator
I love this Epilator. Once you use it you don't have to use it again for weeks. It is so much better than having to shave every other day.
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Southern California
Sep 26, 2012
4 Star Rating
It Works, But Its A Process
So after watching and reading a ton of reviews on epilators, i decided that the Emjoi Soft Caress was the best option for me. This is my first time epilating but I have a pretty high pain tolerance. It was definitely annoying but I have several tattoos and I can definitely say its no where near as bad. Felt like bee stings. I am cursed to be hairy. I battle with thick, course, stubbly after 12 hours hairy legs. Its insanely annoying and cant wait to be hair free. I received my shipment a week ago, and used it the day after I charged it. I took a shower, exfoliated and started epilating! I had shaved two days prior so my hair had grown quite a bit. I only did my lower legs and by the time I was done I had small red bumps and not super smooth legs. I was a little discouraged but I think my problem was my hair was too long and some hair wasnt long enough. So the long hairs werent completely pulled out by the root and the short ones had to be done a different day. I have been epilating everyday now for the past week and I can tell a difference. One day after shaving I would be so stubbly and although I have stubble now its no where near as bad. I'll give it a few weeks and I'm sure Ill be in love with it. Pros, not as hairy! Cons, slightly painful, time consuming, didnt get all of the hair, and because I turned it on when I first got it, it wont hold a charge so I have to keep it on charger. TIPS!!! exfoliate exfoliate, use epilation cream and I use Avedas tea tree oil to help with redness and irritation. DO NOT TURN ON EPILATOR UNTIL IT IS FULLY CHARGED (16-24 hours) Good luck!
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Jun 11, 2012
1 Star Rating
I thought I could take the pain since I wax my underarms but I was dead wrong. It removed hair but not completely, in fact some hair it only broke and did not remove. I have a lot of thick hair from years of shaving my underarms but this did not take off even half of it and it was super painful. Maybe if you have little hair this might work for you but I still say waxing would probably give you better results.
I do not recommend this at all, don't waste your money.
Los Angeles, Ca
Apr 11, 2012
5 Star Rating
Must Give It A Try ! Best Purchase
for years i thought about making this purchase. and this year i decided to buy it . i don't know if is because i wax but the the pain isn't as bad as i have heard . i absolutely love it .
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Oct 2, 2011
3 Star Rating
Not As Great As I Thought
I saw a video on YouTube and thought it would be good to use an epilator once every 2 weeks instead of shaving twice or more each week. Shaving has it's ups and downs, and I just figured the epilator would have more ups than downs... So I purchased it here on Folica.com. I don't know how long standard shipping is, but it took a good week to come in the mail. I had to charge it for 16 hours before I could use it, so that was another wait on top of the week I had waited for it to come in the mail.

I have had my epilator for 3 weeks now. I used it twice on my armpits, so yeah, I'm happy about not having to use it as often as I would have to shave. HOWEVER, it takes forever to do an area. And even though you spend a long time in an area, it will not get every single unwanted hair. It gets very exhausting and frustrating, because you will go over an area a million times and that stubborn hair will still be there after the epilator has passed.

One of the problems I had was the epilator slowing down and just stopping. I checked to see if it was still on, and the setting was still on 1. I turned it up to 2 and it still didn't work. So I turned it off and waited a few seconds before turning it back on, then it worked, but slowly. When I plugged it in and turned it on, it was super strong. I don't know what to say about that incident. I just think that it should be more reliable if they say it's rechargable and portable. I mean, if I wanted to have a cord in my way, I would have purchased a corded epilator for less.

So if you don't like the pain of tweezing, imagine a hundred tweezers at once removing your unwanted hairs. And if you're okay with that, then maybe the epilator is just right for you. If you want something that will get the job done quickly, the epilator is NOT the product you are looking for. And if you want something that will get rid of ALL of your unwanted hairs, stick to shaving or waxing.
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Sep 21, 2011
4 Star Rating
No More Tweezing!
I bought this mainly for my underarms. I've always been tweezing them and I've never shaved. Since buying and using this, I feel this product is worth the investment. My hairs does grow back after 3 weeks but using this is fast and easy. I'll never go through the hassle of plucking my underarms again!
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E L.
Sep 14, 2011
3 Star Rating
Helps Reduce Shaving
I bought this epilator having only used one other before--it was an older type of epilator with a spring that would move very fast and catch hair as it moved. That older model worked so-so; I would get broken hairs and hair that was completely removed. The Emjoi Soft Caress Rechargeable Epilator worked pretty much the same. I bought this one rather than the corded version because there was an extra discount, otherwise I'd have purchased the corded Soft Caress. I like the fact that I don't need the cord for this one, but I do use it while plugged in, and it doesn't make any technical difference, as the cord is long enough. Naturally, it hurt. I used it on my legs/thighs, bikini area, arms, and underarms. I had stubble, which was disappointing but expected. After a week, I went over everything, and it was a lot better. It caught some of the leftover stubble that had grown a little bit more. If I want perfectly smooth skin, I know I am going to have to shave, but I don't mind because the hair won't grow back as quickly as it normally does. I only gave it 3 stars because it worked the same as the older, spring-coil epilator. It is decent, but, again, I'd have purchased the corded version had this one not been on sale. As someone who has to shave every day (or every other day at the max.) knowing that I won't have to shave that often is great. As for the pain, it hurt the most on my legs. My arms were already used to it, so it felt like little pins, but nothing unbearable. My legs hurt unbearably at times, so I worked slowly, taking breaks. It was a lot better going over the growth and stubble after a week; it was uncomfortable but not painful. It hurt the least on my bikini area, but I've had it waxed before, so maybe that's why. It hurt at my armpits, but it's a small area, and the pain wasn't that bad. It was more of a weird sensation at that area than anything, kind of like threading my eyebrows. I hope this review helps. Again, going into this I was aware that an epilator wasn't going to be a miracle cure to hair growth, but I think that it's worth having/going through to decrease the amount of times I have to shave.
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Amy T.
Aug 15, 2011
5 Star Rating
I Love It! Really Help Me Out!
This really help me because before I buy this I used to use a tweezer and pluck each of my hair out and it took forever! A youtube user recommended this to me n I first read all the shopper reviews then I finally brought it! I'm glad I brought this but keep it mind it not always get all ur hair out....thats the problem. I wish it can get all the hair off no matter how shirt it is but it not the way it works! I still love it though thank you for this i love it ! You won't regret buying this!
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New York
Jun 20, 2011
5 Star Rating
Love Folica! Love This Little Relief Machine!
This is my 1st epilator. I read all the reviews and saw videos related to the epilators before buying this one. This one is the best rated everywhere so decided to buy the Emjoi epilator. My only worries were,as mentioned by other people were- 1. Pain 2. It might not remove all hair.
So after buying it and using it I am actually very happy with it. Regarding the pain, it was bearable for me. I would say,if you get waxing frequently then you should be ok with this. and of course the best thing is -no mess!! no trips to the parlour, save money, use it anywhere you want! It is not heavy, easy to use,remains charged for a long time,i think for about a month. And it works! I have used it twice in 3 weeks,for my armpits, and I dont see any new growth of hair. the skin is left so much smoother. On the legs I have really coarse and stubborn hair. But I would say it took out all the hair. Yes some hair were left but its like 1 in every 100 hair! Its ok for me.I recommend exfoliating the skin with the loofa provided with it because it helps remove the ingrown hair. The pouch is nice and cute. Keep the epilator clean with the brush given, charge it once a month or so, store it in the pouch and you are ready to take it on travel.
I think its very effective in removing the thin hair on the body, I tried it on my belly and it worked nicely.
I have started loving Folica. This is my third order from folica. I like the fast shipping(I get the stuff the next day even with standard shipping). The products are authentic, you dont have to worry about the genuineness. I love the various discount offers which is amazing! 100 % recommend Folica to all the people out there! Enjoy!
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