TIGI S-Factor Smoothing Shampoo 6.7 oz.

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TIGI S-Factor Smoothing Shampoo shines and rejuvenates. This smoothing shampoo will soften, seal, and strengthen your hair while protecting color.


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Montreal, Canada
Sep 12, 2011
5 Star Rating
The Best!
I have tried a LOT of shampoos, I have curly hair that I blow-dry straight all the time so I need a shampoo that will keeps my hair from getting too dry and fight frizz.

I find that most products produced for that tend to get my hair too greasy or heavy and this leaves me with no volume which is my biggest pet peeve.

So after reading some reviews, I decided to splurge for this shampoo. It is quite expensive for a 200 ML bottle, considering I wash my hair every second day, but this is simply the best shampoo (also conditionner because I bought both) that I have ever tried. It leaves my hair so smooth and shiny, no frizz, but really keeps it light and bouncy. I find that I can easily last a third day without washing it which is a big plus.

They do sell the 750 ML bottles (25 oz) for around 45$, but I could not find them at Folica which is quite disappointing since it is such a better bargain. As for the 200 ML bottle sold at Folica, the price is fair, a little lower than anywhere else I found them.

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Apr 6, 2010
5 Star Rating
Just Wonderful
i gotta be honest the first time i used this i fell in love. it has a wonderful lather n it smells just amazing n u will get hooked on the smell alone. i have very long thick wavy hair n i need my hair to b silky soft n healthy and this is my only shampoo i go to. it cleans great and leaves the hair feeling so soft n shiny. ive never had a problem with the s-fator line. ive been using this shampoo and the smoothing condtioner and the weekly "serious" conditoner they offer in the s-factor line and my hair always looks amazing n healthy so please try this line u wont b disapointed!
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Oct 24, 2009
4 Star Rating
Eh, It's Okay I Guess
I should probably wait until after a couple washes before writing a review, but as of right now after the first wash, this isn't anything special and not really worth the $21 I payed for it at the salon.
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Feb 19, 2009
5 Star Rating
I Love It!
I switched to this product after using catwalk. The catwalk oatmeal and honey line was just too heavy for my fine hair. This product doesnt weigh my hair down, pluss it leaves it sooo soft!
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New York
Aug 7, 2008
5 Star Rating
Out Of Everything I've Tried...the Best!!
I started working in a salon/shop in NY city a few months ago and I have to say I had the luck of being able to try a wide range of professional hair care products, redken, paul mitchell, kerastase, matrix, nexus, mop, loreal profesional... and the list goes on and on and the truth is that this line is amazing!! I have very thick wavy hair, and I had a lot of problems with frizz but this line leaves my hair so soft and manageable that I really dont need to blw dry my hair every time I wash it, now I can actually let it air dry, and it looks great, I use the smoothing serum after and its all I need, I highly recomend this whole line!!.
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Sep 7, 2007
5 Star Rating
I have a few different sets of shampoos and conditioners for different looks. My hair is naturally wavy when air dried and tends to be very frizzy, dry and limp. I have been looking for something that actually strengthens and smoothes hair without weighing my hair down. I have been using this shampoo with the smoothing conditioner for a few weeks and WOW! I am completely amazed with the results. This duo really strengthens my hair and leaves it so soft and incredibly shiny, without leaving oily residue. If that isnt enough, it also gives an incredible boost to my naturally wavy hair. Really curls it and gives them life. I finish off the look with a tiny dab of the TIGI S Factor Lusterizer and my hair looks like I just left the salon. TRY THIS LINE!
7 out of 7 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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