Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti+dotes Recovery Shampoo

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Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes adds needed moisture to dry, damaged hair.


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Jul 21, 2012
4 Star Rating
Hesitant At First
I think spending more than $10 on shampoos or conditioner is a bit much. After using a big store brand that eventually made my hair feel brittle and dry I decided to purchase this conditioner. I bought this in the big bottle and am glad I spent the money.
Lacey O.
Jul 26, 2011
4 Star Rating
Smells Great..
I recently went from a color treated auburn/brunette to light brown with hi-lights. The hair in my bang area is much thiner and weaker than the rest of hair, and when I got the blond put in, I got alot of split-ends right in front of my face and it was driving me crazy. I was initially looking for the Bed Head Dumb Blond recontructive conditioner, but gave this a try instead.

It smells amazing, but not as thick as I would have imagined. It smoothed over my shoulder length hair nicely, and I left it in for about 3 - 5 minutes, concentrating on my problem areas. I was switching from my normal Matrix volumizing conditioner that I have been using for years (and loved when my hair didn't have bleach in it), and this conditioner definitely made my hair feel softer without weighing it down. But I think I was still expecting a little bit more from it, as I could still see my fried split-ends after I blow-dryed it.

I would have given it 3.5 stars, but went with 4 because I love the way it feel on the rest of my hair. I am currently shopping on folica to try something else to deal with these split ends because I would like to stay blond for awhile...
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