Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvinating Shampoo

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Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvinating Shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo for all hair types and is excellent for dry, damaged hair.


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Diana M.
Feb 13, 2015
5 Star Rating
Helps My Hair
I really like this shampoo. My hair is very dry and forget combing out after shampooing. Not now. My hair is thick and curly and this helped to scrunch in the curl
Mar 5, 2014
2 Star Rating
Not Great...hardly Good
This shamnpoo dries my hair out so much. Its left feeling brittle, limp and extremely dry. I had high hopes for this shampoo as I am IN LOVE with the masque treatment. I wouldn't not reommend purchasing.
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Feb 4, 2014
1 Star Rating
Leaves your hair feeling dry. Hard to comb out even if you use the conditioner. I would not recommend this product at all! Spent a lot of money to wash it down the drain.
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Western Massachusetts
Dec 8, 2013
3 Star Rating
Not Worth The Price
I have dirty blonde, medium-length, thin hair. I blow dry and straighten my hair five or six times a week. I use two forms of heat protector as well as a serum for my ends.

I've found this to be mediocre at best. When I read these reviews, I thought this would be a savior. But it's not for me. It left my hair average. I found that even when I used a small amount every other day, my hair felt heavy when used with the conditioner (and I only condition my ends, not my scalp). I would not recommend this product for the price.
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Cyndy G.
Kissimmee, Florida
Jul 20, 2013
5 Star Rating
I love these products, My fine hair is easier to brush when wet. The products work well together. It leaves my hair clean, shiny and easy to manage. It blow dries smooth.
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Jennifer G.
Dec 13, 2012
3 Star Rating
Smells Great But Left My Hair And Too Dry
This product smells great. I won't lie. However, I noticed that it seems to leave my hair and scalp drier than usual.(Which in my case is a big issue since I deal with dandruff.) I still use the deep repair mask and that seems to be good for my hair but the shampoo is just a whole other story. I really want to be in love with this shampoo but I'm just not.
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Oct 15, 2012
5 Star Rating
Loved It
I absolutely love this shampoo and hair is an un natural vibrant red and this did not make it bleed at all it barely came out in the water compared to when i use other so called anti fade shampoos, it also left my hair super soft and smelling amazing I also started using it on my 17 month old sons hair and it leaves it super soft and shiny and smelling deliciously edible highly recommend.
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Oct 9, 2012
4 Star Rating
Mixed Reviews?
I read over a lot of the reviews and find that this shampoo should generally be used IF you have damaged, oily, dry, etc. hair. My hair and scalp are fairly dry and damaged and I tend to look for all of the secrets to nice hair. I tried Macadamia for the first time today and found that already, it made my hair feel softer than most shampoos and didn't leave my scalp dry and flaky. Hopefully I can say the same thing after two or three more washes.

If you have hair that isn't really in need of Macadamia's rejuvenating feel, aim for something different.
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Kami P.
Maumelle, AR
Sep 24, 2012
2 Star Rating
I Am Not Impresssed
Shampoo has a great smell. I prefer the Alterna caviar and bamboo lines. This shampoo is lack luster and does not do much for my hair. I will not repurchase. It makes my hair feel dry and course.
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Sep 15, 2012
5 Star Rating
Rich ! ! !
I have dry, wavy, colour treated hair. A small amount of this shampoo made great suds and gave rich lovely soft hair. I didn't have to use as much of my regular conditioner with this shampoo either. Now to get their conditioner and see the results wtih them both. Nice product.
6 out of 8 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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