L'ANZA Healing Color Care Silver Brightening Shampoo

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L'ANZA Healing Color Care Silver Brightening Shampoo instantly brightens gray, white, platinum, blonde, and highlighted hair.


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May 7, 2013
5 Star Rating
Silver Hair
I love this product and so does my granddaughter! I ordered this product after lightening my brown dyes hair to ease the transition into gray. I needed something to tone down the brassiness and make the gray shimmer...the answer was Lanza Healing Color Care Silver Brightening Shampoo. It toned down the brassy blonde and allowed the silver to shimmer! My granddaughter is also using this product on her overstressed bleached hair and I can really see the difference. My only complaint is that the bottle isn't big enough now that two of us are using it!!
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Karen O.
Virginia Beach
Sep 21, 2012
1 Star Rating
According to the directions, I used the brightening shampoo once a week for about three months. Not seeing any results I was thinking of bumping up to twice a week but then I noticed the results when I was under fluorescent lights. My grey hair was turning pink from the roots out! I really wanted this to work. I was very disappointed. Thankfully the store where I bought it accepted my return and gave me a full refund no questions asked! My pink hair was a pretty convincing argument!
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East Coast
Aug 30, 2012
5 Star Rating
Grey Is Good!
i loved my gray hair until it started to go yellow instead of silver. i used to get so many compliments - "if my hair were that beautiful shade of silver, i would never dye my hair again." -"how did you get your hair that nice frosted shade?" etc. well, i am an outdoors girl , and eventually sun and weather turned my hair that unattractive shade of yellow. nothing worked really well except cutting it off. then my hairdresser, kathleen gregoire of portsmouth suggested L'anza healing. what a difference! i am back to the raves and i love it!! thanks for a hair product that does what it says it will do and more. regards, susan
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United States
Nov 7, 2011
5 Star Rating
From Brassy To Classy!
I loved my blonde hair color & highlights until it turned into a brassy mess. I bought this hoping to tone down a bit. It made my bright yellow hair (which looked AWFUL in florescent lights!) look absolutely gorgeous in any lighting! I put about a quarter-sized amount (I have long and full hair) left it on for about one minute and rinsed. I use this about three times a week to keep the brass at bay. I love how there aren't any harsh ingredients in this product and yet my hair always feels so clean! Another great product from a brand that I can't stop raving about!
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