Knotty Boy Emergency Dreadlock Removal Kit

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Knotty Boy - always the innovator, NEVER the imitator - has redefined the entire dreadlocking process. Now you can have dreadlocks, AND REMOVE THEM if you ever need or want to, without having to cut off your hair! Introducing the Emergency Dreadlock Removal Kit from Knotty Boy.


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New York
Aug 28, 2012
5 Star Rating
Removed My Dreads, Saved My Long Hair!
This product really works. It took a heck of a long time to work my dreads out, but I have my long hair back - and it is healthy! Would highly recommend this product if you need to remove your dreads.
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Brooklyn, New York
Jan 9, 2010
1 Star Rating
I was excited about this product. Emergency Dreadlock Removal Kit. This was a big disappointment I paided $68.00 for a trial size bottle of crap. Yes this is an emergency alright. Don't waste you money on this crap just buy regluar conditioner and save your money. This company need to close up shop. Disgrace
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New York
Dec 27, 2008
3 Star Rating
Removed Locks, But Not As Easily As Product Description Claims
The Knotty Boy Emergency Dreadlock Removal Kit did manage to remove my six-month-old dreadlocks, but not nearly as effortlessly as the product description claims. The claim that "Knotty Boys incredible Emergency Dreadlocks Removal Shampoo helps to restore your hair to its original conditoin - easily" (taken directly from the Knotty Boy website) is absolutely ridiculous. Because it look over ten hours, loads of other products (store-bought conditioners, baby oil, etc.), four hands and two metal combs, in order to get my dreadlocks completely unlocked. I followed all of Knotty Boys directions, but this product did not "condition [my] locks back to their old selves" and quite frankly, I dont know that I wouldnt have had the same results with regular store-bought shampoo and condition that didnt cost me thirty dollars. I wont tell you to buy with confidence, because not to mention, I lost a lot of hair in this process. I know that is to be expected, but I have/had very fine and thin hair to begin with, and I noticed a huge difference in the amount of hair that survived my earlier dreads from the amount of hair that came out of the more recent ones (I dreaded the bottom half of my head about three months before the rest of it). So, if you have fine hair and have had your dreads for more than six months especially take caution, you may lose more hair than you expect. And for anyone who attempts this, I might have just tried regular shampoo and conditioner first, it couldnt hurt. And make sure you have a lot of time and a metal comb.
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Feb 16, 2008
2 Star Rating
Glorified Shampoo
I manually locked up my hair over the summer, after being fascinated with dreadlocks and interested in trying something new. I spent countless hours backcombing and applying wax to my new dreads, until they had become tight and solid. But after six months I was frustrated with how sloppy they looked, particularly the lumps from my original hastiness.I debated for weeks whether I should order such expensive shampoo, weighing my options. I finally decided I really had no other option, and placed my order. I was disappointed to find there were barely any directions; only a small paragraph that didnt really explain what I should do. But I worked it into my hair, and followed the directions as best as I could. This product may have softened my hair and removed the wax, assisting in my manual removal of my dreads, but it did not work in the way they claimed it to. This is not worth spending $30 for. If you are willing to spend that much on 8 total ounces of shampoo and conditioner, great, but that is way more than any full size salon shampoo, which would be sufficient. I think any shampoo and conditioner would assist in manual removal of dreadlocks, and Ive learned to be even more hesitant when spending my money.Not to mention the scent gives me a headache.
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Lydia Carbone
Feb 14, 2008
2 Star Rating
Not So Hot
The products smell and feel good, but I honestly dont know that I wouldnt have gotten the same results with plain old shampoo and lots of conditioner. I followed the directions, but the wax did NOT come out with the shampoo. I spent about 14 hours over 8 days picking at my 6 month old locs. I then spent another 2.5 hours at a hair salon with 2 people conditioning and picking out the rest of my locs. Fortunately I did NOT have to shave my head and although I lost a lot of length from my hair am glad to have it back. Again the products are yummy to use, but I would try loc removal with regular hair care products. The salon used their own products which worked better than the Knotty Boy products.
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