Davines MOMO Moisture Shampoo 8.45 oz.

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Davines MOMO Shampoo is for dry and damaged hair.


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Elaine H.
Southern Ca
Jan 21, 2011
2 Star Rating
No Way; Not For Hair-type Advertized!
NOT for hair that that needs recunstruction; dry, frizzy, etc...
I then used " Love "; better for curly, kind of "mixed" hair. ( Love is )
I cannot find Davines products for hair that is more for reallky curly hair, but NOT too greasy!
My daughters salon swears by this product line; it's their top brand!-- My grand-daughter has really curly hair, ( 3b/c-4a ), I have 3b hair.-----HELP!!!
Plus, the smell is OK, not great, just OK! I guess I was expecting more of an impact; esp for my 4/y/o grandbaby.
Lastly, I'm on a fixed income; not the smartest decision I made, tho we get a discount, but still....

Hope Someone is Listening!
Elaine H.
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May 1, 2009
2 Star Rating
Def Not What I Expected........
Unfortunately....not that great. Ive loved Davines products in the past but this is a dissapointing product. You need a TON just to be able to lather it in your hair and it dried my hair out far more then it was before I used it!!! I guess Ill just make my husband use the rest of it...Im not finishing the bottle no matter how much I spent on it
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Sonja Kamiche
Charlotte Nc
Aug 29, 2008
5 Star Rating
The Best That I Have Ever Used
The Diven MOMO conditioner is the BEST that I have ever used. I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone. Yes, its a little pricey, but isnt your hair worth it! Who dosent like to have full,soft,and shiney hair. THANK YOU MOMO DIVEN
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Jan 30, 2008
5 Star Rating
Love Love Love
I love this shampoo and conditioner. It was amazing. After I had my 1st baby 3 years ago, my hair turned very dry... almost like I could break it (I have somewhat coarse Asian hair). My stylist told me to start using these products, and wow... within a couple of days, my shine was back, my hair was soft again... It was AWESOME!
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Athens, GA
Nov 10, 2007
5 Star Rating
Fantastic Product
MoMo Shampoo is awesome for those who have slightly dry and dehydrated hair. Its not for people with very curly/coarse and extremely dry hair--try the Love Smoothing Shampoo.
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Nov 2, 2007
1 Star Rating
Not That Great
I am bi-racial and haev VERY CURLY FRIZZY and DRY hair. I read the reviews and thought it might work. I paid the crazy price and used it. I was very unsatisfied with teh outcome. It left my hair even worse off. NOT WORTH THE MONEY.
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Mar 19, 2007
4 Star Rating
Good Stuff
I purchased this product becuase it had been recommended by a stylist. I had been using Keristase (sp?), which I really liked, but the stylist said it was too heavy for my hair. Momo has helped with the dryness, without making my fine hair too weighted down.
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