Ambiance Red Volumizing Dry Shampoo

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Ambiance Red Volumizing Dry Shampoo is a 100% natural formula that refreshes hair, increases volume and conceals roots while extending the time between washings.


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Feb 25, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Root Cover And Dry Shampoo Ever
For root color, I've tried products you color on (like magic marker), products you paint on, and any other product that you can possibly imagine. This is the only product I will ever use from this point forward! It's amazing - stays in until you wash it out.

It takes some time to learn how to use it so that you don't dump too much on at first and have it go everywhere. Have patience at first.

I don't use this as a dry shampoo until my roots start to show. Then, it's a root cover up and a dry shampoo.
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Marie W.
Sep 14, 2011
5 Star Rating
Just What This Busy Mom Needs
I love this dry shampoo! I'm outdoors a lot with my kids, and the hot Florida weather is really hard on my hair. I used to shampoo (wet) every day, but my scalp felt perpetually dry, and my color faded quickly. I had to choose between my hair feeling greasy from sweat or dry from over-washing. Now I use the dry shampoo in between, and just recently discovered Ambiance. I think it's the best on the market. It's quick and easy to use. Plus, it doesn't take me as long in the shower. This is great for busy moms and travelers, too. I can't wait to take it on my next business trip. Kudos to Ambiance -- I feel like a sexy redhead again!
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